<sounds>’s top one hundred tracks.

#43. Ella Fitzgerald, Mack The Knife (this rendition in particular).

philipPhilip Catherine, The Creeper.

dearieBlossom Dearie, Peel Me A Grape.

kristinKristin Asbjørnsen, Snowflake.

ponty-di-miola-clarkeJean-Luc Ponty, Al Di Meola, Stanley Clarke: Renaissance.

super-groupSuper group jam, Afro Blue.

returntoforever_2_jkReturn To Forever, San Sebastian.

talking-heads-band-photoTalking Heads, Life During Wartime.

ajaSteely Dan, Aja.

screenshot-from-2017-01-12-19-28-01Louis Prima, with Sam Butera on sax and Keely Smith looking bored, Night Train.

indigo_girlsIndigo Girls, Galileo.

Monday, 2017 January 9

amazon_preparing_for_the_battle_queen_antiope_or_armed_venus_-_pierre-eugene-emile_hebert_1860_-_ng_of_arts_wash_dc_rotated_and_croppedAn Amazon is at The Dinner Party.

screenshot-from-2017-01-11-00-04-29my latest art, ‘painted land‘.

Tuesday, 2017 January 10

tom-thomson-6292-jpg-ashxTom Thomson (1877-1917).

winter-tree-snow-coveredlots of snow. watched a craftsman’s legacy (the ceramicist) and this hour has 22 minutes (although tonight it had 44).

Wednesday, 2017 January 11

lascaux-cave-paintingPalaeolithic cave paintings ‘represent the first time we know of that we humans summoned all our intellect and vision, all our knowledge and skills, and all our longings and fears, and focused them on creating something that would last forever. What did our distant ancestors know that made all that effort worthwhile, that made it necessary?’ The Cave Painters, 12.

snow-wolf-wallpapersaw my old bandmate, don. watched south pacific (castaways), nature (snowbound: animals of winter), nova (the nuclear option), and the galilei files: science and faith (i read one of galileo’s works at university; the supposed discrepancy between science and faith concerns me to this day ).

Thursday, 2017 January 12

carr-emily-red-cedarRed Cedar (1931) by Emily Carr (1871-1945).

informationtech-cavepainting_50-20kbceProfessor Richard Klein ‘believes that this sudden neural alteration [in humans about 47,000 years ago] created the ability to speak a complicated language…. The debate over human origins has become distilled to unpersuasive arguments versus Klein’s unprovable hypothesis. Welcome to modern anthropology.’ The Cave Painters, 30.

Friday, 2017 January 13

serengeti-plain-large-1232‘Far from being the dominant creatures on the planet as is true today, people were insignificant, hanging on as best they could on the edges of a world that belonged to animals, teeming swarms of animals.’ The Cave Painters, 20.

greenland-sharkreading about the greenland shark, which ‘has the longest known lifespan of all vertebrate species’ (400+ years). watched the water brothers (last home of the giants), wildest islands (galapagos: darwin’s eden), and the fifth estate (canada’s drug problem[l]).

Saturday, 2017 January 14

wentworthforest_2692456ki worked on my art, while susan is in toronto. her brother, who lives in alberta, is in town.

Sunday, 2017 January 15

hard-rock-medicalsusan back. watched hard rock medical and victoria.

26 May 1966 --- Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. --- Image by © Bettmann/CORBIS

It’s Martin Luther King‘s birthday.

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