Ancient Things And Modern Things And Future Things

<sounds>’s top one hundred tracks.

getz-and-bird#45.  Stan Getz and Charlie Bird, Desafinado.

glenn-gouldJ.S. Bach, Partita No. 5 in G major, BWV 829 (Glenn Gould).

skatalites-1The Skatalites, Live.

Monday, 2016 December 26

snake-goddessThe Snake Goddess is a guest at The Dinner Party.

screenshot-from-2016-12-26-23-54-53trackball, from my art. watched victorian bakers.

Tuesday, 2016 December 27

west-winds to t-o with b. watched art of china, harlots, housewives, and heroines, and west wind: the vision of tom thomson.

sarah_vowell‘I talk about going to his [George W. Bush’s] Inauguration and crying when he took the oath, ’cause I was so afraid he was going to “wreck the economy and muck up the drinking water”…. The failure of my pessimistic imagination at that moment boggles my mind now.’–Sarah Vowell.

midwifery-1290-225chloe came over and made me supper. we chatted about her midwifery studies.

Wednesday, 2016 December 28

monet-gare-saint-lazare-composite‘When [Monet’s paintings of the Gare Saint-Lazare train station are] presented beside one another … an overarching movement emerges, which combines changing perspectives and times of day, inside and outside, the swarm of travellers, and the rhythm of the locomotives into an atmospheric overall image of the railway station.’ Monet And The Birth Of Impressionism, 194.

Thursday, 2016 December 29

art-of-chinasusan is back. oscar is happy. watched art of china.

Friday, 2016 December 30

train_rockymountaineerwatched canadian rockies by rail.

Saturday, 2016 December 31

monet-outside-the-gare-saint-lazare-the-signal___selectedMonet And The Birth Of Impressionism concludes: ‘The Signal [by Monet of signal signs at the Gare Saint-Lazare train station, pictured] makes reference to the role of the viewer and through time to painting per se. It obscures seeing in order to prompt a new seeing: a view of movement, of constant change, of the ephemeral nature of things.’ Monet And The Birth Of Impressionism, 197.

altamirabisonearthrisewatched finding altamira and planetary (which is the idea behind my blog)here’s a trailer. s started feeling poorly.

Sunday, 2017 January 1

waterlilies_0410_-308-panorama‘When Henri Bergson (1859-1941) spoke of élan vital, of the fact that all reality is becoming and movement more than it is fixed, then he too … was going back to ideas of fluidity. And … are not [Monet’s] The Water Lilies in the Paris Orangerie a sublimely subtle and serene expression of this’? Monet And The Birth Of Impressionism, 209.

polar-bearwatched rick steve (rome), sacred wonders of britain, and climate watch shorts (polar bears on the brink). susan on the mend, now it’s my turn.

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