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odettathursday (12-31) was odetta’s (1930-2008) birthday. while i’m glad she contributed to american civil rights, and the 20th century saw other achievements, like women’s rights and the rise of democracy, i am bothered too by the 20th century’s horrors, like war and genocide, and by our millennial-old greed and over-achievement. maybe the 21st century will be better. in the meantime, better keep singing.


charlie parkerJazz24.org’s top one hundred tracks. #94, Charlie ‘Bird’ Parker (1920-1955), Ornithology (which means ‘the study of birds’). They named the jazz club Birdland after him, which in turn inspired the song Birdland (originally with Jaco Pastorius on bass, here Victor Bailey, in this rare clip of Weather Report with The Manhattan Transfer).

tanya tagaqTanya Tagaq (1975), ‘Uja’ and ‘Umingmak’ (live) (tx, shad).


bachBach (1685-1750), The Art of Fugue, arranged for strings–reminds me of the book i’m reading, an open music by vikram seth.



tafelmusikTafelmusik, Brandenburg Concerto Number Three, Movements 1, 2, and 3. one of my favourite orchestras playing the music of one of my favourite composers is coming to midland, thursday, 2016-02-18!


tempo_0910043625402_16x9_620x350Relaxing on New Year’s with Tempo.


Tuesday, 2015 December 29

emily carrThe Group of 7 (1920-1933) Plus 2

Emily Carr (1871-1945)


Left to right:
A Rushing Sea Of Undergrowth (1935), Scorned As Timber, Beloved Of The Sky (1935), Cedar Sanctuary (c1942), Odds & Ends (date unknown)









Wednesday2015 December 30

PICTURE SHOWS: Three-toed Sloth

watched nature (animal misfits) and tried to watch for your consideration, but it kept skipping.



Thursday2015 December 31

polar bear mother and cubsreading ‘a rap on race‘ (tx, km). watched videos and celebrated with a toast to the past and another to the future. what future do polar bears have?


Friday2016 January 1–Happy New Year!

New approaches to acarving by charles edenshawrt history ‘enable us to better represent the complexity and diversity of Aboriginal arts….[Colonial art history] must be understood in terms of the interactions of Aboriginal artists with settler institutions and individuals…. Hybridity [is] a universal creative process. And we have also understood that cultural traditions can rarely, if ever, be erased by government fiat or coercion.’ The Visual Arts In Canada, 349 (carving by Charles Edenshaw [1839-1920])

Saturday2016 January 2

fall homage to guido molinariwatched untamed americas (mountains). last week, i published homage to josef albers, german-born but naturalized american, who made art with coloured squares and rectangles. this week, a couple of canadians: the lines of guido molinari


Sunday2016 January 3

and the circles of fall-homage-to-claude-tousignantclaude tousignant. watched walking through history (bronte country). susan watched the first episode of the final season of downton abbey.


Monday2016 January 4

weighing fruitwatched the agenda (welcome to canada–stolen lives [ideas on how to teach the findings of the truth and reconciliation commission], from syria with much anxiety, linking the food chain) and the truth about calories.

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