Three To Get Ready

<sounds>’s top one hundred tracks.

#25. John Coltrane, Naima. coltrane’s version, though i prefer this version.

Paul Desmond, Take Ten.

Roy Hargrove Quintet, Strasbourg Saint Denis.

Dave Brubeck Quartet, Three To Get Ready.

Leroy Vinnegar Trio, Ah Que Linda.

Michael Hedges, The Artist Profile.

Manfred Mann, The Mighty Quinn.

Boz Scaggs, The Lido Shuffle, full concert.

The Doobie Brothers, Black Water.

Joe Robinson, Royal Flush.


Monday, 2017 May 15

Isabella d’Este is a guest at The Dinner Party.

susan is home and back to studying italian.

Tuesday, 2017 May 16

Georgia O’Keeffe.

The exhibit at The McMichael, Lawren Harris and his American contemporaries, includes Marsden Hartley.

Wednesday, 2017 May 17

Today’s Googledoodle asks, ‘What is the Antikythera mechanism?’

on the drive to my barrie urology group (BUG) appointment, we talked a bit about trilliums, and we noticed there are none in the simcoe county forest. apparently they don’t like monocrops. susan mentioned that they propagate underground by rhizomes, not in the air through pollen, and that it’s against the law to pick them. at suppertime it was warm and quiet, so we ate outside. later we watched nature (animal misfits).

Thursday, 2017 May 18

watched high art of the low countries (daydreams and nightmares).

Friday, 2017 May 19

susan watched the hockey game while i did art about the carden hillside.

Saturday, 2017 May 20

reading about quebec music. bj overnight.

Sunday, 2017 May 21

‘Because enough sun usually shines on our garden beds and lawns, in the home garden, water and fertile soil tend to be more decisive factors…. In the forest [however], there’s a battle for every last ray of sunlight. In the upper story–the executive offices–the mighty beeches, firs, and spruce stretch out and soak up 97 percent of the sunlight.’ The Hidden Life Of Trees, 162.

watched rise of the continents (australia) and genius of the modern world (freud).

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