Sex And Lies

<sounds>’s top one hundred tracks.

#26. Miles Davis, Flamenco Sketches.

An amazing bluegrass cover of Rocket Man.

Earl Scruggs And Friends, Foggy Mountain Breakdown.

Gillian Welch, Time (The Revelator).

Chris Thile, Bach’s Partita No. 1 in B minor.

Nickel Creek, Tiny Desk Concert.

Punch Brothers, Tiny Desk Concert.

Cassandra Wilson, Red Guitar.

blue jay call, blue jay colour.

Monday, 2017 May 8

Christine de Pizan (or de Pisan, 1364–c.1430) is seated at The Dinner Party.

my latest art, stripes.

watched hidden killers (the post-war home).

Tuesday, 2017 May 9

Arthur Dove.

‘If you take a closer look [at a pool of water in the forest] … you can make out the tiny rivulets that betray the existence of a spring…. Another option is … when there’s a hard frost. Puddles and rainwater will be frozen, while water will still be seeping out of a spring.’ The Hidden Life Of Trees, 108.

watched the senators and the rangers.

Wednesday, 2017 May 10

saw a united kingdom (part of the huronia museum film series) and plants behaving badly (sex and lies).

Thursday, 2017 May 11

carden trip. watched the agenda (climate change and global stability; cli-fi) and high art of the low countries (boom and bust).

Friday, 2017 May 12

watched _striking balance (georgian bay) and the agenda (BC election: minority rules; 10 questions on global perinatal practices).

Saturday, 2017 May 13

International Migratory Bird Day.

susan was in her happy place, gardening. i was in mine too, doing art.

Sunday, 2017 May 14

susan to toronto for mother’s day.

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