Short And Suite

<sounds>’s top one hundred tracks.

#18. Billie Holiday, God Bless The Child.

ancient mur(rr?)el(ll?)ette, a seabird which raises its young in the forest.

Snarky Puppy, What About Me? (We Like It Here).

Badbadnotgood, Hedron.

Abigail Washburn And The Sparrow Quartet, Strange Things.

Crooked Still, Ain’t No Grave.

The Beatles, I’m Only Sleeping.

The Shake ‘Em Up Jazz Band, live.

Bethany And Rufus, 900 Miles.

Sly And The Family Stone, Greatest Hits.

Lisa Ono, The Music Of Antonio Carlos Jobim.

Monday, 2017 July 3

Mary Wollstonecraft is a guest at The Dinner Party.

watched village of dreams, about little india in toronto.

my latest art, skyscraper.

Tuesday, 2017 July 4

watched genius (the first five).

Wednesday, 2017 July 5

‘ We could solve any real problems we have with these predators [cougars and coyotes] by dealing with them on an individual basis. But we didn’t: we demonize the whole species instead. In the end, both animals illustrate the need for better understanding of the wild in our lives — even our urban lives.’ Bringing Back The Dodo, 76.

watched vamizi: cradle of coral, big pacific (voracious), and great yellowstone thaw.

Thursday, 2017 July 6

‘Animal factories are one more sign of the extent to which our technological capacities have advanced faster than our ethics.’–Peter Singer

Friday, 2017 July 7

reading bringing back the dodo: the house sparrow was ‘introduced into north america — in NY in the 1880s — by well-intentioned but ornithologically misguided people who thought [they] lived on insects and hence would be a boon to american agriculture. in fact they live almost exclusively on seeds, and hence have become one of the greatest agricultural pests on the continent, an object lesson, if we needed another one, in the dangers of tampering with natural phenomenon when we don’t know enough about them. and we can never know enough.’ 96. took oscar to the vet about his incessant scratching, so now he’s on meds. the thing in his eye is commonplace and not bothering him. bj and her classmate came to play.

Saturday, 2017 July 8

mini-roadtrip. saw cady and gavin’s new house. bj overnight.

NFB, Short And Suite.

Sunday, 2017 July 9

watched the nature of things (the emperor’s lost harbour).

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