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>excerpt from temporary insanity: a world in transition, by philip slater

>i was following up on one of the sociologists referenced in my textbook, Philip Slater. i never heard of him, but it seems i should have –not only is he a sociologist, he’s an actor and a playwright. in 1982 … Continue reading

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>who killed the electric car?

>saw who killed the electric car? last night at SHARE. really, really good. i never thought i’d feel weepy about a car. check out the website. rent the dvd.

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>infinite love

walking through blizzardy downtown this evening, it occurred to me that material progress is based on a false premise of infinite material resources; only love is infinite; even hate is finite, for hate is not life-sustaining.

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>j.r.r. tolkein

>i watched the fellowship of the ring this past weekend with my nieces, including many of the extras, in which i was reminded that tolkein “came to think of the internal combustion engine as the greatest evil ever put upon … Continue reading

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