The Female Revolution

<sounds>’s top one hundred tracks.

#44 Glenn Miller, In The Mood.

turrentineStanley Turrentine Sextet, Sugar.

methenyPat Metheny, Just Like The Day.

eigsti The Seasons (Ben Wendel): January–Taylor Eigsti.

button-accordionWhat kind of harmonica is he playing? A button harmonica, like a button accordion? And why is there a fake fire on stage? Also, you rarely hear an electric guitar or a sax in gypsy jazz.

african-xylophone-playersAfrican Folk Music Instrumental.

pat-methenyPat Metheny. With his group. With the Metropole Orchestr

Glenn Gould recording the Goldberg Variations in 1955Bach, The Goldberg Variations (Gould, 1955).

Tito Puente, performing in 1983.

Tito Puente, Oye Como Va.

helen-sung-jazz-alley-8oct14-129Helen Sung, Armando’s Rhumba.

eliane_eliasEliane Elias, Live.

ad-reinhardt02-jpgmadeleine-peyroux-photo-new1Madeleine Peyroux: Don’t Cry Baby and Don’t Wait Too Long, The Kind You Can’t Afford, Don’t Pick A Fight With A Poet.

george-bensonGeorge Benson, So What.

Monday, 2017 January 2

sophia_wisdom_in_the_celsus_library_in_ephesusSophia is a guest at The Dinner Party.

charlotte-gray watched the agenda (that which shaped canada). reading about someone the guest, charlotte gray (above), mentioned, bertha wilson (below), first female justice of the supreme court of canada.

Tuesday, 2017 January 3

spring_ice_painting_by_tom_thomson_1916Tom Thomson (1877-1917).

tvo-patients-firstwatched the agenda (reforming ontario’s health sector, do patients really come first?) and played scrabble.

Wednesday, 2017 January 4

Wood Interior

Emily Carr (1871-1945).

coywolfreading about SVG’s viewport, viewBox, and preserveAspectRatio. watched south pacific (ocean of islands), nature (meet the coywolf), and nova (secrets of the sky tombs).

Thursday, 2017 January 5

leatherbackThe Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS) reports that a ‘large new marine protected area could soon be created off the coast of Nova Scotia…. A public consultation is currently underway and we need your help.’ (tx sh)

dalia_grybauskaite_2010-03-11watched a doc on glenn gould, the agenda (stamping out sexual harassment; the miraculous maya burhanpurkar; the female revolution), and her story: the female revolution (leadership).

Friday, 2017 January 6


watched a doc on some of the flora and fauna found on caribbean islands, including dominica.

Saturday, 2017 January 7

cave_painting_anthropos_1‘I was astounded by the way the cave artists used the contours of the cave wall to enhance their work. This is a special quality of cave art that photographs rarely convey,… [giving] the work a dimension that would have been impossible on a flat surface…. This meant that, at least some of the time, the cave artists had painted the animals suggested by the wall rather than imposing their own ideas onto the surface.’ The Cave Painters, 6.

ryanbj. watched the nature of things (vitamins), coast australia (victoria), everything is under control, and ryan.

Sunday, 2017 January 8

hard_rock_medicalwatched hard rock medical and saudi arabia uncovered.

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