Christmas Music?

Charlie-Brown-Christmas-1_1217090022914_16x9_620x350-from-cbcWatch Jerry Granelli Trio play A Charlie Brown Christmas


Tuesday, 2014 December 16

lfteAccording to Leading From The Emerging Future, there are four stages in human evolution so far (hunter-gatherer, The Agricultural Revolution, The Industrial Revolution, automation) and now it seems we’re heading into a fifth (bionic?). However, there is a danger that our growing technology will lessen ‘our reservoir of collective human and life creativity,’ and we become passive recipients, rather than active co-creators. Examples he gives are Wikipedia and Linux. ‘The next jump in technological innovation … may take us from system-centric technologies to human- or life-centric technologies that we can shape and give meaning to.’

Wednesday, 2014 December 17

apostrophe-from-wordsmith.orgAnu Garg writes, ‘So many people to hate, so little time. If there’s an apostrophe hell this has to be it. If you see that fellow with his banner, ask him, “Why do you ♥ the apostrophe so much? Repent and believe in grammar.” ‘





Thursday, 2014 December 18 story behind ‘Jingle Bells‘ on the radio was that originally it wasn’t a Christmas tune, just youngsters having a good time. Wikipedia adds, ‘ “Jingle Bells” was often used as a drinking song at parties: people would jingle the ice in their glasses as they sung. The double-meaning of “upsot” was thought humorous, and a sleigh ride gave an unescorted couple a rare chance to be together, unchaperoned…. Sleigh rides were the nineteenth-century equivalent of taking a girl to a drive-in movie theatre in the 1950s and early 1960s, so there was a somewhat suggestive and scintillating aspect to the song.’ Here are the lyrics. (th, sh)

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