<sounds>’s top one hundred tracks.

#34. Ahmad Jamal, Ponciana.

Preston Reed, Blasting Cap.

American crow.

Monday, 2017 March 13

Theodora is a guest at The Dinner Party.

Tuesday, 2017 March 14

Emily Carr.

bj. reading about emily carr: ‘in the last two decades, carr’s appeal has extended beyond canada’s borders…. In 2001-02, she was included alongside georgia o’keeffe and frida kahlo [in places of their own]…, and more recently seven of her paintings … were selected for display at documenta (13), the prestigious international art showcase’. watched rmr and 22.

Anu Garg of A-Word-A-Day wrote that March 14th is ‘the birthday of Albert Einstein. That wild-haired man known for E = mc² also gave us another equation when he said:
If A is success in life, then A = x + y + z.
Work is x, play is y, and z is keeping your mouth shut.’

watched rmr, 22, don’t panic: how to end poverty in 15 years, and water apocalypse.

Wednesday, 2017 March 15

‘The legacy in this lecture is one of thoughtful words about the hard place we’re in, but it’s also one of hopeful words.’ Margaret Atwood, foreword to The Legacy.

‘And so it has gone as we apply new technologies, only to find out later that they have unanticipated side effects. New technologies unleash perturbations that become a kind of experiment within the biosphere, as we will no doubt learn with genetically modified organisms. Our ignorance is vast, but human beings have become such a powerful force that we are altering the life-support systems of the planet.’ The Legacy, 19.

watched the agenda (powering ontario’s remote first nations, seeing the forest *and* the trees).

Thursday, 2017 March 16

From the northern forest to the urban forest: Celebrate the twelfth birthday of The Greenbelt!

watched rococo.

Friday, 2017 March 17

Georgia O’Keeffe.

in the afternoon i read the legacy by david suzuki: ‘in contrast to how we view our surroundings, every aspect of the natural world is interconnected…. the kind of energy we use [in our surroundings] has immense repercussions in the air, water, and land’. (the legacy, 34.) in the evening we watched manchester-by-the-sea.

Saturday, 2017 March 18

Tom Thomson.

explorers. watched full steam ahead.

Sunday, 2017 March 19

‘Salmon, forest, birds and bears, ocean, air and land, northern and southern hemispheres are all interconnected through a vast web of interdependence. But humans view the situation very differently…. We fragment what is a single interconnected system into separate components,… thereby ensuring we will never manage things sustainably. We must learn to look at the big picture and see the interconnectedness of all things.’ The Legacy, 64.

karen came for a guitar lesson. watched congo: on the lava trail, climate watch shorts (snowmobiling in a changing climate), a park for all seasons (sleeping giant), and the water brothers (ocean spies).

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Nefertiti’s Daughters

<sounds>’s top one hundred tracks.

#35. Duke Ellington And John Coltrane, In A Sentimental Mood.

Sarah McLachlan, Fumbling Towards Ecstasy (Live).

Hildegard von Bingen, Celestial Harmony (sung by Sequentia–tx, sh).

Bebel Gilberto, So Nice (Summer Samba).

Chuck Mangione, Feels So Good (long version).

The Manhattan Project, Live.

Monday, 2017 March 6

Brigid of Kildare is a guest at The Dinner Party.

‘Nature’s laws affirm instead of prohibit. If you violate her laws, you are your own prosecuting attorney, judge, jury, and hangman.’–Luther Burbank (1849-1926).

Tuesday, 2017 March 7

Tom Thomson (1877-1917).

watched rmr and 22.

Wednesday, 2017 March 8–International Women’s Day.

‘It is worth noting that despite Pluto’s loss of planetary status, it is still special…. Based on what we know about the masses of objects in its vicinity, Pluto is larger than would be expected … and is likely the largest such object [in the Kuiper belt].’ Dark Matter And The Dinosaurs, 109.

watched nature (super hummingbirds).

Thursday, 2017 March 9

Emily Carr (1871-1945).

‘This golden disk [on Voyager 1] did have at least one positive consequence. It was the reason that Annie Druyan [above], who was the disk’s creative creator, collaborated with Carl Sagan [below]. Even if it is mostly indecipherable to potential foreign life, the disk did contribute to a wonderful love story.’ Dark Matter And The Dinosaurs, 121.

watched the nature of things (white wolves), seed: the untold story, and nefertiti’s daughters.

Friday, 2017 March 10

Carl Sagan said, ‘One of the saddest lessons of history is this: If we’ve been bamboozled long enough, we tend to reject any evidence of the bamboozle. We’re no longer interested in finding out the truth. The bamboozle has captured us. It’s simply too painful to acknowledge, even to ourselves, that we’ve been taken. Once you give a charlatan power over you, you almost never get it back.’

watched the water brothers (the big leak) and loving. my latest art: rock.

Saturday, 2017 March 11

prep for the upcoming ago o’keeffe show by looking at some of her work.

bj here. watched full steam ahead.

Sunday, 2017 March 12

reading about fonts (for years, as a typesetter i made my living with fonts): freely available fonts (like liberation sans or liberation serif) versus proprietary fonts (like arial or times new roman), and about the canadian museum for human rights exhibit ‘our canada, my story‘ and other articles by professional journalists (unlike me, an unprofessional blogger). watched finding the lost da vinci. then oscar ate some dark chocolate. uh-oh. very dark chocolate.

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Also Sprach Zarathustra

<sounds>’s top one hundred tracks.

#36. Miles Davis, Freddie Freeloader.

northern-saw-whet-owl-777884northern saw-whet owl: in the wild, in the hand.

matt-brewerThe Seasons (Ben Wendel): March–Matt Brewer.

sivan_2869501bBach, Chromatic Fantasy (Sivan Magen, harp).

deodatoEumir Deodato, Also Sprach Zarathustra—album, live.

Monday, 2017 February 27

marcellaMarcella attended The Dinner Party.

screenshot-from-2017-02-27-19-29-23my latest art: the milky way.

20170328_africas_grt_ntns_benin_04watched Africa’s Great Civilizations (Origins/The Cross And The Crescent).

Tuesday, 2017 February 27

tom-thomson-hr-early-snowTom Thomson.

the-future-of-vaccines_uensu6q222ogkowxa262qcibd3ggiqn63zkcn5eeuqux54zcfvtq_373x210looking up the meaning of ‘shrove’, as in ‘shrove tuesday‘. watched breakthrough: fighting pandemics

Wednesday, 2017 March 1

grass-cover‘If I eat and take from the earth in ways that keep faith with it, I replenish myself and the earth in the same movement. The truth of this harmony eludes us most days, but lives within every small gesture of forbearance, generosity, and care, from the decision to eat healthy and local food to the farmer who sets aside his pesticides for the last time.’ Grass, Sky, Song, 254.

spy-in-the-wild-friendship_16x9watched spy in the wild (meet the spies) and africa’s great civilizations.

Thursday, 2017 March 2

carr-de-fuca-3-jpg-size-custom-crop-1086x690Emily Carr.

dandanddandelions_1920breading about tonight’s the nature of things show, dad and the dandelions. also watched africa’s great civilizations.

Friday, 2017 March 3

edward_abbey‘Society is like a stew. If you don’t keep it stirred up you get a lot of scum on the top.’–Edward Abbey, naturalist and author (1927-1989).

water-brothers-2-showwatched the rick mercer report, the water brothers, and  the agenda.

Saturday, 2017 March 4

dark-matter-and-the-dinosaursIn her book, Dark Matter And The Dinosaurs, cosmologist Lisa Randall discusses dark matter and the cosmos, but also delves ‘into comets, asteroids, and the emergence and extinction of life, with special focus on the object that fell to Earth to kill off the terrestrial dinosaurs’. Dark Matter And The Dinosaurs, vix.

Sunday, 2017 March 5

shark-ridlon-kiphart-dpcwatched a shark doc and the passionate eye (hipster handbook).

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The Greatest Freedom Show On Earth

<sounds>’s top one hundred tracks.

#37. Louis Armstrong & Ella Fitzgerald, Summertime. i prefer this version, by janis joplin.

semi-palmated-sandpipersemi-palmated sandpiper.

scottjoplinScott Joplin, The Entertainer.

Monday, 2017 Febuary 20

hypatia_by_julia_margaret_cameronHypatia is a guest at The Dinner Party.

marina-nematwatched the agenda (finding refuge in canada).

Tuesday, 2017 Febuary 21

tom__thomson_sunset_sky_7061_372Tom Thomson (1877-1917), Sunset Sky.

rick-mercer-report-profilewatched the rick mercer report and 22 minutes.

Wednesday, 2017 Febuary 22

queen-book-covermy computer crashed. now i’m on hers, which auto-capitalizes. saw queen of katwe.

lark-bunting-0011-gwl-05831‘The lark bunting is another vagabond prairie bird that will suddenly take a notion to nest in an area for a couple of years and then move on. One of the most gregarious of grassland songbirds, it [winters in] southern Texas and northern Mexico’.’ Grass, Sky, Song, 57.

Thursday, 2017 Febuary 23

men-of-the-northi think i fixed my computer with fsck. we watched africa and britain: a forgotten history(moral mission, the homecoming) and the dark ages: an age of light (the men of the north).

steve-jobs‘We’re here to put a dent in the universe.’–Steve Jobs (1955-2011).

Friday, 2017 Febuary 24

emily-carr-untitled-seascape-1935-smallEmily Carr (1871-1945).

watched the water brothers (water in space) and wildest islands (phillipines: islands of mystery).

Saturday, 2017 Febuary 25

casablanca_movie_posterwent to sara and stevie’s wedding at the casablanca because stevie’s mother, joanne, is a long-time friend of susan (stevie and sara are movie buffs).

Sunday, 2017 Febuary 26

the-greatest-freedom-show-on-earthafternoon with pnj at conversations after a tour of my old stomping ground. watched the greatest freedom show on earth.

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Watermelon Man

<sounds>’s top one hundred tracks.

herbie#38. Herbie Hancock, Watermelon Man.

wes_montgomeryWes Montgomery, Live.

screenshot-from-2017-02-12-22-33-08Bach, Cello Suite No.1 (arranged for steel-string guitar).

hedges-and-harp-guitarMichael Hedges, Because It’s There.

michael-hedgesMichael Hedges, While My Guitar Gently Weeps.

lossierBach /Jacques Loussier, Jazzy version of Chorale No 1, ‘Sleepers Awake’. In this video, the bassist plays a five-string acoustic bass.

harrow-fair-band-supplied-for-endemannHarrow Fair, Wicked Game (tx, sh).

screenshot-from-2017-02-15-13-33-48Me&MyGuitar, Cherish.

pat-metheny-3Pat Metheny, And I Love Her.

returntoforever_2_jkReturn To Forever, 2008.

wishbone-ash-wishbone-ash-frontWishbone Ash, early stuff. (tx, pj)

andrea-motisAndrea Motis, live.

hh-live-1974Herbie Hancock, Head Hunters (Live 1974).

head-huntersHerbie Hancock, Head Hunters (Album 1973).

Monday, 2017 February 13

blue-birdwhile waiting for servicemaster, i read saturday’s star about the environmental importance of birds (‘birds are important because they keep systems in balance‘ says the audubon society)–pest control, pollinating services, and more. birds are in serious decline. if you have a cat (the main cause of the decline) the article recommends letting your cat out at night when most birds are sleeping. when servicemaster came, they taped off the livingroom and set up dryers and dehumidifiers. later, we watched the agenda (a champion for disability rights).

ghBeth of The Guesthouse writes, ‘This year The Coldest Night of the Year walk will take place on Saturday, Feb 25, registration starts at 4pm, with the walk starting at 5:15pm. A light meal of chili and refreshments will be provided to the volunteers and walkers.’

Tuesday, 2017 February 14

lascaux-cave-painting‘This consistency means that the art in the caves is fundamentally conservative. In modern times we almost demand that art attacks the social order or mocks it or undermines it in some way. And our art changes as the times change. Cave art, which is unvarying, could not have done that.’ The Cave Painters, 229.

cwf-potd-by-michael-zahraBy Michael Zahra from the Canadian Wildlife Federation (tx, sh).

Wednesday, 2017 February 15


watched nature(spy critters) and nova(origami).

Thursday, 2017 February 16

eskimo_curlew_by_nachiii-d5un3db‘The Arctic day was long, and despite the tundra gales which whistled endlessly across the unobstructed land the day was hot and humid. The curlew alternately probed the mudflats for food and patrolled his territory, and all the time he watched the land’s flat horizon [for a mate] with eyes that never relaxed.’ Last Of The Curlews, 10-11.

dark-agesrun-around day. in the morning we went to huronia optical, the national bank, and the gbgh (to see dr okafo), where we might be spending more time as we age. in the evening, susan went to a midland-penetanguishene field naturalists meeting, while i stayed home, did some art, and talked with an old friend on his birthday. when susan came home, we watched the dark ages:an age of light (the wonder of islam),

Friday, 2017 February 17

20 Apr 1972, Washington, DC, USA --- Thurgood Marshall (1908-1993), first African American member of the United States Supreme Court stands wearing his robes. Among the many cases Marshall successfully argued, one of the most well known was Brown v. Topeka Board of Education in which racial segregation in American public schools was declared unconstitutional. Washington, D.C. --- Image by © Bettmann/CORBIS

‘In recognizing the humanity of our fellow beings, we pay ourselves the highest tribute.’–US Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall.

snowmonkeyswatched wildest islands (japan: islands of extremes).

Saturday, 2017 February 18

grass-cover‘It’s a fool’s dream, but a part of me can’t stop imagining that if enough people would discover all that is good and holy in these birds, we might be able to turn things around before it’s too late.’ Grass, Sky, Song, 3.

a-thick-dossiersusan to t-o. reading about ‘dossier’ and ‘file, but mostly did art. karen and nancy brought dinner and some muffins, yummy of course.

Sunday, 2017 February 19

lucy-worsleykaren picked me up, and i spent the day at her place with cady and chloe (and gavin too, but not wes). nancy too. came home and watched tales from the royal bedchamber.


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The following is an excerpt from The Toronto Star (2017-02-04), which in turn is an excerpt from The New York Times:

No society is immune from acts of terrorism, especially a lone wolf driven by deep hatreds. When they strike, the measure of a society is how it responds.

On Sunday, Quebec City was struck when a man walked into a mosque and killed six people.

The shock across Canada was immediate and tangible: Tolerance is a proud theme in Canadian identity–the country has taken in nearly 40,000 Syrian refugees since 2015, when Prime Minister Justin Trudeau took office.

Now Canadians were wondering how this could have happened and what it means–a question made more acute by their wide-spread revulsion at President Trump’s actions to block Muslims from the United States.

The response of Quebec’s premier, Philippe Coutard, is worth noting. ‘Every society has to deal with demons,’ he said. ‘Our society is not perfect. None is. These demons are named xenophobia, racism, exclusion. They are present here. We need to recognize that and act together to show the direction we want our society to evolve.’

That was what Canadians sought to do. Thousands gathered at memorial services across the country. Speaking to Parliament, Trudeau addressed the more than one million Muslim Canadians. ’36 million hearts are breaking with yours. Know that we value you.’

In sad contrast, the reaction from Trump’s White House was to use the shootings to justify its anti-immigrant policies.

Canada is not perfect; it too has its demons, as Coutard said. But the response of a democratic society must be to reaffirm its fundamental faith in freedom, including the freedom to practise one’s faith and cultural traditions. In Quebec, the demons took a terrible toll, but Canada’s commitment to inclusion was, if anything, strengthened.

<sounds>’s top one hundred tracks.

#39. Dizzy Gillespie, Salt Peanuts.

loreena-mckennitt-for-the-webLoreena McKennitt, Greatest Hits.

garfish-coverThe Vampires, Mandala.

eskimo-curleweskimo curlew. There is no sound for the eskimo curlew. The last one was seen more than thirty years ago. They are possibly extinct. Fred Bodsworth published Last Of The Curlews in 1954.

ahmad-jamal-2Ahmad Jamal, Stolen Moments.

Canadian jazz pianist and singer Diana Krall performs onstage during her Glad Rag Doll World Tour at the Grand Opera on Tuesday, April 16, 2013, in Wilmington, Del. (Photo by Owen Sweeney/Invision/AP)

Diana Krall, The Girl in the Other Room.

luc-and-lagrene2Lagréne And Luc, Sonny.

paul_desmond2Paul Desmond, Bossa Antigua.

Monday, 2017 February 6

julia-gillard-1watched the agenda, with former australian pm julia gillard.

florence-luscomb‘The tragedy in the lives of most of us is that we go through life walking down a high-walled lane with people of our own kind, the same economic situation, the same national background and education and religious outlook. And beyond those walls, all humanity lies, unknown and unseen, and untouched by our restricted and impoverished lives.’–Florence Luscomb (1887-1985)

Tuesday, 2017 February 7

richard-b-wright-2001richard b wright (1937-2017) died. born in midland, he was head of english at my high school while i was there, though i never had him. he also was a published author, with many books to his credit. one of them, clara callan, won a governor general’s award for fiction. watched rmr, 22, and breakthrough: the age of aging.

Wednesday, 2017 February 8


‘One day or night fourteen thousand years ago, a man or woman or boy or girl had brought a rare and precious object [a shell] into this cave and propped it on its edge in a fissure expecting it would remain there for all eternity–and it has.’–The Cave Painters, 177.

rob_stewart_cfc_2012Rob Stewart (1979-2017) filmed Sharkwater. ‘Helping to protect sharks, changing government policy, and inspiring the creation of shark conservation groups, Sharkwater is considered one of conservation’s success stories, resulting in shark finning being banned worldwide. In the film, Stewart filmed current attitudes about sharks, and how shark-hunting industries are driving them to extinction.’ Stewart died making his next film.


my latest art, ‘forest

spy-slothwatched south pacific (fragile paradise) and spy in the wild (intelligence–the sloth on the left is not real).

Thursday, 2017 February 9

two-stags‘The cave painters may or may not have had the idea of art as we understand it, but when they chose to draw an appealing line instead of an awkward one, they were thinking and acting like artists in our sense of the word. That’s why it’s valid for us to respond to the cave paintings as art, not merely as archeological evidence’. The Cave Painters,228.

barbatian-artwatched the nature of things (the great wild indoors), africa and britain: a forgotten history (freedom), and the dark ages: an age of light (what the barbarians did for us).

Friday, 2017 February 10

toiletooopps. slipped and broke the toilet.

Saturday, 2017 February 11

tt-thepoolTom Thomson (1877-1917).

tree-kangaroo-and-babywatched wild australia (jurassic jungle) and coast australia (norfolk island).

Sunday, 2017 February 12

emily-carr-showEmily Carr (1871-1945).

hunted_640watched the hunter and the hunted.

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Harry Manx

<sounds>’s top one hundred tracks.

#40. Art Blakey And The Jazz Messengers, Moanin’.

maria-muldaur-resize-1Maria Muldaur, Don’t You Feel My Leg.

charlie-haden-et-pat-methenyPat Metheny with Charlie Haden, Cinema Paradiso.

paul_desmondPaul Desmond, Bossa Antigua.

LOS ANGELES - NOVEMBER 13: Recording Artist Joni Mitchell performs at the "Stormy Weather 2002" concert at the Wiltern Theatre on November 13, 2002 in Los Angeles, California. The annual event benefits the Walden Woods Project and the Thoreau Institute at Walden Pond. (Photo by Robert Mora/Getty Images)

Joni Mitchell, Summertime. Joni interprets a classic as only she can. Don’t worry. The visual gets better.

grantBach, Prelude & Fugue 8 E Flat Minor BWV 853 (John Lewis Grant).

luc-and-lagreneSylvain Luc And Bireli Lagrene, Time After Time.

harry-manxHarry Manx, live in America, in Canada.


Monday, 2017 January 30

sappho_musei_capitolini_mc1164Sappho is at The Dinner Party.

raphaelMax Raphael ‘was not a “dirt archaeologist”, as those who get down on their knees call themselves….Raphael, on the other hand, was an art historian and an intellectual, which meant his ideas were automatically suspect to archaeologists. The archaeologists believe, with some reason, that art historians are ignorant about prehistory…. They study the [cave] paintings as art rather than as evidence to us about the Paleolithic world. Art historians also think they can understand the paintings just by looking at them instead of undersrtanding them in the context of all that is known of the Paleolithic world.’ The Cave Painters, 123-124.

agendawatched the agenda (examining the quebec mosque shooting, the US immigration ban).

Tuesday, 2017 January 31

tcpMax Raphael believed ‘the painters “were produced in a unique historical situation … [when humans] had just emerged from a purely zoological existence, when instead of being dominated by animals, [they] began to dominate them.’… This assertion–this inspired guess–can never be proved, but it cuts close to the bone. It is another version of the biblical Fall…. For millennium upon millennium, members of the genus Homo sapiens did not see themselves as separate from the other animals. Then, somehow, Homo sapiens acquired forbidden knowledge and came to believe they were somehow distinct from other animals. The paintings express the guilt, the regret, and the triumph that came with the belief in that separation.’ The Cave Painters, 132-133.

Wednesday, 2017 February 1

annette_laming-emperaireModern scholars ‘believe it is impossible for us to know [what the cave paintings mean]. That’s correct, in a way, but for [Annette] Laming-Emperaire studying cave art without searching for its meaning rendered that study, well, meaningless.’ The Cave Painters, 136.

What the ....watched south pacific (strange islands), nature (spy in the wild: love), nova (search for the super battery), and aurora: fire in the sky.

Thursday, 2017 February 2

wwd17_logo_e_hori_rvbNot only is it Groundhog Day, it’s World Wetlands Day.

vinyardwatched africa and britain: a forgotten history (first encounters), climate watch shorts (farming in a changing climate), and the dark ages: an age of light (the clash of the gods).

Friday, 2017 February 3

chauvet-cave-painting‘Furthermore–and here is where Laming-Emperaire begins to sound like Max Raphael–it’s not just the placement in the cave that is important…. It’s also the placement of figures in relation to one another. The way a group is composed, the superimposition, the way that one animal is placed near or on another, the frequency with which that happens, and the way that signs are placed near animals–all this can lead toward real understanding.’ The Cave Painters, 143.

islands watched rmr, the water brothers (ocean of energy), and wildest islands (amazon river islands).

Saturday, 2017 February 4

tom-thomson-petawawa-gorges-autumn-1916Tom Thomson (1877-1917) Petawawa Gorges, 1916. He painted several images at that time. The land, then logged, is barely recognizable now, all treed, as can be compared here. It’s ironic that some of the iconic images that make us fall in love with the land were painted when the land was cleared.

red_kangaroo_-_melbourne_zoobj and winterfest. watched wild australia (desert of the red kangaroo), climate watch shorts (breakthroughs in energy storage), and coast australia (torres strait).

Sunday, 2017 February 5

two-stags‘Most important, [Laming-Emperaire] convinced the scholarly world … that Paleolithic art was not “primitive”. Nor did “primitive” people create it. Like Max Raphael, Laming-Emperaire thought that the cave painters lived in a developed society with a long history and a vast mythology that grew from their probing and pondering the world around them.’ The Cave Painters, 145.

hard-rock-medicalreading about  arthur rosenfeld (1926-2017), an american physicist called ‘the father of energy conservation‘, whose achievements ‘will outlive the [current] government as it has him’; and the doctrine of discovery, an old law that’s still around, in which ‘title to lands lay with the government whose subjects travelled to and occupied a territory whose inhabitants were not subjects of a european christian monarch’. it has been described as racist. watched hard rock medical and the six wives of henry VIII.

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<sounds>’s top one hundred tracks.

#41. Thelonius Monk, Straight, No Chaser.

house-finch-and-baby-10-75-_0217house finch.

hancock-mitchellHerbie Hancock & Joni Mitchell, Summertime.

superfly-soundtrackCurtis Mayfield, Superfly Soundtrack.

lizz_wrightLizz Wright, A Taste of Honey.

jacqui_naylorJacqui Naylor Black Coffee.

eliane_eliasEliane Elias Chega De Saudade.

Marcus Miller live at Cambridge Corn Exchange 27/10/15Marcus Miller, Slippin’ Into Darkness.

sting-and-andy-summersSting & Andy Summers, ‘Round Midnight.

peyrouxMadeleine Peyroux, Everything I Do Gohn Be Funky (From Now On).

Monday, 2017 January 23

artemisia_gentileschi_-_giuditta_decapita_oloferne_-_google_art_projectJudith Slaying Holofernes by Artemisia Gentileschi. The Biblical Judith is at The Dinner Party. From Wikipedia: ‘In 1840, Friedrich Hebbel’s play Judith was performed in Berlin. He deliberately departs from the biblical text: ”I have no use for the biblical Judith. There, Judith is a widow who lures Holofernes into her web with wiles. When she has his head in her bag she sings and jubilates with all of Israel for three months. That is mean, such a nature is not worthy of her success…. My Judith is paralyzed by her deed, frozen by the thought that she might give birth to Holofernes’ son; she knows that she has passed her boundaries, that she has, at the very least, done the right thing for the wrong reasons.” ‘

eatingwatched the truth about healthy eating.

Tuesday, 2017 January 24

the-west-wind-tom-thomsonTom Thomson (1877-1917).

rachel-carsonwatched rachel carson: american experience..

Wednesday, 2017 January 25

emily-carr-forest-light‘Forest Light’ by Emily Carr (1871-1945). The Word-Of-The-Day is ‘ineffable‘, one of my favourite words. Also, a noteworthy quote by Carl Sagan.

lavain the morning, we went to grounded and the library, looking for a book by rachel carson. found it. i spent the afternoon adapting my art for dropbox. why? because a screenshot is a poor imitation of the real thing; also, dropbox is free, available to all, and allows svg. in the evening, we watched south pacific (ocean of volcanoes) and the agenda (a day to talk [guest: former olympian clara hughes], kids and their mental health,  10 questions on microbes and healthcare).

Thursday, 2017 January 26

rachel-carson-quotes-8‘The shore is an ancient world, for as long as there has been an earth and sea there has been this place of the meeting of land and water. Yet it is a world that keeps alive the sense of continuing creation and the relentless drive of lifeforms, … that intricate fabric by which one creature is linked with another, and each with its surroundings.’ The Edge Of The Sea, 2.

frukost_under_stora_bjorken_av_carl_larsson_1896watched the nature of things (myth or science: the secrets of our senses), her story: the female revolution (women and work), and art of scandinavia (sweden).

Friday, 2017 January 27


at cpaws‘ urging, i emailed the minister, catherine mckenna, about ‘about parks canada’s shift away from nature conservation as the first priority, towards more focus on tourism, infrastructure development, and revenue generation, at the expense of nature.’ later, watched rick mercer, wild islands (hebrides), 22 minutes, and her story (religion).

Saturday, 2017 January 28

snowflakeswilsonbentleywilson_alwyn_bentley_snima_emulzi_ze_sklenene_deskyWilson Bentley (1865-1931) ‘perfected a process of catching [snow]flakes on black velvet in such a way that their images could be captured before they either melted or sublimated’, a process that is ‘essentially the same as used today.’

spirit-bear-watching-telegraph-cove-canada1152_13004220395-tpfil02aw-18335watched untamed americas (forests) and coast australia (south west australia).

Sunday, 2017 January 29

cave_07‘Caves are usually vibrant systems busy forming themselves. Water seeps through walls or drips from the ceiling…. The atmosphere is damp and chilly. Caves contain nooks, crevices, and passageways that lead … where? And absolute darkness surrounds the light you carry….And caves are not mute. Seeing the paintings in a real cave is more vivid and emotional–more daring, really, and certainly closer to the experience of the painters themselves–than seeing them in the sterile atmosphere of a replica.’ The Cave Painters, 107.

eanwwatched earth: a new wild (plains), hard rock medical, and the six wives of henry VIII (beheaded, died).

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The Cave Painters

<sounds>’s top one hundred tracks.

#42. Billie Holiday, Good Morning Heartache.


lucSilvain Luc Trio, La Complainte De La Butte.

stanley-jordanStanley Jordan, Insensatez (How Insensitive).

lynne_arrialeLynne Arriale, A House Is Not A Home.

mary-lou-williamsMarylou Williams, Syl-O-Gism.

john-scofieldJohn Scofield, Camelus.

sarah-harmerSarah Harmer: Started with Stormy Monday, finished with I Am Aglow.

dave-brubeck-thnDave Brubeck, La Paloma Azul. Here’s another version by Paul Desmond and The Modern Jazz Quartet.

aretha-franklin_3538460bAretha Franklin, Just Right Tonight.

baden-powellBaden Powell, Deve ser amor.

cannonballCannonball Adderley, Corcovado.

calypso-roseCalypso Rose, Calypso Queen.

kellylee-evansKellylee Evans, Live.

ahmad-jamalAhmad Jamal, One.

Monday, 2017 January 16

hatshep-2bHatshepsut is a guest at The Dinner Party.

screenshot-from-2017-01-15-15-39-00my latest art, the last hurrah, refers (in my mind) to two things: the transition (going from grey to green to the sun) from fossil fuels to renewables, and the reverse: the transition from obama to trump. one is a cause for celebration; one is not. will we ever learn?

Tuesday, 2017 January 17

tom-thomson-silver-birches-1915-1916Tom Thomson (1877-1917), Silver Birches.

snow day.  susan home all day. watched the rick mercer report, this hour has 22 minutes, and to the ends of the earth.

Wednesday, 2017 January 18

stuart-davisvery icy, but went to my eye exam anyway (tx, sh). watched south pacific (endless blue) and the agenda (dealing with dementia, dementia in indigenous communities). reading about stuart davis (above, 1892-1964), who made art like this:


‘That day in November 1879, as Marcelino Sanz de Sautuola stood speechless below the painted ceiling of Altamira, was the first time we know of that an artist from the distant Stone Age touched the soul of a modern person.’ The Cave Painters, 50.lascaux-cave-painting

Thursday, 2017 January 19

danish-modern-henry-rosengren-hansen-an-orange-moonsusan went to the field nats. i stayed home and watched wild arabia (shifting sands) and the agenda (what now, america?; an american life). susan came home and we watched her story: the female revolution (religion) and art of scandinavia (once upon a time in denmark). (pictured is an example of ‘danish modern‘ furniture, like the kind my parents chose.)

bill-maher‘Maybe every other American movie shouldn’t be based on a comic book. Other countries will think Americans live in an infantile fantasy land where reality is whatever we say it is and every problem can be solved with violence.’–Bill Maher.

Friday, 2017 January 20

sri-20lanka-2c-20bawa-20architecture-20121214232956489170-620x349watched the mercer report and wildest islands (sri lanka: monsoon island).

Wood Interior

Wood Interior by Emily Carr (1871-1945).

Saturday, 2017 January 21

bj overnight.

combarelles-lionne2-etcgingIn 1902 Henri Breuil ‘was hoping to find another Les Combarelles, but instead he found the long galleries of unrivalled beauty at Font-de-Gaume.’ The Cave Painters, 60.

Sunday, 2017 January 22

mask‘Breuil believed that art began with a desire for disguise…. They helped with the hunt…. Religion in the form of ceremonies to exert a magical power over game appeared only after art was established in the form of masks and disguises.’ The Cave Painters, 76.

henryviii-young-adultwatched hard rock medical and six wives of henry VIII(divorced).

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<sounds>’s top one hundred tracks.

#43. Ella Fitzgerald, Mack The Knife (this rendition in particular).

philipPhilip Catherine, The Creeper.

dearieBlossom Dearie, Peel Me A Grape.

kristinKristin Asbjørnsen, Snowflake.

ponty-di-miola-clarkeJean-Luc Ponty, Al Di Meola, Stanley Clarke: Renaissance.

super-groupSuper group jam, Afro Blue.

returntoforever_2_jkReturn To Forever, San Sebastian.

talking-heads-band-photoTalking Heads, Life During Wartime.

ajaSteely Dan, Aja.

screenshot-from-2017-01-12-19-28-01Louis Prima, with Sam Butera on sax and Keely Smith looking bored, Night Train.

indigo_girlsIndigo Girls, Galileo.

Monday, 2017 January 9

amazon_preparing_for_the_battle_queen_antiope_or_armed_venus_-_pierre-eugene-emile_hebert_1860_-_ng_of_arts_wash_dc_rotated_and_croppedAn Amazon is at The Dinner Party.

screenshot-from-2017-01-11-00-04-29my latest art, ‘painted land‘.

Tuesday, 2017 January 10

tom-thomson-6292-jpg-ashxTom Thomson (1877-1917).

winter-tree-snow-coveredlots of snow. watched a craftsman’s legacy (the ceramicist) and this hour has 22 minutes (although tonight it had 44).

Wednesday, 2017 January 11

lascaux-cave-paintingPalaeolithic cave paintings ‘represent the first time we know of that we humans summoned all our intellect and vision, all our knowledge and skills, and all our longings and fears, and focused them on creating something that would last forever. What did our distant ancestors know that made all that effort worthwhile, that made it necessary?’ The Cave Painters, 12.

snow-wolf-wallpapersaw my old bandmate, don. watched south pacific (castaways), nature (snowbound: animals of winter), nova (the nuclear option), and the galilei files: science and faith (i read one of galileo’s works at university; the supposed discrepancy between science and faith concerns me to this day ).

Thursday, 2017 January 12

carr-emily-red-cedarRed Cedar (1931) by Emily Carr (1871-1945).

informationtech-cavepainting_50-20kbceProfessor Richard Klein ‘believes that this sudden neural alteration [in humans about 47,000 years ago] created the ability to speak a complicated language…. The debate over human origins has become distilled to unpersuasive arguments versus Klein’s unprovable hypothesis. Welcome to modern anthropology.’ The Cave Painters, 30.

Friday, 2017 January 13

serengeti-plain-large-1232‘Far from being the dominant creatures on the planet as is true today, people were insignificant, hanging on as best they could on the edges of a world that belonged to animals, teeming swarms of animals.’ The Cave Painters, 20.

greenland-sharkreading about the greenland shark, which ‘has the longest known lifespan of all vertebrate species’ (400+ years). watched the water brothers (last home of the giants), wildest islands (galapagos: darwin’s eden), and the fifth estate (canada’s drug problem[l]).

Saturday, 2017 January 14

wentworthforest_2692456ki worked on my art, while susan is in toronto. her brother, who lives in alberta, is in town.

Sunday, 2017 January 15

hard-rock-medicalsusan back. watched hard rock medical and victoria.

26 May 1966 --- Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. --- Image by © Bettmann/CORBIS

It’s Martin Luther King‘s birthday.

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