Stolen Moments

<sounds>’s top one hundred tracks.

#16. Oliver Nelson, Stolen Moments (single), (album).

Large, white birds seen in Ontario: pelican, egret.

Taktus, Glass Houses No.5 (by Ann Southam).

Santana, Evil Ways.

Funky beats.

Joep Franssens, Harmony Of The Spheres.

Yes, I’ve Seen All Good People and other classic prog. How does Yes do the song decades later now that Chris Squire is dead? Get Geddy Lee.

Jack DeJohnette, Salsa For Luisito

Monday, 2017 July 17

Susan B. Anthony is seated at The Dinner Party.

And where Susan B. Anthony went, you often found Elizabeth Cady Stanton.

adrian and susan worked on jeanne’s memorial.

Tuesday, 2017 July 18

Lawren Harris, Earth, Sun, Moon.

Today is Mandela Day. He said: ‘If you want to make peace with your enemy, you have to work with your enemy. Then he becomes your partner.’

watched genius (turning on the lights) and rare: creatures of the photo ark.

Wednesday, 2017 July 19

This is cool, especially if you drag your pointer through it.

when susan returned from jeanne’s memorial dinner, we watched big pacific (behind the scenes), nature’s great race (caribou), and nova (life’s rocky start).

Thursday, 2017 July 20

‘The most valuable possession you can own is an open heart.” — Carlos Santana.

watched the water brothers (no woman, no water). looked into animation.

Friday, 2017 July 21

‘I like this term ‘biological control’ for the ring of optimistic confidence it lends to what is essentially a chaotic field of wild and exciting speculation.’ Bringing Back The Dodo, 110.

susan and i went to the park in penetang where she saw a mourning cloak butterfly.

Saturday, 2017 July 22

bj, staying overnight, watched a max and ruby cartoon. before they became cartoon characters, they were board-books my kids had.

Sunday, 2017 July 23

pondering the longevity of the internet. on my wall is a family tree, created on paper in 1926, ninety-one years ago. anything i create digitally, such as my art or a family tree, on the internet probably won’t last that long. what can i do? all things must pass, eh? watched wild alaska live and life on the reef.

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