The Hidden Life Of Trees

<sounds>’s top one hundred tracks.

#19. Herbie Hancock, Cantaloupe Island.

Norah Jones, Flipside.

Gordon Lightfoot, Canadian Railroad Trilogy.

Catherine Russell, Harlem On My Mind.

1KVF, Keltek.

The Chieftains, Reunion.

Randy Crawford And Joe Sample, Feeling Good.

A frigatebird, way off-course, has been spotted off Pt Pelee.

Monday, 2017 June 26

Caroline Herschell is seated at The Dinner Party.

watched the agenda (taking care of canadian music; a love letter to canadian music; history comes alive; making mukluks and connecting cultures), calculating ada: the countess of computing, and the girls in the band. after susan and oscar went to bed, this caught my eye: quidditch: from the page to the pitch.

Tuesday, 2017 June 27

‘Even more remote is the Great Bear Rainforest [in BC],… home to the rare spirit bear…. Chief Marilyn Slett … is well aware of the forest’s importance: ‘Our leaders understand our well-being is connected to the well-being of our lands and waters.’ The Hidden Life Of Trees, 234.

watched the story of china (the golden age/the ming).

Wednesday, 2017 June 28

Lawren Harris.

David Suzuki writes: ‘The benefits of increased cycling go beyond reducing pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. Riding a bike is good for your physical and mental health….You can also save a lot of money on fuel, parking, maintenance, insurance, and purchase. Costs to society–and taxpayers–are also lower. Bikes are easier than cars on infrastructure such as roads, help reduce health care costs, and can alleviate poverty’.

Thursday, 2017 June 29

‘When the logs in the fireplace crackle merrily, the corpse of a beech or oak is going up in flames…. [Trees are] expressly felled (that is to say, killed) for our purposes…. We use living things for our purposes. Does that make our behaviour reprehensible? Not necessarily. After all, we are also part of Nature…. We can survive only with the help of organic substances of other creatures….. The real question is whether we help ourselves to only what we need from the forest ecosystem, and–analogous to our treatment of animals–whether we spare the trees any unnecessary suffering.’ The Hidden Life Of Trees, 242.

watched south pacific (strange islands) and the agenda (a south asian bazaar in canada).

Friday, 2017 June 30

László Moholy-Nagy.

Saturday, 2017 July 1 Canada Day

sitting on the deck, reading the star. hopefully, the rain holds off. listened to the cbc’s all-canadian jazz stream. both wearing red. coincidence. watched three generations.

Sunday, 2017 July 2

‘In these essays I seem to be constantly alarmed at our tendency to ignore or deny the degree to which we are part of the natural world…. We have not taken nature out of ourselves…. Rather, we have taken ourselves out of nature. To our cost.’ Bringing Back The Dodo, 3.

susan to eric’s birthday. watched rome: empire without limit.


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