Fly Like An Eagle


fly-like-an-eagle-from-ngSteve Miller Band-Fly Like An Eagle. Great song, a real blast from the past (1977), but lyrically, what’s the connection between the verse and the chorus?


Tuesday, 2014 November 11

Flag_of_Canada.svg-from-wpi’m wearing a little canada flag pin. my father, born in hitler’s germany, often said ‘this is a free country’. we should never forget that. today is remembrance day. ‘The holiday was established to honor the date in 1918 when Germany and the Allies signed an armistice agreement to end hostilities in World War I. The armistice was signed at six a.m. on November 11, and the cease-fire took effect five hours later, at the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month.’ today’s poem is not about war, but it *is* about remembering.

Wednesday, 2014 November 12

vanier-and-gulls-from-larche-caJean Vanier observes that ‘each one of us has our own cycle of growth which brings with it ups and downs, summers and winters, good times and bad times; setbacks and times of drought are part of life. They are phases we have to go through, and a new start is always possible.’ One of those cycles is wanting things to be better. David Suzuki writes that ‘the end of the Blue Dot Tour is just the beginning of the Blue Dot campaign….. Our goal: an environment that is healthy for all of us and our children and their children.’ He also writes, ‘It’s become a cliché to say that out of crisis comes opportunity. But there’s no denying that when faced with crises, we have choices. The opportunity depends on what we decide to do. What choices will we make when confronted with the fact that [globally] 2014 will likely be the hottest year on record?’

Thursday, 2014 November 1

snowflake-by-don-kamarechka-from-cbcstent removed. we watched the nature of things (chasing snowflakes) and the doc zone (flying solo).



Friday, 2014 November 14

Water-Lilies-and-Japanese-Bridge-(1897-1899)-MonetMonet‘s paintings looked like sketches, which became known as Impressionism. ‘Monet spent the rest of his career exploring the idea that you can never really see the same thing twice. In a single day, he would often paint the same subject half a dozen times, from slightly different angles and in slightly different light, spending no more than about an hour on each canvas. In the last 30 years of his life, he painted almost nothing but the water lilies in his garden at Giverny.’

Madagascar_Mirana_site_Bongolava-from-wcwe watched a dvd about madagascar’s unique but endangered flora and fauna, hosted by david attenborough.


Saturday, 2014 November 15

iluvhuckabeeswe played scrabble and laughed at i ♥ huckabees, which featured an existential detective agency staffed by Lily Tomlin and Dustin Hoffman. Very weird. Good, though.

Sunday, 2014 November 16

Skylab_3_Close-Up_-_GPN-2000-001711-from-wcThe Writer’s Almanac recounts that ‘on this date in 1973, NASA launched the fourth and final Skylab mission…. [In 1977,] pieces of it fell in the Shire of Esperance, near Perth in southwestern Australia; the Shire fined the United States 400 Australian dollars for littering. The fine remained unpaid for 30 years, until a radio host named Scott Barley raised the funds from his morning show listeners.’

brian-cox-from-bbc-co-ukwe just watched (again) ‘Wonders of Life: Endless Forms Most Beautiful‘ (online at tvo until 2014-12-16). hosted by professor brian cox, the beauty is in the final few seconds: it is inconceivable that life in all this vast universe is unique to our planet, and (yet) each form of life–you, me, that dog, that cat–*is* unique in the universe. (tx, sh)

Monday, 2014 November 17

Chiny Shuzhou tkalnia jedwabiu 07Found out about commercial silk production through a poem: ‘In commercial silk production, I recently learned, domesticated silkworms are killed by pricking them with a needle or boiling them in water while they’re still inside their cocoons, so the thread can be unwound as one long piece. More and more, I’ve been thinking about the various ways I’m wittingly and unwittingly complicit in things.’–Brian Russell

the_agenda_logowe watched the agenda (think tanks).

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