Our Eyes


Jazz24.org’s top one hundred tracks.

#21. Coleman Hawkins, Body And Soul.

Herbie Hancock, Fat Mama.

Miles From India, All Blues.

Monday, 2017 June 12

Anne Hutchinson is seated at The Dinner Party.

our neighbours are moving to brockville. watched the agenda (examining nutritional science; the science of health and nutrition; to serve, protect, and lead).

my latest art, inspired by…

Tuesday, 2017 June 13

… Hibiscus With Plumeria by Georgia O’Keeffe.

[=]Lawren Harris and his American contemporaries.

Nikki Sanchez, Queen of Green, writes, ‘Enrich your diet with these four edibles that are as delicious as they are common. You’ll also avoid harmful herbicides and support beneficial insects.’

another beauty day! susan out gardening. when she was in the front, i joined her (cuz i can stay on the driveway). after our evening walk/roll, we watched facebookistan.

Wednesday, 2017 June 14

‘[A bit of German wisdom says that during a storm,] ”avoid oaks, seek beeches.”…The main reason there is next to no [lightning] damage on beech trees is because their bark is so smooth. During a thunderstorm, it rains, and the water [which conducts lightning’s electricity] … sheets down the wrinkle-free bark of beech trees…. Oaks, however, have rough bark…. The flow of electricity from the lightning strike is constantly interrupted … and the [tree] explodes’. The Hidden Life Of Trees, 205-6.

Thursday, 2017 June 15

went to mcg. saw lj and monique, and met barb, monique’s friend. back at home, fell off the ramp. nothing broken, tho. just a few scrapes. watched canada: a people’s history (1991-2015–new times, new ways) and through our eyes: indigenous short docs.

Friday, 2017 June 16

played scrabble. started like gangbusters, but fizzled.

Saturday, 2017 June 17

Why this MP’s words should be etched in marble‘ by Susan Delacourt in The Saturday Star.

watched coast new zealand (far north).

Sunday, 2017 June 18

watched rome: empire without limit and colonization road.

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