Woody Guthrie

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Walt Whitman - George Collins Coxfor a while, i’ve been reading modern poetry, which actually goes back more than 150 years to walt whitman (pictured). in fact, i have an english degree, so you’d think i’d be used to modern poetry. still, i don’t know the difference between some of it and prose. in modern poetry, what constitutes a line break, a stanza? what about rhythm, or some form (even internal) of rhyme? is it up to the poet? do readers decide if it’s even readable or pronounceable? maybe i was born 150 years too late. on the other hand, maybe i need to read and listen to more.


Hannah James TrioHannah James Trio, Morning Glory.



Woody Guthrie 2It was Woody Guthrie’s (1912-1967) birthday on July 14, singer-songwriter, protestor. During the Great Depression ‘he hitchhiked and freight-trained his way across several states, soaking up the stories of “dustbowl refugees” and refining his songwriting skills.’ His most well-known song is This Land Is Your Land. I grew up singing the Canadian version.

almanac singersIn the late Thirties he travelled with Pete Seeger. In the Forties they were part of The Almanac Singers (pictured). In his last years, bed-ridden and unable to play guitar, still he wrote songs. Some of them were set to music years later by Billy Bragg and Wilco (tx, am). He influenced many people and wrote many songs, but here’s a song about him.

The-Fleet-FoxesThe folk tradition is alive and strong. Fleet Foxes for example…


indiginous-peoples-dayAnd there are always things to protest. Sometimes the protestors are heard, like when Seattle changed the name from Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples Day (cuz Columbus isn’t someone to celebrate–tx, cm). And sometimes the protestors are still singing, like…

  • those in our town who want to save Edgehill Park and Little Lake Park from development
  • chernradsign-from-beyondnuclear.organd in our province: ‘ “We are 73 years into the Atomic Age and we still don’t know what to do with the first cupful of [nuclear waste, which remains radioactive for thousands of years,] that Enrico Fermi generated on Dec. 2, 1942,” said [Kevin] Kamps. Ontario Power Generation thinks it has the answer’ and wants to bury nuclear waste deep by Lake Huron
  • and in our country (from Kairos, about the Truth And Reconciliation Commission’s final report): ‘Canada MUST make reconciliation happen with the same bravery and trust as that shown by survivors and witnesses’
  • and all over: David Suzuki wonders, ‘is the climate crisis creating a global consciousness shift?’
  • and… see? Oh. It’s Friday. (My inbox fills up with things to protest on Friday.)

danny michel and the garifuna collectiveDanny Michel with The Garifuna Collective, Sad And Beautiful World (tx, sh).


murray-mclachlan-best-ofMurray McLauchlan, 16 Lanes Of Highway (tx, am).



Tuesday, 2015 July 14

walden-shack-pdin the opening chapter of walden thoreau writes, ‘i see young men, my townsmen, whose misfortune it is to have inherited farms, houses, barns, cattle, and farming tools; for these are more easily acquired than got rid of…. who made them serfs of the soil?’ i, unlike thoreau at the time, am no longer young. (he was in his mid-thirties, i’m in my mid-fifties.) nor am i able to use farming tools. am i fortunate to have lost my bit of soil, my stuff? all but myself and the love of others?

Wednesday, 2015 July 15

stuffAllison Cook writes that The Story of Stuff grew ‘first as a lecture, then a wildly popular online video, and now a global community of people… As a Community, we look for ways to push back against messages that promote relentless overconsumption. We find a strength and purpose in our lives, not just in Stuff. We reach out to our neighbors and strengthen our social ties.’

killarney_background-from-ontarioparks.comafter walking oscar, we watched a park for all seasons (killarney), nova (chasing pluto), and to catch a comet.


Thursday, 2015 July 16

sleeping giant ppreading thoreau, who wrote in walden, ‘as if you could kill time without injuring eternity.’ walked oscar again, and watched the agenda (hendrik poinar, pt 2) and a park for all seasons (sleeping giant).


Kenneth BainbridgeOn 1945-07-16, the first atom bomb (its development was known as the Manhattan Project) was successfully detonated. Ken Bainbridge (pictured), who led ‘the Manhattan Project, turned to J. Robert Oppenheimer and said, “We are all sons of bitches now.” On August 6th and August 9th, the United States bombed the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan, the only time nuclear weapons have been used in the history of warfare. Bainbridge dedicated his life to the eradication of nuclear weaponry.’

Friday, 2015 July 17

annie-halllistened to motown. watched annie hall.


Saturday, 2015 July 18

Barn with Turkey Vulturesbj at farm and here.


Sunday, 2015 July 19

‘It’s the anniversary of the first women’s rights conference in history, organized in Seneca Falls, New York, in 1848 [by elizabeth-cady-stanton-youngElizabeth Cady Stanton (pictured, right) and lucretia-mott-middle-ageLucretia Mott (left)] …. They drew up a declaration, which said in part, “The history of mankind is a history of repeated injuries and usurpations on the part of man toward woman.” Elizabeth Cady Stanton read the declaration and then made a radical suggestion that the document should also demand a woman’s right to vote. At that time, no women were allowed to vote anywhere on the planet.’

Ancient Worlds_Greek temple-ep1_2-from-tvowatched ancient worlds (come together).


Monday, 2015 July 20

algonquin v5_jun 232mpl. watched the agenda (thomas king, part 1) and a park for all seasons (algonquin).

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