<sounds>’s top one hundred tracks.

#20. Chet Baker, My Funny Valentine.

The Trio Project, Alive.

Lyle Lovett. All My Love Is Gone.

Esperanza Spalding And Gretchen Parlato, Inutil Paisagem.

Neil Young, Harvest Moon (album), (single).

The Tuba Skinny Jazz Band.

Yo Yo Ma And Bobby McFerrin / Bach, Air.


Monday, 2017 June 19

‘Sacagawea’ by Leonard Crunelle.

Sacagawea is seated at The Dinner Party.

my latest art: broccoli.

on such a night, went for a walk/roll.

Tuesday, 2017 June 20

watched story of china.

Wednesday, 2017 June 21 National Aboriginal Day

Perhaps the greatest thing Europeans got from Natives (besides a continent) is the canoe.  It’s the best way to get around. Sometimes it’s the only way.

watched big pacific (mysterious) and nature (great yellowstone thaw).

Thursday, 2017 June 22

‘Over 130 kids ranging in ages from 5-18 had free paddling lessons and a paddle, making our 4th Annual Paddle the Rouge a huge success! … And all that extra paddling helped inch Rouge even closer to completion because one day later, Bill C-18 received Royal Assent, officially amending the Rouge National Urban Park legislation. This means Ecological Integrity will be the first priority in managing Rouge National Urban Park.’

susan went to the community gardens. watched canada: a people’s history, 1991-2015, new times, new ways–part 2 and through our eyes: indigenous short docs–part 2. 

Friday, 2017 June 23

watched paterson. ‘jarmusch [writer and director] explained at cannes that he intended paterson to be an antidote to the modern action film.’

‘Chlorophyll, however, has one disadvantage. It has a so-called green gap, and because it cannot use this part of the colour spectrum, it has to reflect it back unused. This weak spot means that we can see this photosynthetic leftover, and that’s why almost all plants look deep green to us. What we are really seeing is waste light’. The Hidden Life Of Trees, 228.

Saturday, 2017 June 24

calico pennant, tiny marsh. photo: ken macdonald​.

up real early for the bioblitz. dawn-early. susan went to the tiny marsh. oscar went back to bed. i opened the door and listened to the morning avian chorus. not the same as being at the marsh, tho. played scrabble.

Sunday, 2017 June 25

didn’t rain yesterday (good thing), but sure rained today, which limited plans for susan with her granddaughter. watched rome: empire without limit.

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