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>Nothing fails like success

>No matter how hard you tryLife won’t give a moment’s restAnd now you’ve come to know thatNothing fails like success — Harry Manx “Nothing Fails Like Success” Mantras For Madmen Dog My Cat records 2005

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>here’s the embryo of a song based on a prayer by jim kitson the melody and chords are in my head; i’ll work them out later BWG O God, I Believeyour Son died for meand now intercedesfor me before your … Continue reading

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>lubbock or leave it

>the dixie chicks ask a good question on this song from their new album, taking the long way: Dust bowl, Bible beltGot more churches than treesRaise me, praise me, couldn’t save meCouldn’t keep me on my kneesOh, boy, rave on … Continue reading

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walking 2006

been a long winter i haven’t ridden my bike yet. it was a late winter. and i twisted my ankle, which i don’t want risk injuring in an early spring bike wipe-out. but i’ve been walking.

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