dukeJazz24.org’s top one hundred tracks.

#49. Duke Ellington, Caravan. Here’s a cello quartet version by Akademie Rutesheim.

jaime-hicksonspJaime Hinckson, Moving Away Riddim–Teaser .

bossacucanovaBossacucanova, Águas De Março.

chico-buarqueChico Buarque, Essa Moça Tá Diferente.

Eliane Elias Montreux Jazz festival 2005

Eliane Elias, Jamming.

classical-jazz-quartet-20111015114539The Classical Jazz Quartet, Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring.

kennywernertrioThe Kenny Werner Trio, Live.

ambrose_akinmusireBen Wendel, The Seasons: December–Ambrose Akinmusire.

pacific-loonPacific loon.

Monday, 2016 November 28

alastair_sooke_in-egyptwent to dr veall’s. saw john fiddes at grounded. john has a beard. it’s weird to see him with a beard. gillian has moved to barrie, which means her jewelry-making stuff is out of john’s basement. watched two alastair sooke docs on art in ancient egypt, and another on crows.

Giving Tuesday, 2016 November 29

monet_poplars_in_the_sun-1891 impressionism tried to capture the moment, which often required painting outdoors, painting quickly. (shown is poplars in the sun, 1891, by monet.) i enjoyed painting outdoors too, and still look out my window at the trees. watched rmr, 22, and snowden’s great escape.

Wednesday, 2016 November 30

logoRon Israel, Co-Founder and Executive Director, The Global Citizens’ Initiative, writes about the rise of populism–Brexit, Trump, etc–and concludes that ‘there is a huge need for a global brand of populism that recognizes the borderless connectivity and interdependence that increasingly binds us all; a populism that supports our desire to work together within and across countries and reclaim our planet for all of us who live here.’

santana-ivwatched a santana concert.

Thursday, 2016 December 1

screenshot-from-2016-12-01-00-05-18-browns-fallmy art: a square, sort of: browns (fall), more to come….

woty_social_sq_teaserDictionary.com’s word of the year is xenophobia. ‘Despite being chosen as the 2016 Word of the Year, xenophobia is not to be celebrated. Rather it’s a word to reflect upon deeply in light of the events of the recent past.’

Friday, 2016 December 2

the_dinner_partyThe Primordial Goddess is the first guest at The Dinner Party. Who is she? She has many names (for example, Gaia), but we may never know for sure. Does it really matter?

bests-christmas-computer-wallpapersusan took rhonda to the clh xmas party. i stayed home and worked on my art.

Saturday, 2016 December 3

old-cameraread today that impressionism began the process of abstraction. is it a coincidence the camera was invented roughly at the same time? up till then, i guess, realistic images had to be painted. thus, the camera took over the job of realism and allowed for painted images to be not so real. travelled to toronto. visited betty. stayed at barb’s. pete and alli came over and we had middle eastern food. looked at books about william morris, albrecht durer, and watercolour.

Sunday, 2016 December 4

harris-rock-spruce-skywe saw ‘mystical landscapes‘ at the AGO (where we saw a lawren harris similar to this one). also an exhibition wgallery-stylehich contrasted the salon-styletraditional salon way of displaying paintings (left) with impressionism’s gallery way (right). on the way home we listened to cross-country check-up about trudeau’s decision on pipelines.

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