<sounds>’s top one hundred tracks.

#34. Ahmad Jamal, Ponciana.

Preston Reed, Blasting Cap.

American crow.

Monday, 2017 March 13

Theodora is a guest at The Dinner Party.

Tuesday, 2017 March 14

Emily Carr.

bj. reading about emily carr: ‘in the last two decades, carr’s appeal has extended beyond canada’s borders…. In 2001-02, she was included alongside georgia o’keeffe and frida kahlo [in places of their own]…, and more recently seven of her paintings … were selected for display at documenta (13), the prestigious international art showcase’. watched rmr and 22.

Anu Garg of A-Word-A-Day wrote that March 14th is ‘the birthday of Albert Einstein. That wild-haired man known for E = mc² also gave us another equation when he said:
If A is success in life, then A = x + y + z.
Work is x, play is y, and z is keeping your mouth shut.’

watched rmr, 22, don’t panic: how to end poverty in 15 years, and water apocalypse.

Wednesday, 2017 March 15

‘The legacy in this lecture is one of thoughtful words about the hard place we’re in, but it’s also one of hopeful words.’ Margaret Atwood, foreword to The Legacy.

‘And so it has gone as we apply new technologies, only to find out later that they have unanticipated side effects. New technologies unleash perturbations that become a kind of experiment within the biosphere, as we will no doubt learn with genetically modified organisms. Our ignorance is vast, but human beings have become such a powerful force that we are altering the life-support systems of the planet.’ The Legacy, 19.

watched the agenda (powering ontario’s remote first nations, seeing the forest *and* the trees).

Thursday, 2017 March 16

From the northern forest to the urban forest: Celebrate the twelfth birthday of The Greenbelt!

watched rococo.

Friday, 2017 March 17

Georgia O’Keeffe.

in the afternoon i read the legacy by david suzuki: ‘in contrast to how we view our surroundings, every aspect of the natural world is interconnected…. the kind of energy we use [in our surroundings] has immense repercussions in the air, water, and land’. (the legacy, 34.) in the evening we watched manchester-by-the-sea.

Saturday, 2017 March 18

Tom Thomson.

explorers. watched full steam ahead.

Sunday, 2017 March 19

‘Salmon, forest, birds and bears, ocean, air and land, northern and southern hemispheres are all interconnected through a vast web of interdependence. But humans view the situation very differently…. We fragment what is a single interconnected system into separate components,… thereby ensuring we will never manage things sustainably. We must learn to look at the big picture and see the interconnectedness of all things.’ The Legacy, 64.

karen came for a guitar lesson. watched congo: on the lava trail, climate watch shorts (snowmobiling in a changing climate), a park for all seasons (sleeping giant), and the water brothers (ocean spies).

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