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>the squeeze of rhymes – poem

>as i write this poemand i think of youi struggle to make sureevery word is truefor life is like artand often timestrue reasoning’s squished outby the squeeze of rhymes 070228 midland

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>trip itinerary

> Mar 15 – Canada / Tel Aviv We depart Canada, bound for the Holy Land via Paris on AirFrance. Mar 16 – Tel Aviv On arrival at Ben Gurion Airport in Israel, we meet our guide and depart for … Continue reading

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>coming full circle

>a year or so ago, i was swimming in the seas of spirituality and cosmology and consciousness when i put into port at knox church and during holy week 2006 came to christ. now, as lent begins and my mother … Continue reading

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>"I wasn’t always a Christian."

>”In a room in a pension in Stockholm, Jesus came to me with an overwhelming rush of joy and love and faith in the future. I saw the risen Christ in all things — in the sea, the sky, the … Continue reading

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>luke – song

>an r&b tune i am the doctor, i’ll heal your bodyi am the doctor, i’ll heal your bodyi am the doctor, i’ll heal your bodyi am the doctor, i’ll heal your bodywho is the healer, who’ll heal you whole?who is … Continue reading

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>a spiritual tension…

>… exists in me between a mystical sense of the ineffable creator and doctrinal understanding of the scriptural person of jesus.

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>alpha 2

>topic: who is jesus? weather: snow squalls kept several away music: mike couldn’t make it, so we banded together, found the music, and mary lee helped us figure it out. i played the 12string tonight. food: more choice of salads! … Continue reading

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>infinite love

walking through blizzardy downtown this evening, it occurred to me that material progress is based on a false premise of infinite material resources; only love is infinite; even hate is finite, for hate is not life-sustaining.

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>j.r.r. tolkein

>i watched the fellowship of the ring this past weekend with my nieces, including many of the extras, in which i was reminded that tolkein “came to think of the internal combustion engine as the greatest evil ever put upon … Continue reading

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>upside down

>christianity it confuses people some reject it, it’s non-sensical radically all the values are different but it works like in that seinfeld episode where george realizes that since everything he does turns out wrong, if he started doing things the … Continue reading

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