Goodbye Pork Pie Hat

<sounds>’s top one hundred tracks.

#15. Charles Mingus, Goodbye Pork Pie Hat.

Here’s a version by Jeff Beck.

Monday, 2017 July 24

Elizabeth Blackwell is seated at The Dinner Party.

my latest art, apple.

Tuesday, 2017 July 25

bala trip. watched rare: creatures of the photo ark and genius.

Wednesday, 2017 July 26

‘But let us agree that there is hope, and that Life has a future, that true wilderness areas do exist… If they are to continue to do so, then they must be protected…. Not by legislation;… [they] must be actively nurtured’.’ Bringing Back The Dodo, 148.

watched wild alaska live, nature, and nova.

Thursday, 2017 July 27

‘However, ”there came a tipping point,” as EO Wilson writes in The Future Of Life. ”By the time the American frontier closed, around 1890, wilderness had become a scarce resource at risk of being eliminated altogether.” Nature, it seemed, was no longer filling in the gaps we were busily creating.’ Bringing Back The Dodo, 146.

bj came over and played.

Friday, 2017 July 28

Euphemism is a euphemism for lying.’–Bobbie Gentry

susan is on a greenbelt committee. although it’s around toronto, this area is part of the greenbelt’s watershed, so it’s included. watched lion.

Saturday, 2017 July 29

watched earth: a new wild (plains).

Sunday, 2017 July 30

more bj! reading about OMDC (ontario media development corporation). watched macpherson and the nature of things (call of the baby beluga).

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