Blue Rondeau A La Turk

<sounds>’s top one hundred tracks.

#14. The Dave Brubeck Quartet, Blue Rondeau A La Turk (live), better audio (and original recording), the version i first heard, big band version, early ELP version.

Béla Fleck, Big Country.

Alison Krauss, Down To The River To Pray.

Aly Bain, St Anne’s Reel.

Jenna Reid, Hector The Hero.

Sting And Andy Summers, ‘Round Midnight.

Joni Mitchell, Be Cool.

Chick Corea And Gary Burton Love Castle.

Medeski, Martin, And Wood, Shine It And Miami Gato.

Chick Corea, Love Castle.

Roy Hargrove Quintet,  Strasbourg Saint Denis.

Candy Dulfer, Pick Up The Pieces.

Berlioz, Requiem.

Monday, 2017 July 31

Emily Dickinson is seated at The Dinner Party.

my latest art, schoolbus.

watched the water brothers (underwater highways).

Tuesday, 2017 August 1

watched rare: creatures of the photo ark and genius.

Wednesday, 2017 August 2

reading about the polar coordinate system. why? because it might apply to my art. watched ireland’s wild coast.

Ontario Nature advises that ‘you can also take action by helping the turtle cross the road when it is safe to do so in the direction it’s going. If the turtle is injured, contact a group like the Ontario Turtle Conservation Centre.’

Thursday, 2017 August 3

László Moholy-Nagy (1924).

Friday, 2017 August 4

watched canada over the edge.

Saturday, 2017 August 5

bj. watched she-wolf of yellowstone and coast.

Sunday, 2017 August 6, Hiroshima Day

72 years ago, the first atomic bomb was used on civilians. Three days later, the second was used. There hasn’t been one since. The rationale was that it prevented months of fighting. Were we right? Does nuclear deterrence work today?

watched the nature of things (eye of the storm) and risk factor.

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