Harry Manx


blakeyJazz24.org’s top one hundred tracks.

#40. Art Blakey And The Jazz Messengers, Moanin’.

maria-muldaur-resize-1Maria Muldaur, Don’t You Feel My Leg.

charlie-haden-et-pat-methenyPat Metheny with Charlie Haden, Cinema Paradiso.

paul_desmondPaul Desmond, Bossa Antigua.

LOS ANGELES - NOVEMBER 13: Recording Artist Joni Mitchell performs at the "Stormy Weather 2002" concert at the Wiltern Theatre on November 13, 2002 in Los Angeles, California. The annual event benefits the Walden Woods Project and the Thoreau Institute at Walden Pond. (Photo by Robert Mora/Getty Images)

Joni Mitchell, Summertime. Joni interprets a classic as only she can. Don’t worry. The visual gets better.

grantBach, Prelude & Fugue 8 E Flat Minor BWV 853 (John Lewis Grant).

luc-and-lagreneSylvain Luc And Bireli Lagrene, Time After Time.

harry-manxHarry Manx, live in America, in Canada.


Monday, 2017 January 30

sappho_musei_capitolini_mc1164Sappho is at The Dinner Party.

raphaelMax Raphael ‘was not a “dirt archaeologist”, as those who get down on their knees call themselves….Raphael, on the other hand, was an art historian and an intellectual, which meant his ideas were automatically suspect to archaeologists. The archaeologists believe, with some reason, that art historians are ignorant about prehistory…. They study the [cave] paintings as art rather than as evidence to us about the Paleolithic world. Art historians also think they can understand the paintings just by looking at them instead of undersrtanding them in the context of all that is known of the Paleolithic world.’ The Cave Painters, 123-124.

agendawatched the agenda (examining the quebec mosque shooting, the US immigration ban).

Tuesday, 2017 January 31

tcpMax Raphael believed ‘the painters “were produced in a unique historical situation … [when humans] had just emerged from a purely zoological existence, when instead of being dominated by animals, [they] began to dominate them.’… This assertion–this inspired guess–can never be proved, but it cuts close to the bone. It is another version of the biblical Fall…. For millennium upon millennium, members of the genus Homo sapiens did not see themselves as separate from the other animals. Then, somehow, Homo sapiens acquired forbidden knowledge and came to believe they were somehow distinct from other animals. The paintings express the guilt, the regret, and the triumph that came with the belief in that separation.’ The Cave Painters, 132-133.

Wednesday, 2017 February 1

annette_laming-emperaireModern scholars ‘believe it is impossible for us to know [what the cave paintings mean]. That’s correct, in a way, but for [Annette] Laming-Emperaire studying cave art without searching for its meaning rendered that study, well, meaningless.’ The Cave Painters, 136.

What the ....watched south pacific (strange islands), nature (spy in the wild: love), nova (search for the super battery), and aurora: fire in the sky.

Thursday, 2017 February 2

wwd17_logo_e_hori_rvbNot only is it Groundhog Day, it’s World Wetlands Day.

vinyardwatched africa and britain: a forgotten history (first encounters), climate watch shorts (farming in a changing climate), and the dark ages: an age of light (the clash of the gods).

Friday, 2017 February 3

chauvet-cave-painting‘Furthermore–and here is where Laming-Emperaire begins to sound like Max Raphael–it’s not just the placement in the cave that is important…. It’s also the placement of figures in relation to one another. The way a group is composed, the superimposition, the way that one animal is placed near or on another, the frequency with which that happens, and the way that signs are placed near animals–all this can lead toward real understanding.’ The Cave Painters, 143.

islands watched rmr, the water brothers (ocean of energy), and wildest islands (amazon river islands).

Saturday, 2017 February 4

tom-thomson-petawawa-gorges-autumn-1916Tom Thomson (1877-1917) Petawawa Gorges, 1916. He painted several images at that time. The land, then logged, is barely recognizable now, all treed, as can be compared here. It’s ironic that some of the iconic images that make us fall in love with the land were painted when the land was cleared.

red_kangaroo_-_melbourne_zoobj and winterfest. watched wild australia (desert of the red kangaroo), climate watch shorts (breakthroughs in energy storage), and coast australia (torres strait).

Sunday, 2017 February 5

two-stags‘Most important, [Laming-Emperaire] convinced the scholarly world … that Paleolithic art was not “primitive”. Nor did “primitive” people create it. Like Max Raphael, Laming-Emperaire thought that the cave painters lived in a developed society with a long history and a vast mythology that grew from their probing and pondering the world around them.’ The Cave Painters, 145.

hard-rock-medicalreading about  arthur rosenfeld (1926-2017), an american physicist called ‘the father of energy conservation‘, whose achievements ‘will outlive the [current] government as it has him’; and the doctrine of discovery, an old law that’s still around, in which ‘title to lands lay with the government whose subjects travelled to and occupied a territory whose inhabitants were not subjects of a european christian monarch’. it has been described as racist. watched hard rock medical and the six wives of henry VIII.

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