Science Or Anti-Science?


Roseanne_Roseannadanna-from-wpWell, it’s not music, but it *is* my earworm.



stile-anticoStile Antico–formal or in jeans.


Tuesday, 2015 February 3

BillNyeSGwatched the agenda (science or anti-science?; bill nye [pictured] as the final guest) and light and dark (light).



Wednesday, 2015 February 4

Rosa_Parks_(detail).tiff-FROM-WPToday is civil rights activist Rosa Parks‘ birthday. In writing in protest of the Energy East pipeline, Cam Fenton of 350 writes, ‘Before the events portrayed in the movie Selma, civil rights activists ran a mass campaign to challenge racist voter registration laws in the Southern United States. Even though African Americans were legally allowed to vote in the South, voter registration had been rigged to prevent them from accessing that right. Organizers knew that by attempting to register masses of people to vote and then being denied by the thousands, they could force the unjust registration rules into the light and force decision-makers to side with the people or those enforcing the racist rules.’ He draws a parallel between civil rights protests of the Sixties and today’s pipeline protests.

Favory Pallavicinawatched super smart animals, nature (lipizzaner stallions), and the book of negroes.


 Thursday, 2015 February 5

vanier-from-jean-vanier.orgJean Vanier writes, ‘ There can be no peacemaking or social work or anything else to improve our world unless we are convinced that the other is important…. We are called to change things–to change the movement of history, to make our world a place of love and not just a place of conflict and competition.’

Friday, 2015 February 6

shingles_example_2_tcm1697-440917Shingles. Yuchhh. But you can prevent them.


Saturday, 2015 February 7

NPG x152158; Dame Juliet Evangeline Rhys-Williams (nÈe Juliette Evangeline Glyn) by Bassano Juliet Rhys-Williams supported midwifery, ‘had been an active campaigner for maternity services in the 1930s and for making family allowances available directly to mothers, [and] proposed that each man, woman and child should have an allowance funded through taxation.’

Richard-Rohr_NapaRichard Rohr writes, ‘It makes sense to begin loving Earth, caring for God’s creation, with what is closest to us. Becoming intimate with God’s presence in one aspect of creation–be it a pet, a familiar birdsong, a garden, or favorite wild space–can move us toward loving the rest of the world through compassionate actions.’

meerkats3d-08_51273_600x450-from-ngwatched meerkats 3D and coast.



Sunday, 2015 February 8

David_Attenborough_-_Life_Stories_-_Audiobookbj here. watched life stories.



Monday, 2015 February 9

the-big-ratchetMendel’s paradigm-changing results lay dormant for more than thirty years. Around 1900, three other botanists, working in the Netherlands, Germany, and Austria, came to the same conclusion and rediscovered Mendel’s experiments. Mendel took his rightful place as the father of genetics…. His painstakingly tedious work … was more predictable and controllable than the trial-and-error method of the earlier generation of farmers. p132

vanier-from-jean-vanier.orgJean Vanier: ‘None of us knows what to do with the deep brokenness of our world. Maybe that realization can bring us back to community. We can do nothing on our own. We need somewhere to be together.’

Black Crowned Night Heron - Pileated Woodpecker

Now for something complet–er, serendipitous: Anu Garg writes, ‘It’s nice to see more and more of the world’s information getting organized–sorted, indexed, and cataloged–making it easy to find. We now know more of what is where and how to access it. But there’s something to be said about serendipity. [Pictured is an example of serendipity: ‘The photo intended was solely of a Black-crowned Night Heron; the photographer was initially unaware of the Pileated Woodpecker flashing through.’] Sometimes there’s no substitute for walking into a random aisle in a library and perusing books. Sometimes getting lost, results in finding what you may need.’

trailer_parkwatched walking through britain (wigan pier), the agenda (online world, offline lives), and a path appears (about ‘activists fighting for women’s rights in West Virginia [in a trailer park], Colombia and Haiti.‘)


world-love-for-dolphins-day On ‘February 13, Sea Shepherd will [hold peaceful] … demonstrations at Japanese Embassies and Consulates worldwide. For details…, visit our website.’


350-bg-1Jenny Marienau of 350 writes, ‘Some weeks it’s hard to keep up with how quickly the world is changing. Yes, part of that is the climate crisis: we live in a world that’s been profoundly and dangerously altered. But the politics of climate change are changing too, and some weeks you can feel a really tangible shift in what is possible and what is not. This is one of those weeks, and Global Divestment Day is a chance to be part of that shift. [On] Friday, we’re changing the game and putting fossil fuels on the defensive. Click here to find a Global Divestment Day event near you on February 13th.

Want to really feel the world changing under your feet? There’s nothing like taking action in person. But even if you can’t make it to a Global Divestment Day event, you can still be part of this movement and this moment. Here’s how:

  1. Make sure your friends and family know that you’re standing with the fossil fuel divestment movement. The orange square [for example, divest-from-ff-orange-square-from-350] has become an international symbol of solidarity and resistance against the fossil fuel industry. We’ve put together this handy tool to help you make your own orange square meme and then swap out your profile photo on Facebook.
  2. Use the #divest hashtag on social media. Let’s blow the conversation up online even as we’re out in the streets! Click here for more ideas on how to amplify the Global Divestment Day message.
  3. Pledge to divest your own money. Make sure your values and your assets are in the same place. Join the thousands of individuals who have pledged to divest themselves from fossil fuels.

(tx, sh, for the reminder to update)

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