It Don’t Mean A Thing

note–doing pix has become problematic–sorry.–pkl


Butterfly Count–July 9th–stay tuned!

<music>’s top one hundred tracks]–#70. Duke Ellington, It Don’t Mean A Thing

Cuz it’s so hot, we’re listening to the CBC reggae stream. Lots of classic we’ve never heard of.

Monday, 2016 June 20

chloe has a busy week. late last week she got a new job, housekeeping at a camp in ROSSeau (roSSEAU ?) for kids with cancer. starts this friday, so she’s got a lot to do–police record check, etc.–but first, we had breakfast at the mint cafe. watched the agenda (foreign affairs, fear, and refugees).

Tuesday, 2016 June 21

Hans Hofmann (1880-1966) ‘was a German-born American abstract expressionist painter’ and educator. Though he possessed ‘great abilities in science and mathematics, Hofmann became interested in creative studies, beginning educational art training after the death of his father.’

Wednesday, 2016 June 22

watered at the community gardens. watched polar bear feast.

Thursday, 2016 June 23

Marian Scott, a contemporary of Jock Macdonald (see below) but based in her native Montreal, ‘was a painter, muralist, draughtswoman and commercial artist whose seventy-year career closely mirrors the evolution of modern art in Quebec’. Quebec was a very repressive society. However, she participated in its cultural liberation.

Friday, 2016 June 24

For JWG ‘Jock’ Macdonald (1897-1960–born and grew up in Scotland but lived in BC), ‘the real proof of the inadequacy of representational painting is science’s many revelations that nature is not just visual appearances but a whole universe of forces governed by “geometrical and mathematical relationships”.’ Abstract Painting In Canada, 42.

Sunday, 2016 June 26

If you own or can borrow a paddle, you can participate in next year’s amazing Lock n’ Paddle as part of National Canoe Day (June 26)!

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