Giving Thanks


Bobby McFerrin, Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Tuesday, 2014 October 7

rileyRiley concludes The Once And Future Great Lakes Country with: ‘One of the highest goals of human endeavour is to see pattern in the stream of constant chg. One of these patterns is that Nature never repeats itself, a fact that may seem the sad trapping of a tragedy, but also, by good fortune, confers a freedom of choice that we will need–profoundly–in the century ahead.’


another all-candidates meeting.


Wednesday, 2014 October 8

Frank Herbert - 1984It’s the birthday of Frank Herbert, 1920-1986, best known for his science fiction masterpiece, Dune. ‘He became interested in the environmental and conservation movement early on, and got the idea for Dune — which is set on an extremely arid planet where people conserve and recycle every last drop of moisture — while researching an article on the sand dunes of the Oregon coast. He used some of the profits from the book to develop solar- and wind-powered energy for his home.’

how-ntr-works-screencap-by-pklwe watched how nature works (pictured is an agouti of south america), don’t worry, be happy, and inside my mind.

Thursday, 2014 October 9

malala-yousafzai-fom-cbckailash-satyarthi-20141010-from-trimg.comMalala Yousafzai (left) of Pakistan and Kailash Satyarthi (right) of India share this year’s Nobel Peace Prize for ‘their struggle against the suppression of children and young people, and for the right of all children to education’. (tx, sh)

Friday, 2014 October 10

tropical_rainforest-from-dsfDavid Suzuki writes, ‘Films of tropical forests don’t accurately reflect the reality of the ecosystems. They’re skillfully edited shots acquired over many months. Our media-nurtured impatience and urgent sense of time often prevent us from seeing how life truly unfolds…. Fortunately, people are starting to remember that we’re part of nature and that what we do to the natural world we do to ourselves. They’re taking notice of the drastic impacts we’re having on Earth, our only home, and demanding that we show more care.’ more

Saturday, 2014 October 11

francois-mauriac-46515-250-400-from-booknode.comFrançois Mauriac once said, ‘Every novelist ought to invent his own technique, that is the fact of the matter. Every novel worthy of the name is like another planet, whether large or small, which has its own laws just as it has its own flora and fauna.’


Sunday, 2014 October 12

Coles_Robert-from-ndbookx.comIt’s the birthday of author and psychologist Robert Coles (1929), who said, ‘We should look inward and think about the meaning of our life and its purposes, lest we do it in 20 or 30 years and it’s too late.’


Monday, 2014 October 13

Milañ Loeak-Marshall Islands-from-350Thanksgiving. I’m thankful for people caring–in my case, S, K, the kids, family, and friends. It’s easier to care when the water behaves and there’s heat in your home. So be thankful for the low water and the warm heat. But be mindful too. Says Milan Loeack of the Marshall Islands, ‘You’ve probably heard it all before — that the climate is changing, that the ocean is rising, that my home in the islands will be the first to go. But the people of the Pacific are not drowning, we are fighting. And the biggest threat to our homes is the fossil fuel industry.’ more

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