Common Backyard Birds


thelonious_monk_1962_don_hunstein_medium’s top one hundred tracks.

#48. Thelonius Monk, Thelonius.

western_grebe_swimmingWestern grebe.

coltrane_jeff_dunasAlice Coltrane, who played both jazz piano and jazz harp.

sara_gazarek_6Sara Gazarek, Blossom And Bee.

robinHow To Identify Common Backyard Birds.

Monday, 2016 December 5

dpThe Fertility Goddess is one of the guests at The Dinner Party.

free-speechwatched the agenda (freedom of information in canada, free speech in a post-fact world).

Tuesday, 2016 December 6

manet-universal-exManet addresses the social changes [of Paris in 1867] much more directly in his painting [than Monet or Renoir]. He limits the cityscape of the Universal Exhibition to a stage which the actors use as a representational space. Entertaining themselves while strolling along the path, … their aim is to see and be seen.’ Monet And The Birth Of Impressionism, p100.

polytechique_25_anniversay_20141206went to a memorial for the victims of the école polytechnique shooting (the montreal massacre) and a re-affirmation to struggle against violence against women. watched rmr, 22, and the seduction of smoking. (bottom line: don’t. or quit. now.).

Wednesday, 2016 December 7

monet_the_luncheon_1868Monet’s The Luncheon was ground-breaking in many ways, such as: ‘In Monet’s time, [small, 17th century paintings of] Dutch interiors were received as reflections of the prosaic everyday or visions of private happiness, and they were highly popular…. [However,] until the late 19th century, the notion was that a canvas of [large] proportions was reserved for history painting.’ The Luncheon was the first to break with that tradition. Monet And The Birth Of Impressionism, 116.

Programme Name: Colour: The Spectrum of Science - TX: n/a - Episode: n/a (No. n/a) - Picture Shows: Dr Helen Czerski - (C) BBC - Photographer: Rob Hollingworth

watched colour: the spectrum of science (colours of earth) and the agenda (the path to election reform, electoral reform).

Thursday, 2016 December 8


Protection of the Nottawasaga River has been restored (tx, sh). Why should it be protected? Here’s a clue: ‘Fish ladders allow rainbow trout to reach spawning grounds on the upper river.’

viola_desmondreading about viola desmond, the first canadian woman to be featured on the $10 bill (tx, sh).

Friday, 2016 December 9

vermillion-river-kootenay-national-park-canadawatched canadian waterways (mighty rivers) and the agenda (CUPE’s legal power play).

Saturday, 2016 December 10

eugene-manet-on-the-isle-of-wight-jpglarge‘For women painters such as Berthe Morisot the bourgeois conventions of mid-nineteenth century French society were like an overly tight corset; because it was scarcely possible for them to paint in public, their themes were largely reduced to house and garden…. This made them precisely the opposite of the (male) flâneur, who strolled through the modern metropolis’. Monet And The Birth Of Impressionism, 155. Shown is Eugéne Manet On The Isle Of Wight, 1875, by Morisot. Eugéne was her husband and the brother of Édouard Manet.

christmas-tree-farms-8susan, paul, and bj went to a christmas tree farm. cady came by. watched traditional christmas shows, rudolph and frosty, with bj, then wonders of life (home) while she slept.

Sunday, 2016 December 11

monument_en_hommage_aux_femmes_en_politique_08Who were Thérèse Casgrain, Idola Saint-Jean, and Marie-Claire Kirkland?

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