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ok, it’s not perfect, but neither is life, nor democracy. i’ve learned the hard way that sometimes perfection isn’t possible, even desirable. politics is the art of the possible. and this is very possible. based on the successful montreal protocol … Continue reading

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>the big picture

>want to see the world the way david suzuki sees it? try his new book, the big picture

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>alberta tar sands

>canadians–you and me–are the biggest exporters of oil to the u.s.. much of that oil comes from the alberta tar sands, as detailed by andrew nikiforuk in his book Tar Sands. as a canadian, what are you going to do?

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>excerpt from temporary insanity: a world in transition, by philip slater

>i was following up on one of the sociologists referenced in my textbook, Philip Slater. i never heard of him, but it seems i should have –not only is he a sociologist, he’s an actor and a playwright. in 1982 … Continue reading

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>Declaration of Interdependence

>Declaration of Interdependence Five members of the David Suzuki Foundation team wrote the following Declaration of Interdependence in 1992 for the United Nations’ Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro. In 2001, Finnish composer Pehr Henrik Nordgren wrote his Symphony no. … Continue reading

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>stop heavy metal pollution

>i don’t mean led zep or metallica, i mean cadmium, mercury, etc. here’s a quote from david suzuki. The simplest way to stop heavy metals: don’t buy things you don’t need, especially electronics. The sad fact is that all those … Continue reading

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>be an ontario peakbuster!

> “The Ontario Clean Air Alliance is challenging communities across Ontario to reduce the need for dirty coal by reducing their use of electricity in peak periods. We will recognize the communities that do the most to use the least … Continue reading

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>Birdsong & Coffee

>i know some of you are planning to go to cellarman’s friday night to enjoy my band, blind mary. but before you do, i urge you to see the SHARE Film Presentation of Birdsong & Coffee. “Coffee drinkers will be … Continue reading

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>who killed the electric car?

>saw who killed the electric car? last night at SHARE. really, really good. i never thought i’d feel weepy about a car. check out the website. rent the dvd.

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>the source of pollution

>moses said: 11-16 Make sure you don’t forget God, your God, by not keeping his commandments, his rules and regulations that I command you today. Make sure that when you eat and are satisfied, build pleasant houses and settle in, … Continue reading

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