A Wrinkle In Time

<sounds, etc>

#134. Solange, A Seat At The Table.

This list, of the greatest albums made by women between 1964 and the present, is an intervention, a remedy, a correction of the historical record and hopefully the start of a new conversation.’

[bird calls]

[kids’ song]

Some terrifying words: Furby. organ.

Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Motherfucker=Redeemer.

Jane Bunnett, Almendra.

Bach, Concerto For Oboe And Violin 3rd Mvt.

Monday, 2018 February 26

watched steven fry in central america, where we saw monarch butterflies by the thousands.

Tuesday, 2018 February 27

susan drove out to see rhonda but rhonda was sick, so she went walking at awenda instead. watched rmr, 22, and the secrets of quantum physics.

Wednesday, 2018 February 28

i joined nature canada in thanking trudeau, morneau, and mckenna for ‘investing in Canada’s wildlife and wilderness…. This is a critical step in meeting Canada’s international commitment to protect 17% of our lands and waters by 2020’.

Elizabeth May of the Green Party notes that ‘despite increasingly urgent warnings from climate scientists that the window to achieve the Paris target is rapidly closing, the federal budget tabled today does nothing to accelerate climate action and nothing to prepare for the impact of catastrophic climate events.’

As well as the federal budget, Angela Bischoff of The Ontario Clean Air Alliance writes that ‘the two tall stacks at the gigantic Nanticoke coal fired power station came tumbling down today. Nanticoke was once the largest coal-fired generating station in North America….[Ontario] was the first jurisdiction in the world to move away from using dirty coal to generate electricity… Today is a day to celebrate this huge accomplishment and also to look to the future–a 100% renewable future.’

watched the sense of ending.

Thursday, 2018 March 1

played scrabble.

Friday, 2018 March 2

watched #metoo, now what?, frontline (weinstein), and makers (women in hollywood).

Saturday, 2018 March 3

susan is in toronto for barb’s 70th. the venue is not accessible, so i stayed behind and read the star, which led to starting a wrinkle in time. before that i read about the bitter rivalry between syria and iran, which could be the cause of the next major war … or maybe it’ll be the US and china, i was reading in another piece.

Sunday, 2018 March 4

cady brought coffee and timbits. susan home. watched wasted! the story of food waste.

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