<sounds>’s top one hundred tracks.

#20. Chet Baker, My Funny Valentine.

The Trio Project, Alive.

Lyle Lovett. All My Love Is Gone.

Esperanza Spalding And Gretchen Parlato, Inutil Paisagem.

Neil Young, Harvest Moon (album), (single).

The Tuba Skinny Jazz Band.

Yo Yo Ma And Bobby McFerrin / Bach, Air.


Monday, 2017 June 19

‘Sacagawea’ by Leonard Crunelle.

Sacagawea is seated at The Dinner Party.

my latest art: broccoli.

on such a night, went for a walk/roll.

Tuesday, 2017 June 20

watched story of china.

Wednesday, 2017 June 21 National Aboriginal Day

Perhaps the greatest thing Europeans got from Natives (besides a continent) is the canoe.  It’s the best way to get around. Sometimes it’s the only way.

watched big pacific (mysterious) and nature (great yellowstone thaw).

Thursday, 2017 June 22

‘Over 130 kids ranging in ages from 5-18 had free paddling lessons and a paddle, making our 4th Annual Paddle the Rouge a huge success! … And all that extra paddling helped inch Rouge even closer to completion because one day later, Bill C-18 received Royal Assent, officially amending the Rouge National Urban Park legislation. This means Ecological Integrity will be the first priority in managing Rouge National Urban Park.’

susan went to the community gardens. watched canada: a people’s history, 1991-2015, new times, new ways–part 2 and through our eyes: indigenous short docs–part 2. 

Friday, 2017 June 23

watched paterson. ‘jarmusch [writer and director] explained at cannes that he intended paterson to be an antidote to the modern action film.’

‘Chlorophyll, however, has one disadvantage. It has a so-called green gap, and because it cannot use this part of the colour spectrum, it has to reflect it back unused. This weak spot means that we can see this photosynthetic leftover, and that’s why almost all plants look deep green to us. What we are really seeing is waste light’. The Hidden Life Of Trees, 228.

Saturday, 2017 June 24

calico pennant, tiny marsh. photo: ken macdonald​.

up real early for the bioblitz. dawn-early. susan went to the tiny marsh. oscar went back to bed. i opened the door and listened to the morning avian chorus. not the same as being at the marsh, tho. played scrabble.

Sunday, 2017 June 25

didn’t rain yesterday (good thing), but sure rained today, which limited plans for susan with her granddaughter. watched rome: empire without limit.

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The Green Gap

‘Chlorophyll, however, has one disadvantage. It has a so-called green gap, and because it cannot use this part of the colour spectrum, it has to reflect it back unused. This weak spot means that we can see this photosynthetic leftover, and that’s why almost all plants look deep green to us. What we are really seeing is waste light’. The Hidden Life Of Trees, 228.

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Our Eyes

<sounds>’s top one hundred tracks.

#21. Coleman Hawkins, Body And Soul.

Herbie Hancock, Fat Mama.

Miles From India, All Blues.

Monday, 2017 June 12

Anne Hutchinson is seated at The Dinner Party.

our neighbours are moving to brockville. watched the agenda (examining nutritional science; the science of health and nutrition; to serve, protect, and lead).

my latest art, inspired by…

Tuesday, 2017 June 13

… Hibiscus With Plumeria by Georgia O’Keeffe.

[=]Lawren Harris and his American contemporaries.

Nikki Sanchez, Queen of Green, writes, ‘Enrich your diet with these four edibles that are as delicious as they are common. You’ll also avoid harmful herbicides and support beneficial insects.’

another beauty day! susan out gardening. when she was in the front, i joined her (cuz i can stay on the driveway). after our evening walk/roll, we watched facebookistan.

Wednesday, 2017 June 14

‘[A bit of German wisdom says that during a storm,] ”avoid oaks, seek beeches.”…The main reason there is next to no [lightning] damage on beech trees is because their bark is so smooth. During a thunderstorm, it rains, and the water [which conducts lightning’s electricity] … sheets down the wrinkle-free bark of beech trees…. Oaks, however, have rough bark…. The flow of electricity from the lightning strike is constantly interrupted … and the [tree] explodes’. The Hidden Life Of Trees, 205-6.

Thursday, 2017 June 15

went to mcg. saw lj and monique, and met barb, monique’s friend. back at home, fell off the ramp. nothing broken, tho. just a few scrapes. watched canada: a people’s history (1991-2015–new times, new ways) and through our eyes: indigenous short docs.

Friday, 2017 June 16

played scrabble. started like gangbusters, but fizzled.

Saturday, 2017 June 17

Why this MP’s words should be etched in marble‘ by Susan Delacourt in The Saturday Star.

watched coast new zealand (far north).

Sunday, 2017 June 18

watched rome: empire without limit and colonization road.

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Tree And Leaves

<sounds>’s top one hundred tracks.

#22. Horace Silver, Song For My Father.

Fascinating to watch, but sounds synthetic; better on a piano, but organ or harpsichord in Bach’s day, likely.

listening to a brian may solo.

Nicola Conte, Bossa Per Due.

Waldeck, Why Did We Fire The Gun?

Monday, 2017 June 5

Anna Maria van Schurman is seated at The Dinner Party.

my latest art, tree and leaves

Tuesday, 2017 June 6

Georgia O’Keeffe.

Wednesday, 2017 June 7

cady brought the special-of-the-week, potato(?) pizza.

Thursday, 2017 June 8

On World Ocean Day, Sarika Cullis-Suzuki writes that ‘Canadians want and expect the oceans to be clean, thriving, and resilient…. But with multiple threats including climate change, ocean acidification, and increasing industrial pressures, it’s more important than ever for Canada to safeguard life on the coast….We urge the federal government to take immediate action to protect Canada’s treasured coastal ecosystems.’

susan is back!

Friday, 2017 June 9

susan was showing me pictures of raphael’s house. watched canada over the edge (victoria) and the agenda.

Saturday, 2017 June 10.

bj overnight.

Sunday, 2017 June 11

watched rome: empire without limit (ep 1) and genius of the ancient world (confucius).

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David Suzuki reminds us that today (Monday, June 5th) is World Environment Day.

<sounds>’s top one hundred tracks.

#23. Return To Forever, Spain. Here’s Spain played in Spain, by Corea and others.

Bach, Partita Nbr 4 In D Majorpart 1, part 2 (Glenn Gould).

Chris Botti, Flamenco Sketches.

Joaquin Rodrigo, Concierto De Aranjuez.

Bortnyansky, Sacred Concertos.

Jazzanova, Believer.

house wren.

The Story of Stuff.

The Garden Song/The Anti-Garden Song.

Arlo’s version.

Monday, 2017 May 29

Artemisia Gentileschi is seated at The Dinner Party.

my latest art, carden.

Tuesday, 2017 May 30

Georgia O’Keeffe.

Wednesday, 2017 May 31

‘After you have exhausted what there is in business, politics, conviviality, and so on–have found that none of these finally satisfy, or permanently wear–what remains? Nature remains.’–Walt Whitman (1819-1892).

Thursday, 2017 June 1

Today is the fiftieth anniversary of the Beatles’ Sgt Peppers’ Lonely Hearts Club Band, which some say is the greatest rock album of all time (tho i prefer revolver or rubber soul). Here is a track, A Day In The Life.

Friday, 2017 June 2

‘When the beeches arrived [thousands of years ago] Europeans … were beginning to make massive changes to forest ecosystems. They were clearing trees around their settlements to make room for fields for their crops and clear-cutting more areas for livestock. And because even this was not enough, people were simply driving their cattle and pigs into the forest. For beeches, this was catastrophic.’ The Hidden Life Of Trees, 190.

Saturday, 2017 June 3

Lawren Harris.

Sunday, 2017 June 4

reading about urbino. why? susan is there.

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<sounds>’s top one hundred tracks.

#24. Miles Davis, Blue In Green.

 King Curtis & The Kingpins, Memphis Soul Stew.

Maceo Parker, Shake Everything You’ve Got.

Tete Montoliu, Frenesi/Contigo En La Distancia/Maria Elena.

Bach, Fugue No.22 BWV 891 [Emerson String Quartet].

Jethro Tull, Aqualung.

Bach, Brandenburg Concerto Nbr 6, BWV 1051, first movement.

Medeski, Scofield, Martin, and Wood, A Go Go.

WCRB Staff Picks: The Songs of Summer ’17.

hr Bigband featuring Kate McGarry and Theo Bleckmann, The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress.

NDR Bigband, Nordic Shapes.

i was wondering what tina weymouth [1970s talking heads bass player] looks like today. this is one of their best songs…life during wartime

Monday, 2017 May 22

Elizabeth I of England is seated at The Dinner Party.

watched the ascent of woman: a 10,000-year story (civilization).

Tuesday, 2017 May 23

susan to italy.

Wednesday, 2017 May 24

‘The trees in the park know nothing about the etiquette manual that guides the old-growth forest…. Thanks to the generous amount of sunlight that reaches the ground, [they] grow thick side branches that later increase in girth so much that the image they bring to mind is that of doped-up body builders.’ The Hidden Life Of Trees, 172.

Thursday, 2017 May 25

‘Over the past 20 years, approximately 90 per cent of the monarch butterflies that migrate between Mexico and Canada have disappeared. In the 1990s, about one billion individual butterflies made the epic, multi-generational trek from Canada to Mexico. By 2013 the population had plummeted to 35 million. After a couple of years of modest improvement, the monarch population dropped by 22 million again last year.’

Friday, 2017 May 26

cady and gavin bought a house. d’arcy came by for a game.

Saturday, 2017 May 27

bob brought cookies from georgian bakery and made coffee. reading about voluntary aid detachments (VADs), because i had an ancestor in one.

Sunday, 2017 May 28

cady and gavin for dinner. exploring jazztronica, also known as nu jazz.

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Three To Get Ready

<sounds>’s top one hundred tracks.

#25. John Coltrane, Naima. coltrane’s version, though i prefer this version.

Paul Desmond, Take Ten.

Roy Hargrove Quintet, Strasbourg Saint Denis.

Dave Brubeck Quartet, Three To Get Ready.

Leroy Vinnegar Trio, Ah Que Linda.

Michael Hedges, The Artist Profile.

Manfred Mann, The Mighty Quinn.

Boz Scaggs, The Lido Shuffle, full concert.

The Doobie Brothers, Black Water.

Joe Robinson, Royal Flush.


Monday, 2017 May 15

Isabella d’Este is a guest at The Dinner Party.

susan is home and back to studying italian.

Tuesday, 2017 May 16

Georgia O’Keeffe.

The exhibit at The McMichael, Lawren Harris and his American contemporaries, includes Marsden Hartley.

Wednesday, 2017 May 17

Today’s Googledoodle asks, ‘What is the Antikythera mechanism?’

on the drive to my barrie urology group (BUG) appointment, we talked a bit about trilliums, and we noticed there are none in the simcoe county forest. apparently they don’t like monocrops. susan mentioned that they propagate underground by rhizomes, not in the air through pollen, and that it’s against the law to pick them. at suppertime it was warm and quiet, so we ate outside. later we watched nature (animal misfits).

Thursday, 2017 May 18

watched high art of the low countries (daydreams and nightmares).

Friday, 2017 May 19

susan watched the hockey game while i did art about the carden hillside.

Saturday, 2017 May 20

reading about quebec music. bj overnight.

Sunday, 2017 May 21

‘Because enough sun usually shines on our garden beds and lawns, in the home garden, water and fertile soil tend to be more decisive factors…. In the forest [however], there’s a battle for every last ray of sunlight. In the upper story–the executive offices–the mighty beeches, firs, and spruce stretch out and soak up 97 percent of the sunlight.’ The Hidden Life Of Trees, 162.

watched rise of the continents (australia) and genius of the modern world (freud).

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Sex And Lies

<sounds>’s top one hundred tracks.

#26. Miles Davis, Flamenco Sketches.

An amazing bluegrass cover of Rocket Man.

Earl Scruggs And Friends, Foggy Mountain Breakdown.

Gillian Welch, Time (The Revelator).

Chris Thile, Bach’s Partita No. 1 in B minor.

Nickel Creek, Tiny Desk Concert.

Punch Brothers, Tiny Desk Concert.

Cassandra Wilson, Red Guitar.

blue jay call, blue jay colour.

Monday, 2017 May 8

Christine de Pizan (or de Pisan, 1364–c.1430) is seated at The Dinner Party.

my latest art, stripes.

watched hidden killers (the post-war home).

Tuesday, 2017 May 9

Arthur Dove.

‘If you take a closer look [at a pool of water in the forest] … you can make out the tiny rivulets that betray the existence of a spring…. Another option is … when there’s a hard frost. Puddles and rainwater will be frozen, while water will still be seeping out of a spring.’ The Hidden Life Of Trees, 108.

watched the senators and the rangers.

Wednesday, 2017 May 10

saw a united kingdom (part of the huronia museum film series) and plants behaving badly (sex and lies).

Thursday, 2017 May 11

carden trip. watched the agenda (climate change and global stability; cli-fi) and high art of the low countries (boom and bust).

Friday, 2017 May 12

watched _striking balance (georgian bay) and the agenda (BC election: minority rules; 10 questions on global perinatal practices).

Saturday, 2017 May 13

International Migratory Bird Day.

susan was in her happy place, gardening. i was in mine too, doing art.

Sunday, 2017 May 14

susan to toronto for mother’s day.

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Pete Seeger

<sounds>’s top one hundred tracks.

#27. Bill Evans, Waltz For Debby.

Yo-Yo Ma, Chris Thile, Edgar Meyer: Bach Trio Sonata No. 6 in G Major, BWV 530: I. Vivace.

Monty Python’s Flying Circus, The Galaxy Song.

Pete Seeger, Guantanamera.

Alison Balsom, Bach’s Badinerie from Orchestral Suite No 2 BWV 1067.

Cameron Carpenter about All You Need Is Bach.

Norah Jones, Carry On.

Prothonotary Warbler.

Monday, 2017 May 1

Hildegarde of Bingen sits at The Dinner Party.

watched victorian killers.

Tuesday, 2017 May 2

Arthur Dove.

celebrated wes’ birthday at karen’s.

Wednesday, 2017 May 3

watched nature (spy in the pod) and plants behaving badly
(murder & mayhem).

Thursday, 2017 May 4

it’s ‘intergalactic star wars day‘, which is weird cuz i’m working on a piece called ‘galaxy‘ and tonight susan went to the galaxy cinemas (see also ‘the galaxy song’, above). anyway, after she got home, had supper, and did her italian, we watched high art of the low countries (dream of plenty).

Friday, 2017 May 5

International Day Of The Midwife.

bj overnight.

Saturday, 2017 May 6

The Nature Conservancy of Canada’s Why Forests Matter presents a screening of Call Of The Forest, followed by a panel discussion exploring the theme of “Greening the Planet from Urban Micro-Planting to Forest Conservation”, May 12, Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto (tx, sh).

Sunday, 2017 May 7

reading about canada’s national parks, such as mingan (where you might see puffins). watched canada: the story of us (boom/bust, united at war).

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Stormy Monday

<sounds>’s top one hundred tracks.

#28. Cannonball Adderley, Autumn Leaves.

David Grisman Quintet, Chili Dawg.

The Dave Brubeck Quartet, Brandenburg Gate.


Karrin Allyson, O Pato.

Eliane Elias, Chega De Saudade.

Pink Martini, live.

Eva Cassidy, Stormy Monday.

Monday, 2017 April 24

Eleanor of Aquitaine is seated at The Dinner Party.

my latest art, twill.

watched the agenda (the future of proteininfinite food) and hidden killers of the victorian home.

Tuesday, 2017 April 25

Lawren Harris and his American contemporaries.

Wednesday, 2017 April 26

watched nature (forest of the lynx).

Thursday, 2017 April 27

Mary Wollstonecraft (1759-1797).

Friday, 2017 April 28

‘Efforts to offset the costs of protecting and restoring forests in the twenty-first century are happening around the world. Some combine utility with education…. Some combine prestige and preservation…. Yet others involve unlikely partners…. There are so many ways that forests can be kept both undisturbed and productive!’ The Hidden Life Of Trees, 92.

watched latin music USA (bridges, the salsa revolution).

Saturday, 2017 April 29

Georgia O’Keeffe.

cold but clear, sunny day. susan helped prepare the community garden for the growing season.

Sunday, 2017 April 30

bj. watched into the wilderness: hawaii, locomotion, and canada: the story of us (1916-1929).

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