Monet And The Birth Of Impressionism

<sounds>’s top one hundred tracks.

#50. Lee Morgan, Sidewinder.

kahil-elzabarKahil El’Zabar’s Ritual Trio, Where Do You Want To Go?

bach-in-brasilBach In Brazil, Invenção de duas partes nº 8.

gogo-penguinGoGo Penguin, All Res.

mammal-hands-dogMammal Hands, Kandaiki.

matthew-halsall-press4-photo-simon-huntMatthew Halsall, Together.

jaco-pastoriusJaco, Okonkole’ Y Trompa.

toure-and-cooderAli Farka Touré And Ry Cooder, Talking Timbuktu.

claude-debussy-4Debussy, The Best of Debussy.

john-ellisJohn Ellis, Evolution: Seeds & Streams.

nat-birchallNat Birchall, Akhenaten.

the-eaglesThe Eagles, Dirty Laundry.

jonimitchell_coyoteJoni Mitchell, Coyote.

glen-hansard-coyoteGlen Hansard, Coyote.

bach-casalsBach, Cello suites.

crow_100Crows (tx, sh).

Atkins, Jim

Raffi, C-A-N-A-D-A (photo by Jim Atkins).

machito-and-charlie-parkerMachito and Charlie Parker, The Afro-Cuban Jazz Suite (tx, sh).

Monday, 2016 November 21

glacierblustery out. stayed in and watched birth of europe (water) , energy: the german way, and the agenda (the podcast boom; the economics of attention).

Tuesday, 2016 November 22


‘Zola describes the screen of realistic art as a simple glass pane…. The Impressionist image [however] cannot be pinned down to a specific “pane”. As a whole, the great wealth of facets … instead recalls a kaleidoscope.’ Monet And The Birth Of Impressionism, p31. Shown is La Grenouillère by Monet.

watertonwatched rmr, 22, striking balance (waterton), and how big is the universe?.

Wednesday, 2016 November 23

fibonacci-dayToday is Fibonacci Day.

kids-in-ft-good-hopewatched an nfb doc about fort good hope and the mackenzie valley pipeline (since pipelines are in the news), and another doc called the night cook., about a man who fled his native czechoslovakia in 1968, working the graveyard shift at a toronto diner. many years later he unexpectedly receives a letter from his brother, wishing for him to return. (pictured are kids in fort good hope.)

Thursday, 2016 November 24

green-partyCraig Cantin of the Green Party writes: ‘Dear Peter, You spoke out about the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline and your message was clear: You don’t want oil tankers ruining our beautiful coast. You don’t want to disregard the rights of First Nations and their lands. You don’t want Canada to bow to the demands of the oil lobby and build another pipeline.’

thinklikeananimal2_1920watched the nature of things (think like an animal).

Friday, 2016 November 25

blackfridayKirsten of Greenpeace writes, ‘Black Friday is not a term of endearment. It was coined to describe the day when so many people went out to shop that it caused traffic accidents and sometimes even violence. Today it has come to symbolise excess. Black Friday is a truly terrible day for the environment…. We, as consumers, have a powerful voice. This year on Black Friday, let’s buy nothing!’

screenshot-from-2016-11-26-00-36-02stayed home and worked on art while susan took rhonda to an eagles tribute.

Saturday, 2016 November 26

mcg-2013-09-12-03went to a midland community gardens potluck. watched meerkats 3d and the last waltz.

Halifax gardener Niki Jabbour checks on her mini hoop tunnel that lets her grow veggies all winter long. Sheets of plastic let the sun shine in while protecting tender shoots from snow, wind and temperature dips. Photo by Joseph De Sciose‘Halifax gardener Niki Jabbour checks on her mini hoop tunnel that lets her grow veggies all winter long. Sheets of plastic let the sunshine in while protecting tender shoots from snow, wind, and temperature dips. Off-season gardening is “ridiculously easy”, Jabbour says. “There are so many different crops you can grow. I just think people don’t know they can do it because they think it’s too cold. But it’s not the cold–it’s the amount of light we receive.” ‘ (Photo by Joseph De Sciose).

Sunday, 2016 November 27

Water Lilies, 1906. Oil on canvas, 73 x 92.5 cm. Ohara Museum of Art, Japan

‘The aspect of change and deformation … is manifested impressively in the countless water reflections [by Monet].’ Monet And The Birth Of Impressionism, p32. Shown is Water Lilies, 1906.

volcano-1bj. watched birth of europe (fire).

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