Tree And Leaves

<sounds>’s top one hundred tracks.

#22. Horace Silver, Song For My Father.

Fascinating to watch, but sounds synthetic; better on a piano, but organ or harpsichord in Bach’s day, likely.

listening to a brian may solo.

Nicola Conte, Bossa Per Due.

Waldeck, Why Did We Fire The Gun?

Monday, 2017 June 5

Anna Maria van Schurman is seated at The Dinner Party.

my latest art, tree and leaves

Tuesday, 2017 June 6

Georgia O’Keeffe.

Wednesday, 2017 June 7

cady brought the special-of-the-week, potato(?) pizza.

Thursday, 2017 June 8

On World Ocean Day, Sarika Cullis-Suzuki writes that ‘Canadians want and expect the oceans to be clean, thriving, and resilient…. But with multiple threats including climate change, ocean acidification, and increasing industrial pressures, it’s more important than ever for Canada to safeguard life on the coast….We urge the federal government to take immediate action to protect Canada’s treasured coastal ecosystems.’

susan is back!

Friday, 2017 June 9

susan was showing me pictures of raphael’s house. watched canada over the edge (victoria) and the agenda.

Saturday, 2017 June 10.

bj overnight.

Sunday, 2017 June 11

watched rome: empire without limit (ep 1) and genius of the ancient world (confucius).

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