Some stuff not to be missed

new*** stuff

  1. my first post–about cycling, naturally
  2. old news–catching up to summer 2011
  3. my belief–Declaration of Interdependencelearning from nature’s geniusTHE BOOK: On the Taboo Against Knowing Who You Are by Alan Watts (available free on-line; i got my copy here)–circular-economy-from-ellenmacarthurfoundation-orgredesigning the economy to be circular, just like nature. way cool! (image from’s calling the shots?the big picture***
  4. my theology–rev. tom honey if i’m feeling theistic, douglas adams if i’m feeling atheistic–they basically say the same thing and they’re both english, tho adams is at times hilarious–evalyn parry*** combines questions and comedy–why didn’t she get fired?***zombies and hope***
  5. the future, near and far***
  6. steve jobs coulda been a priest
  7. i used to be a ‘cat-person’. instead, ‘i will be a hummingbird. i will do the best i can.’–wangari maathai
  8. follow the money, you are what you eat.
  9. i’m not alone
  10. i remain the eternal optimist, cuz hopeless isn’t true
  11. warning! god/dess up ahead!–writing and the divine spark; nudge nudge; internal work n divinity within; a short story about the beginning of everything; i’ll read a stephen hawking review soon; serenity prayer–extended version (chefurka has an atheist version); aren’t desires attachments and thus to be avoided? how does one achieve compassion for all things? otoh, vanier, in ’God and Desire’, says desire is god/dess’s way of nudging you; but desire creates restlessness, from which i can’t get no satisfaction;  hardly the final word, tho…
  12. parenting–i was a good dad (i think); my kids are growing up; i called each of my daughters tonight; downtown; what i am
  13. cuz it’s all about me–recovery can take a long time but don’t give up hope; if i were to have an epitaph, these might be my famous last words: ‘this song is over, but the story never ends‘; i think i’ve opened a can of worms; i was a good programmer, cuz i was lazy? why i (used to) like cats (however, i have since learned they are invasive, avian hunters, no matter how domesticated); on becoming a vegetarian. now what?; natural selection and historians; my most important lesson, i’ve known it all along, and feel like i’m going to have to learn it over and over, that we are all part of one another; i’m finally going home, but is anyone still there? how do i really feel? what do i really really want? i’d like to teach the world to sing; otoh, i’d like to explore the essential values and core politics of deep ecology; or maybe i just need sleep; but, i remain impetuous; however, when all is said and done–parenting, ideals, passion, even love–this is what i’m really after and home.; there’s my german half to consider; and many other p-o-v’s; i wanna live and love and die like ek-r; it may be all about me, but i think there’s a paradigm shift going on; still, i drink coffee
  14. healing? act skillsrollo may–alienation, acceptance, and authenticity; act–ch. 11–values, direction, choices–circling ’round n  ’round;  act–ch. 12–choosing _your_ values–getting closer to the burning flame; but what is real?
  15. left brain and right reunited? computers and social justice and free software and social justice–a source of both hope and frustration; still, i’m idealistic, to a fault
  16. if you wanted to read more, you would…. my latest*** is my greatest :-)
  • also, there’s search and themes
  • any suggestions?

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