All That Jazz

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weather-reportall that jazz… well, *all* of it takes you back a century, but you can see much of it in just five minutes in the montage below. from ragtime to fusion and beyond, jazz is vast. one way of exploring it, and maybe life in general, is a serendipitous approach–you know, one thing leads to another–but that may require improvisation, a hallmark of jazz. maybe life, too. (pictured is the album cover from weather report’s first recording.)


smithsonian-jazz-masterwork-orchestraSmithsonian jazz videos–montage (5 minutes), concert (about 90 minutes).



mileskindablue-300x205Miles Davis, Kinda Blue. If you’ve never heard this one, oh boy, you’re in for a treat.


Nancy Wilson Cannonball AdderleyNancy Wilson and Cannonball Adderley. Another desert island disc.



birdland-wr-mtWeather Report and Manhattan Transfer, Birdland.

Tuesday, 2015 July 28

stewart-phillip‘Gone are the days of easy infringement, and drive-by consultation,’ said Tsilhqot’in Grand Chief Stewart Phillip on the Supreme Court of Canada’s ruling. (tx, cam)

mcgme at a guesthouse board-of-directors meeting, susan at the midland community gardens (pictured).


Wednesday, 2015 July 29

The_World_Until_Yesterday_coverDiamond sympathizes ‘with scholars outraged by the mistreatment of indigenous peoples. But denying the reality of traditional warfare because of political misuse of its reality is a bad strategy…. The discovery of the facts will undermine the laudable political goals. The rights of indigenous people should be asserted on moral grounds, not by making untrue claims susceptible to refutation.’ (153-154).

Walden_Two_coveri read this when i was twenty. why? cuz i had a friend at ‘dandelion‘, the canadian branch of ‘twin oaks’, a commune (aka, intentional community) that was founded in the sixties. it ‘originally drew its inspiration from the utopian ideals of psychologist bf skinner’, though it has since distanced ‘itself from its behaviourist roots’. on another note, my father used to say things were ‘zik zak’, meaning everything lined up. i wonder if the drive for everything to be zik-zak is the same as the drive behind a commune.

Thursday, 2015 July 30

bj. dinner at km’s.


Friday, 2015 July 31

jean-vanierJean Vanier writes, ‘Fundamentally we all need community. But springing from this community we need men and women who are going to help us discover what it is to be human. So we need wise people who are strong in front of adversity, who know what it is to be peacemakers in a broken world.’

Saturday, 2015 August 1

sonia-faruqi-2.jpg.size.xxlarge.letterboxSonia Faruqi is author of Project Animal Farm: An Accidental Journey Into The Secret World Of Farming And The Truth About Our Food. At an organic milk farm near Toronto, Faruqi ‘was expecting a scene from the milk carton: antique brick house up on a green hill, surrounded by happily grazing Holsteins. Instead, she found cows chained by the neck to stalls’ and worse. ‘project-animal-farmFaruqi was already vegetarian. But what she saw [at another, conventional farm] … would be enough to turn even the most avowed meat-lover into a vegan.’

Faruqi travelled the world, but she found the best ‘at a 400-hectare farm just outside Peterborough, where animals live “as nature intended”, outdoors, eating grass, digging wallows, and having babies the old-fashioned way, not with purchased semen and a catheter. It is basically what she envisioned, four-and-a-half years ago, when she arrived at that dairy farm. She calls it large pastoral farming. “It’s not just the humane treatment of animals; it’s also sustainable and can continue, year after year. Factory farms are harmful to the land. They are the biggest polluters of rivers and streams in the U.S.”, she says.’ faruqi and farmer together-with-dog.jpg.size.xxlarge.promowhere does your food come from? you are what you eat, after all, and what you eat says a lot about where it comes from.

Furthermore, ‘women do the bulk of grocery shopping and cooking, yet are a rare species not just on farms, but on the boards of large agricultural pig-and-piglet.jpg.size.xxlarge.promocompanies…. Faruqi calls this the “grass ceiling”.’ Toronto Star, IN5, 2015-08-01.

“Every so often a book comes along that has the power to alter the course of history…. [Project Animal Farm] is so inspiring, so moving, so deeply personal and yet also has such profound cultural implications, that it will change the lives of everyone who reads it. People will be talking about this book for decades.”—John Robbins, author of The Food Revolution.

“Brave, captivating, enlightening, and impossible to put down, this remarkable true story cows-graze.jpg.size.xxlarge.promopries open hearts and minds and exposes the travesty of industrial farming like none other.”—Frances Moore Lappé, author of Diet For A Small Planet.

“Everybody who is interested in food policy and animal welfare should read this book. [Project Animal Farm] will make you think long and hard about problems with intensive diary farms and egg production.”—Temple Grandin, author of Animals In Translation.

cady and gavin weddingthe wedding.



Sunday, 2015 August 2

rouge unp-from-dsoDavid Suzuki writes that Canada’s new Rouge National Urban Park ‘deserves the same protection as other Canadian parks’. He points out that ‘natural areas protect our country’s biological richness and offer Canadians and visitors alike places for respite, solitude in nature and the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual’, whether urban or rural.

jean-vanierJean Vanier writes, ‘People with intellectual disabilities are constant reminders of the value of the heart in a society that tends to exalt competence and efficiency and forget love.’


Monday, 2015 August 3

walden-shack-pdThoreau writes in Walden, ‘A comfortable house for a rude and hardy race [ie, Natives], that lived mostly out of doors, was once made here’. Much later he writes, ‘While civilization has been improving our houses, it has not equally improved the men who are to inhabit them. It has created palaces, but it was not so easy to create noblemen and kings.’

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