Yellow Ochre

<note to self>

Fall Colors (1905713273)is the light different in the fall? the temperature sure is. fall brings out my favourite colours: reds, oranges, yellows, and especially yellow ochre–indeed, all the ochres–earth tones. must be the country boy in me. but fall also brings out leafblowers (which i’ve written about before) and their annoying sound. but right now i hear construction. and i hear songs in my head: a line from jethro tull’s thick as a brick–‘as the failing light illuminates’–as well as a bit of a song by my cousin and his best friend–‘i wanna capture what i see–ohh, it’s the beauty of the thing.’ the light changes, not just season to season or day to day or hour to hour, but moment to moment. that’s what i want to capture. the changing light, the beauty of the thing, this moment. everything changes. the leaves fall, turn brown. soon the snow.


thick as a brickJethro Tull, Thick As A Brick.



fredFred Eaglesmith, Pretty Good Guy. We don’t like new country. Fred doesn’t like new country. He sings old country. He’s a pretty good guy. He also writes a pretty good song, and he tells a pretty good story between songs.


Tuesday, 2015 October 27

ay jackson by theodore jackson(?)The Group of 7 (1920-1933) Plus 2

AY (Alexander Young) Jackson (1882-1974)



march-storm-georgian-bay-1920-by ay jackson.jpg!Blognight-pine-island-1921-by ay jackson.jpg!Blognorth-shore-lake-superior-1926.jpg!Blog-by ay jackson




March Storm, Georgian Bay (1920), Night Pine Island (1921), North Shore, Lake Superior (1926)

Jackson, from Montreal, ‘was a welcome addition to the Toronto art scene, having traveled in Europe and bringing with him a respected–though as yet not particularly successful–talent…. Like the other Group of Seven painters, Jackson embraced landscape themes and sought to develop a bold style. An avid outdoorsman, Jackson became good friends with Tom Thomson, and the duo often fished and sketched together.’

AY Jackson painting outdoorsmore paintings…


Wednesday, 2015 October 28

pets-wild at heart-from pbs-screencap by pkljmac. watched nature (pets: secretive creature) and the brain with david eagleman (who is in control?).

Portrait of Bill McKibben, author and activist. photo ©Nancie Battaglia

Bill Mckibben writes, ‘Those of us south of the border watched with pleasure as Canada began its reboot this month: we know that the world works much better when Canada solves problems instead of causing them. But we also know that even with improved leadership, nothing happens unless people demand it. The time to start is now–make sure you join this historical moment in Canada.

Thursday, 2015 October 29

frankensteinrain. hail. oooh! very scary! susan watched classic horror flicks (almost as scary as the hail) at the mcc. really scary is paris this december.

we stopped harper-from cocWith the change in government, groups, such as the Council Of Canadians, are looking to the Liberals to reverse the Conservatives’ damage to the environment. stop harperRemember her? She was the page in the House Of Commons who held up the sign, ‘STOP HARPER’. It speaks to the power of one. Now, it’s more than just one person or one group. It’s all of us, the world over.

Friday, 2015 October 30

fred w friendlyToday is the birthday of Fred Friendly (1915-1998), who pioneered the TV news documentary. He was ‘an outspoken advocate for fairness and ethics in journalism, and after leaving CBS [in 1966, because they wanted to run I Love Lucy instead of a piece on the Vietnam War], he developed a series of popular seminars for public television that brought together journalists, educators, and politicians to discuss the most pressing issues of the day.’

NSG Alte Leine bei Hannover File0416like migrating birds, a couple of us flew the coop–susan to toronto, me to penetang–for a couple of days, but oscar stayed here with paul.


Saturday, 2015 October 31

edgar allan poe‘If you’re looking for a scary story to read instead, there’s no shortage of ghoulish material to choose from. Nearly anything by Poe or H.P. Lovecraft will fit the bill. Washington Irving, in his collection The Sketch Book of Geoffrey Crayon, Gent. (1819), gives us the tale of a scarecrowish and superstitious schoolmaster, Ichabod Crane, whose very name conjures the image of someone leggy, lanky, and loose-jointed.’

Sunday, 2015 November 1

Wattschapel-4At8-0688all home. watched the nature of things (it takes guts) and sex & sensibility–the allure of art nouveau (britain), wiich produced british artists such as aubrey beardsley (1872-1898), mary seton fraser tytler/watts (1849–1938–pictured is the tree of life and seraphs of the watts mortuary chapel, and not just this but the whole chapel, inside and out), and margaret macdonald/mackintosh (1864–1933).


Monday, 2015 November 2

richard b wrightlistened to richard b wright (1937), past winner of the governor-general’s award, the giller, and the trillium, read from his latest book and speak at the mcc.

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