In The Morning

<sounds>’s top one hundred tracks.

#47. George Gershwin, Rhapsody In Blue .

lovelies_2012_medThe Good Lovelies, In The Morning (Susan’s new song).

aretha-franklin-1-768Aretha Franklin, Just Right Tonight.

Joni Mitchell performs with Herbie Hancock as part of Nissan Live Sets on Yahoo! Music in Los Angeles on Thursday, March 20, 2008. (AP Photo/Mark Mainz)

Joni Mitchell, Troubleman.

Monday, 2016 December 12

ishtar_eshnunna_louvre_ao12456Ishtar is a guest at The Dinner Party.

kew-springwatched kew on a plate (spring) and the agenda (privacy and policing in a digital age; US drone warfare).

Tuesday, 2016 December 13

anthemofthesun_coverRick Griffin’s art for the Grateful Dead’s Aoxomoxa had the symmetrical organization of an altarpiece or mandala…. Such symmetry was a recurrent feature at this period [late 1960s] (eg Hendrix’ Axis Bold As Love, Hapdash And The Coloured Coat, Grateful Dead’s Anthem Of The Sun).’ The Album Cover Album, 13.

geri-littlejohnwatched craftsman’s legacy (the flute maker), the seduction of smoking (part 2), and the secrets of quantum physics (let there be life).

Wednesday, 2016 December 14

Programme Name: Colour: The Spectrum of Science - TX: n/a - Episode: n/a (No. n/a) - Picture Shows: Dr Helen Czerski - (C) BBC - Photographer: Rob Hollingworth

watched colour: the spectrum of science (colours of life), the agenda (giving patients a voice; compensating injured workers?), and smoke traders.

Thursday, 2016 December 15

american-graffiti-ost-l076732800126‘By the mid-1970s it had become very difficult to distinguish between nostalgia, glamour, and soft porn…. The rosy-cheeked waitress on the cover of the soundtrack to American Graffiti couldn’t make it more clear she’s offering it to you on a plate.’ The Album Cover Album, 15. Forty years later the DVD displays something less sexist:


saw the good lovelies and karen and cady.

the-good-loveliesFriday, 2016 December 16

wall-of-album-covers‘Soul music … now is a main showcase for blatant sexuality. Recently [1977] the use of explicit sexual imagery, in many cases associated with violence, has become prevalent.’ The Album Cover Album, 15.  Is anything different forty years later? Has the smaller format of a CD case really changed things?

baffin_island_northeast_coast_1997-08-07watched canadian waterways (rugged coasts), far from the madding crowd, and joshua bell in concert.

Saturday, 2016 December 17

trumpeter_swan__1_1600x1216Trumpeter swans at the Wye Marsh (tx, sh).

irish-ld_scpwatched game of lions, secrets of the irish landscape, and mozart in london.

Sunday, 2016 December 18

marianne-faithfull-theredlistpatti-smith-horses‘If Helen of Troy’s face launched a thousand ships, think how many records it could have sold. Marianne Faithfull [above, top] had “a face that could sell a thousand records.” … Before [she] was broken by the vagaries of the high pop lifestyle, her heartbreak face … moved thousands of units, quite a significant event. Marianne did have a sweet if tentative voice, but to be cold-blooded about it, she was a prime example of how the vast majority of woman artists are sold to the public…. It is worth pondering if even women in a completely different artistic schtick, such as Patti Smith, can capture the public’s attention without some fantasy-tinged aspect to their presentation. Patti’s debut cover [above, bottom] … is strikingly unglamorous…. But so depicted, she grasped the imagination and consciousness of a new young audience and strongly affected fashion.’ The Illustrated History Of Rock And Roll, 12.

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