More Than This

<sounds>’s top one hundred tracks.

#13. John Coltrane, Giant Steps (studio) (live excerpt).

Virginia rail.

Charlie Hunter / Norah Jones, More Than This.

Jazz Soul Seven, It’s All Right.

The Good Lovelies, I Want.

Faure, Requiem.

Dave Brubeck Quartet, Koto Song.

Monday, 2017 August 7

Ethel Smyth is seated at The Dinner Party.

watched the group of seven guitar project.

Tuesday, 2017 August 8

reading about the golden section.

Wednesday, 2017 August 9, Nagasaki Day.

This day may not be as well-known as Hiroshima Day, perhaps, but is almost as famous (or infamous, depending on you point-of-view) for on this day in 1945 the Allies exploded an atomic bomb over Nagasaki.

supper (on the deck) of tomato sandwiches and fresh corn-on-the-cob. watched nova (inside einstein’s mind) and secrets of the dead (resurrecting richard III).

Thursday, 2017 August 10

bj. my latest art, spectrum.

Friday, 2017 August 11

watched their finest.

Saturday, 2017 August 12

more bj (who likes cubs). reading about ‘freemium‘, which used to be called shareware.

Sunday, 2017 August 13

susan took bj to the beach while i worked on art. watched 1916 (awakening[l]).


‘The term “free software” as used by the Free Software Foundation … is intended to mean “free as in freedom” rather than the “no cost” sense (which is usually referred to as “free as in free beer” or gratis). Free software in this sense is software which you are free to use, copy, modify, redistribute, with no limit.’–

tried to have breakfast at the mint, but it was busy, so we had scones at grounded instead. then we went along the waterfront.

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Blue Rondeau A La Turk

<sounds>’s top one hundred tracks.

#14. The Dave Brubeck Quartet, Blue Rondeau A La Turk (live), better audio (and original recording), the version i first heard, big band version, early ELP version.

Béla Fleck, Big Country.

Alison Krauss, Down To The River To Pray.

Aly Bain, St Anne’s Reel.

Jenna Reid, Hector The Hero.

Sting And Andy Summers, ‘Round Midnight.

Joni Mitchell, Be Cool.

Chick Corea And Gary Burton Love Castle.

Medeski, Martin, And Wood, Shine It And Miami Gato.

Chick Corea, Love Castle.

Roy Hargrove Quintet,  Strasbourg Saint Denis.

Candy Dulfer, Pick Up The Pieces.

Berlioz, Requiem.

Monday, 2017 July 31

Emily Dickinson is seated at The Dinner Party.

my latest art, schoolbus.

watched the water brothers (underwater highways).

Tuesday, 2017 August 1

watched rare: creatures of the photo ark and genius.

Wednesday, 2017 August 2

reading about the polar coordinate system. why? because it might apply to my art. watched ireland’s wild coast.

Ontario Nature advises that ‘you can also take action by helping the turtle cross the road when it is safe to do so in the direction it’s going. If the turtle is injured, contact a group like the Ontario Turtle Conservation Centre.’

Thursday, 2017 August 3

László Moholy-Nagy (1924).

Friday, 2017 August 4

watched canada over the edge.

Saturday, 2017 August 5

bj. watched she-wolf of yellowstone and coast.

Sunday, 2017 August 6, Hiroshima Day

72 years ago, the first atomic bomb was used on civilians. Three days later, the second was used. There hasn’t been one since. The rationale was that it prevented months of fighting. Were we right? Does nuclear deterrence work today?

watched the nature of things (eye of the storm) and risk factor.

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Goodbye Pork Pie Hat

<sounds>’s top one hundred tracks.

#15. Charles Mingus, Goodbye Pork Pie Hat.

Here’s a version by Jeff Beck.

Monday, 2017 July 24

Elizabeth Blackwell is seated at The Dinner Party.

my latest art, apple.

Tuesday, 2017 July 25

bala trip. watched rare: creatures of the photo ark and genius.

Wednesday, 2017 July 26

‘But let us agree that there is hope, and that Life has a future, that true wilderness areas do exist… If they are to continue to do so, then they must be protected…. Not by legislation;… [they] must be actively nurtured’.’ Bringing Back The Dodo, 148.

watched wild alaska live, nature, and nova.

Thursday, 2017 July 27

‘However, ”there came a tipping point,” as EO Wilson writes in The Future Of Life. ”By the time the American frontier closed, around 1890, wilderness had become a scarce resource at risk of being eliminated altogether.” Nature, it seemed, was no longer filling in the gaps we were busily creating.’ Bringing Back The Dodo, 146.

bj came over and played.

Friday, 2017 July 28

Euphemism is a euphemism for lying.’–Bobbie Gentry

susan is on a greenbelt committee. although it’s around toronto, this area is part of the greenbelt’s watershed, so it’s included. watched lion.

Saturday, 2017 July 29

watched earth: a new wild (plains).

Sunday, 2017 July 30

more bj! reading about OMDC (ontario media development corporation). watched macpherson and the nature of things (call of the baby beluga).

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Stolen Moments

<sounds>’s top one hundred tracks.

#16. Oliver Nelson, Stolen Moments (single), (album).

Large, white birds seen in Ontario: pelican, egret.

Taktus, Glass Houses No.5 (by Ann Southam).

Santana, Evil Ways.

Funky beats.

Joep Franssens, Harmony Of The Spheres.

Yes, I’ve Seen All Good People and other classic prog. How does Yes do the song decades later now that Chris Squire is dead? Get Geddy Lee.

Jack DeJohnette, Salsa For Luisito

Monday, 2017 July 17

Susan B. Anthony is seated at The Dinner Party.

And where Susan B. Anthony went, you often found Elizabeth Cady Stanton.

adrian and susan worked on jeanne’s memorial.

Tuesday, 2017 July 18

Lawren Harris, Earth, Sun, Moon.

Today is Mandela Day. He said: ‘If you want to make peace with your enemy, you have to work with your enemy. Then he becomes your partner.’

watched genius (turning on the lights) and rare: creatures of the photo ark.

Wednesday, 2017 July 19

This is cool, especially if you drag your pointer through it.

when susan returned from jeanne’s memorial dinner, we watched big pacific (behind the scenes), nature’s great race (caribou), and nova (life’s rocky start).

Thursday, 2017 July 20

‘The most valuable possession you can own is an open heart.” — Carlos Santana.

watched the water brothers (no woman, no water). looked into animation.

Friday, 2017 July 21

‘I like this term ‘biological control’ for the ring of optimistic confidence it lends to what is essentially a chaotic field of wild and exciting speculation.’ Bringing Back The Dodo, 110.

susan and i went to the park in penetang where she saw a mourning cloak butterfly.

Saturday, 2017 July 22

bj, staying overnight, watched a max and ruby cartoon. before they became cartoon characters, they were board-books my kids had.

Sunday, 2017 July 23

pondering the longevity of the internet. on my wall is a family tree, created on paper in 1926, ninety-one years ago. anything i create digitally, such as my art or a family tree, on the internet probably won’t last that long. what can i do? all things must pass, eh? watched wild alaska live and life on the reef.

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<sounds>’s top one hundred tracks.

#17. Louis Armstrong And His Hot Five, West End Blues.

bruce cockburn headlined at mariposa. decades ago we saw him in hamilton, and his anti-reagan politics influenced us to go see refugee camps in honduras. now we’re all older, but not necessarily any wiser. Mix.

Branford Marsalis Quartet, Seabreeze.

Jimmy Cobb, Can You Read My Mind.

Herbie Hancock (featuring Norah Jones), Court and Spark.

Bach, Prelude and Fugue, BWV 853.

What happens when The Flecktones, an innovative jazz-rock band, does folk songs? This.

BadBadNotGood, Hedron (Hadron?).

Monday, 2017 July 10

Sojourner Truth (1797-1893) is seated at The Dinner Party.

It’s Arlo Guthrie’s birthday.

ooops! i mistook the towel bar for the grab bar and pulled it out from the wall. watched the agenda (muskoka) and museum diaries (ancient egypt mummified).

Tuesday, 2017 July 11

watched a lawren harris interview, genius (a roomful of brilliant minds), and the story of china (the last empire/the age of revolution).

Wednesday, 2017 July 12

Another birthday: Henry David Thoreau.

susan fixed the bar, and did a light switch cover too. meanwhile, i looked into arts funding by the oac and cac. watched big pacific (passionate), nature (elephants), and nova (mystery of easter island).

Thursday, 2017 July 13

watched canada over the edge (sea to sky), the agenda (danny michel), and a park for all seasons (algonquin).

Friday, 2017 July 14

Some Butterflyway Rangers in a parade. Photo by Kathleen Matthews.

David Suzuki writes: ‘We can help these beneficial critters [bees and butterflys] by providing habitat throughout the places we live, work, and play…. In the meantime, join me in celebrating the efforts of the [Butterflyway] Rangers, and the start of what I hope will be an inspiring national project to bring butterflies and bees to neighbourhoods throughout the country.’

Saturday, 2017 July 15

susan to toronto. karen and don.

Sunday, 2017 July 16

pat and bruce. cady and i watched part of a doc about orcas, ‘blackfish‘, captured and used for entertainment. susan back. i worked on correcting my art’s file naming.

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Short And Suite

<sounds>’s top one hundred tracks.

#18. Billie Holiday, God Bless The Child.

ancient mur(rr?)el(ll?)ette, a seabird which raises its young in the forest.

Snarky Puppy, What About Me? (We Like It Here).

Badbadnotgood, Hedron.

Abigail Washburn And The Sparrow Quartet, Strange Things.

Crooked Still, Ain’t No Grave.

The Beatles, I’m Only Sleeping.

The Shake ‘Em Up Jazz Band, live.

Bethany And Rufus, 900 Miles.

Sly And The Family Stone, Greatest Hits.

Lisa Ono, The Music Of Antonio Carlos Jobim.

Monday, 2017 July 3

Mary Wollstonecraft is a guest at The Dinner Party.

watched village of dreams, about little india in toronto.

my latest art, skyscraper.

Tuesday, 2017 July 4

watched genius (the first five).

Wednesday, 2017 July 5

‘ We could solve any real problems we have with these predators [cougars and coyotes] by dealing with them on an individual basis. But we didn’t: we demonize the whole species instead. In the end, both animals illustrate the need for better understanding of the wild in our lives — even our urban lives.’ Bringing Back The Dodo, 76.

watched vamizi: cradle of coral, big pacific (voracious), and great yellowstone thaw.

Thursday, 2017 July 6

‘Animal factories are one more sign of the extent to which our technological capacities have advanced faster than our ethics.’–Peter Singer

Friday, 2017 July 7

reading bringing back the dodo: the house sparrow was ‘introduced into north america — in NY in the 1880s — by well-intentioned but ornithologically misguided people who thought [they] lived on insects and hence would be a boon to american agriculture. in fact they live almost exclusively on seeds, and hence have become one of the greatest agricultural pests on the continent, an object lesson, if we needed another one, in the dangers of tampering with natural phenomenon when we don’t know enough about them. and we can never know enough.’ 96. took oscar to the vet about his incessant scratching, so now he’s on meds. the thing in his eye is commonplace and not bothering him. bj and her classmate came to play.

Saturday, 2017 July 8

mini-roadtrip. saw cady and gavin’s new house. bj overnight.

NFB, Short And Suite.

Sunday, 2017 July 9

watched the nature of things (the emperor’s lost harbour).

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The Hidden Life Of Trees

<sounds>’s top one hundred tracks.

#19. Herbie Hancock, Cantaloupe Island.

Norah Jones, Flipside.

Gordon Lightfoot, Canadian Railroad Trilogy.

Catherine Russell, Harlem On My Mind.

1KVF, Keltek.

The Chieftains, Reunion.

Randy Crawford And Joe Sample, Feeling Good.

A frigatebird, way off-course, has been spotted off Pt Pelee.

Monday, 2017 June 26

Caroline Herschell is seated at The Dinner Party.

watched the agenda (taking care of canadian music; a love letter to canadian music; history comes alive; making mukluks and connecting cultures), calculating ada: the countess of computing, and the girls in the band. after susan and oscar went to bed, this caught my eye: quidditch: from the page to the pitch.

Tuesday, 2017 June 27

‘Even more remote is the Great Bear Rainforest [in BC],… home to the rare spirit bear…. Chief Marilyn Slett … is well aware of the forest’s importance: ‘Our leaders understand our well-being is connected to the well-being of our lands and waters.’ The Hidden Life Of Trees, 234.

watched the story of china (the golden age/the ming).

Wednesday, 2017 June 28

Lawren Harris.

David Suzuki writes: ‘The benefits of increased cycling go beyond reducing pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. Riding a bike is good for your physical and mental health….You can also save a lot of money on fuel, parking, maintenance, insurance, and purchase. Costs to society–and taxpayers–are also lower. Bikes are easier than cars on infrastructure such as roads, help reduce health care costs, and can alleviate poverty’.

Thursday, 2017 June 29

‘When the logs in the fireplace crackle merrily, the corpse of a beech or oak is going up in flames…. [Trees are] expressly felled (that is to say, killed) for our purposes…. We use living things for our purposes. Does that make our behaviour reprehensible? Not necessarily. After all, we are also part of Nature…. We can survive only with the help of organic substances of other creatures….. The real question is whether we help ourselves to only what we need from the forest ecosystem, and–analogous to our treatment of animals–whether we spare the trees any unnecessary suffering.’ The Hidden Life Of Trees, 242.

watched south pacific (strange islands) and the agenda (a south asian bazaar in canada).

Friday, 2017 June 30

László Moholy-Nagy.

Saturday, 2017 July 1 Canada Day

sitting on the deck, reading the star. hopefully, the rain holds off. listened to the cbc’s all-canadian jazz stream. both wearing red. coincidence. watched three generations.

Sunday, 2017 July 2

‘In these essays I seem to be constantly alarmed at our tendency to ignore or deny the degree to which we are part of the natural world…. We have not taken nature out of ourselves…. Rather, we have taken ourselves out of nature. To our cost.’ Bringing Back The Dodo, 3.

susan to eric’s birthday. watched rome: empire without limit.


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<sounds>’s top one hundred tracks.

#20. Chet Baker, My Funny Valentine.

The Trio Project, Alive.

Lyle Lovett. All My Love Is Gone.

Esperanza Spalding And Gretchen Parlato, Inutil Paisagem.

Neil Young, Harvest Moon (album), (single).

The Tuba Skinny Jazz Band.

Yo Yo Ma And Bobby McFerrin / Bach, Air.


Monday, 2017 June 19

‘Sacagawea’ by Leonard Crunelle.

Sacagawea is seated at The Dinner Party.

my latest art: broccoli.

on such a night, went for a walk/roll.

Tuesday, 2017 June 20

watched story of china.

Wednesday, 2017 June 21 National Aboriginal Day

Perhaps the greatest thing Europeans got from Natives (besides a continent) is the canoe.  It’s the best way to get around. Sometimes it’s the only way.

watched big pacific (mysterious) and nature (great yellowstone thaw).

Thursday, 2017 June 22

‘Over 130 kids ranging in ages from 5-18 had free paddling lessons and a paddle, making our 4th Annual Paddle the Rouge a huge success! … And all that extra paddling helped inch Rouge even closer to completion because one day later, Bill C-18 received Royal Assent, officially amending the Rouge National Urban Park legislation. This means Ecological Integrity will be the first priority in managing Rouge National Urban Park.’

susan went to the community gardens. watched canada: a people’s history, 1991-2015, new times, new ways–part 2 and through our eyes: indigenous short docs–part 2. 

Friday, 2017 June 23

watched paterson. ‘jarmusch [writer and director] explained at cannes that he intended paterson to be an antidote to the modern action film.’

‘Chlorophyll, however, has one disadvantage. It has a so-called green gap, and because it cannot use this part of the colour spectrum, it has to reflect it back unused. This weak spot means that we can see this photosynthetic leftover, and that’s why almost all plants look deep green to us. What we are really seeing is waste light’. The Hidden Life Of Trees, 228.

Saturday, 2017 June 24

calico pennant, tiny marsh. photo: ken macdonald​.

up real early for the bioblitz. dawn-early. susan went to the tiny marsh. oscar went back to bed. i opened the door and listened to the morning avian chorus. not the same as being at the marsh, tho. played scrabble.

Sunday, 2017 June 25

didn’t rain yesterday (good thing), but sure rained today, which limited plans for susan with her granddaughter. watched rome: empire without limit.

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The Green Gap

‘Chlorophyll, however, has one disadvantage. It has a so-called green gap, and because it cannot use this part of the colour spectrum, it has to reflect it back unused. This weak spot means that we can see this photosynthetic leftover, and that’s why almost all plants look deep green to us. What we are really seeing is waste light’. The Hidden Life Of Trees, 228.

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