When The Wind Blows, When The Sun Shines

Tuesday, 2014 September 23

the_agenda_logowe watched trans nation and eye on eradication and struggled with steve paikin with new lgbtq, er, lgbti terms. bd brought pizza for lunch and news that ca is leaving midland for calgary. early evening, we gardened at the community gardens. later, tvo asked, can we have unlimited power?

riley‘Alvars are an acquired taste, like cliffs. They are old-growth in miniature, the beneficiaries of how useless they were to humans–and how special as a result.’–Riley, The Once And Future Great Lakes Country.


Wednesday, 2014 September 24

david-suzuki-fom-nationalpost.comDavid Suzuki appeals to us: ‘Help me share my most important work ever…. For most of human existence, people understood that we are deeply embedded in nature and entirely dependent on it for our survival. We need fresh air, clean water and healthy food. But we’re seeing more and more of our beautiful Canadian landscape marred by industrial toxins, leaving local communities to suffer. That’s why I need you to help launch the tour and spread the word by sharing this message. This video is about making a fundamental shift in the way we view our world.’ His Blue Dot Tour, coming to you, includes Neil Young, Tanya Tagaq, Feist, Blue Rodeo members, Margaret Atwood, Bruce Cockburn, Joel Plaskett, Whitehorse, Barenaked Ladies, Danny Michel, Stephen Lewis, Ovide Mercredi and many more.

Thursday, 2014 September 25

tanya_colour_with_frame_0i wanted to celebrate the victory of tanya tagaq (pictured) for winning of the 2014 polaris music prize. i’ve discovered an argument between her and PETA. i’m a vegetarian/vegan and predisposed to PETA’s points, but tagaq stresses a point worth considering, that ‘a lot of people don’t understand the quality of life and the respect and the meat that we are as humans. we are not separate from animals. the way we treat animals as inuit people, we wouldn’t overhunt them. that’s not how we do things. it’s called living in harmony with the earth.’ later, we watched the agenda and the doczone’s how we got gay–both online if you missed them. by the way, it’s national tree day (also known as ‘arbor day’–tx, sh).

Friday, 2014 September 26

ashorthistoryofthefuture“Plutomania [‘An obsession with money or wealth’] became rare and almost extinct in the days of the Commonwealth [in Great Britain, 1649-1660]. People lost the habit of valuing possessions over personal relationships.”–Wagar; A Short History of the Future; University of Chicago Press; 1989.

Wind Farm - geograph.org.uk - 14022we watched the agenda, which asked if we are missing the boat on green energy?


Saturday, 2014 September 27

rileyThe equally rare bog and fen occur together at the site of the Holland River in the Holland Marsh on Highway 400, north of Toronto. Riley (The Once And Future Great Lakes Country) writes, ‘Still standing regal at the site is the rare white prairie fringed-orchid…. To this day, the Holland River site remains unprotected, and its orchid at risk.’ Yesterday’s poem, especially the last two lines, is about how once a thing is done, it can’t be undone. Like, if a bog is drained, it can’t be undrained.

Sunday, 2014 September 28

op-infinite-patienceRemember ‘The Cove’? Check out Operation Infinite Patience.


Monday, 2014 September 29

riley1 nuke (‘a few thousand acres’)=x solar panels (20,000 acres)=y wind turbines (175,000 acres)=corn ethanol (‘a million acres or more’) (The Once And Future Great Lakes Country), plus solar only generates when the sun shines or wind turbines only generate when the wind blows.

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