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TanyaTagaqGillis2007Tanya Tagaq, Inuit throat singer.




Kongar-ol OndarNepalese throat singers.



Jeeny-xmas treeXmas Alt (until 2014-12-18–tx, lb).





Bruce Cockburn 2007Heard this Bruce Cockburn Christmas song for the first time. I thought I knew them all. Guess not. (tx, sh)



Tuesday, 2014 December 9

Amundsen_in_fur_skinsReading about Roald Amundsen: ‘Amundsen’s open-mindedness toward different people and new ideas contributed to his ultimate success in the Arctic and the Antarctic. He accepted their culture on its own terms, without romanticising the people or their way of life and he viewed them as cultural equals.’

Polar_Sea_from-tvoguesthouse meeting. later, watched the polar sea.

Wednesday, 2014 December 10

Emily Dickinson daguerreotypeEmily Dickinson (1830-1886) ‘spent most of her adult life in her corner bedroom in her father’s house…. Most people think of Emily Dickinson as a slightly odd recluse, but she was in fact very outgoing in her younger years. As she became more passionate about writing poetry, she went out less and devoted her life to her verses.’

Polar_Sea_from-tvowe watched the agenda (taking the pulse of ontario’s mental health) and more polar sea.

Thursday, 2014 December 11

??????????Grace Paley met WH Auden at college and showed him some of her poems. He said, ‘Do you really talk like that?’ And she kept saying, ‘Oh yeah, well, sometimes.’ She said, ‘That was the great thing I learned from Auden: that you’d better talk your own language.’


Caramel Added butter2 thNot sure whether this is a poem, but it sure is funny (though some of his other poems aren’t). We explored pronouncing words in different ways–to-MAH-to versus to-MAY-to, GLASS-ier versus GLACE-ier, etc, until I said CACK-a-phony (instead of ca-COFF-ony) and she said in surprise, People actually say it like that?:

Bad News About My Vocation

I remember how the upper crust in my hometown
pronounced it—care-a-mel. Which is correct, I guess,
but to everybody else it was carmel.

Which led to the misconception about the order
of Carmelites.

I imagined they served God by heating sugar
to about 170 C, then adding milk and butter
and vanilla essence while they listened
to the radio.

I thought I could do that. I could wear the white
shirt and pants. I knew I couldn’t be good
but I might be a good candy maker.

So imagine my chagrin when I learned about
the vows of poverty and toil enjoined
by these particular friars.

I also crossed off my list the Marshmellowites
and the Applepieites, two other orders I
was thinking of joining.

Polar_Sea_from-tvorichard’s adventure continues in the polar sea.


SommetALaMalbaie36x36-300x300-by-michel-pleauFrom the current Poet Laureate to a painter, both named Michel Pleau.



Friday, 2014 December 12

vanier-bannerJean Vanier:  ‘When we realize [we are not perfect], we do not have to condemn ourselves but rather to learn to accept our … inner brokenness.’

Polar_Sea_from-tvothe polar sea wraps up.


Joshua Sherurcij [Attribution], via Wikimedia CommonsDavid Suzuki addresses concerns and raises excellent points as he extols wind energy. Conservation, he notes, is the best source.


Saturday, 2014 December 13

Crystal xeditCanada’s Poet Laureates have been George Bowering (2002–2004), Pauline Michel (2004–2006), John Steffler (2006–2008), Pierre DesRuisseaux (2009–2011), Fred Wah (2011–2013), and Michel Pleau (2014–present).

Sunday, 2014 December 14

logo_cop_20_4COP in overtime. Too little too late? (tx, sh)


Monday, 2014 December 15

Freeman DysonIt’s Freeman Dyson‘s birthday. He said, ‘In a billion years, it seems, intelligent life might be as different from humans as humans are from insects. But what would happen in another ten billion years?’ The universe, over 13 billion years old, is only middle-aged. We’ve got a long way to go….

the_agenda_logowe watched the agenda (‘three looks at addiction’)–smoking, eating, pain-killing. what are you addicted to?


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