Singing School

[publ 2014-07-29]

What A Long, Strange Trip It’s Been

What A Long, Strange Trip It's Beentowards the end of july i suddenly found myself in hospital in another place, mystified. my shunt–an artificial tube that drains cerebral/spinal fluid from my brain to my abdomen–had failed. i guess it was an emergency. pressure was building, infection spreading, so they removed the shunt and replaced it with a temporary, external drain.

to cut a long story short, they verified the shunt as the source of the infection and replaced it with a new, permanent, infection-free shunt. my thanks to the wonderful staff, visitors, and especially sue and cady.

while i waited, i had a long time to think. while laughter and good humour matter greatly, i think love matters more. i’m so blessed by love. i hope i give as good as i get. what a long, strange trip it’s been to find that out. (image from flickr)


keep_on_truckinThe Grateful Dead–Truckin’




Steely Dan - Aja - FrontHeard lots of Steely Dan’s ‘Aja‘ lately. Is somebody trying to tell me something? Am I listening okay?


Todor Kobakov Press Photo 01Todor Kobakov feat. Lindy, ‘Lost In The All


Wednesday, 2014 August 19

heronsue picks me up at toronto western hospital and takes me home. we watch a bunch of nature docs and one on exobiology, just like the old days. later, i sleep in my own bed, just like the old days. (image by megan lorenz; thanks to sh.)

Thursday, 2014 July 24

david suzukiDavid Suzuki points out a few basic facts we should remember when we go to the polls.


Friday, 2014 July 25

red crossFrom The Writer’s Almanac: ‘On this date in 1864, 12 European nations signed the First Geneva Convention, marking the beginning of the international humanitarian law movement. The convention was initiated by Henri Dunant, the founder of the International Committee for the Relief of the Wounded, which would later become the International Committee of the Red Cross…. The First Convention concerned itself mostly with setting ground rules to establish fair treatment of combatants, the obligation to treat sick and wounded regardless of what side they were on, and the protection of medical personnel, vehicles, and equipment. Subsequent conventions extended protection to prisoners of war, shipwreck survivors, and civilians during wartime.’

Saturday, 2014 July 26

singing school‘Poetry has been taken hostage by the academy and its obsession with “meaning,” but former poet laureate Robert Pinsky rides to the rescue with his new book [Singing School] celebrating language and sound. Daniel Bosch on a call to bring music back to poetry.’ Bosch writes: ‘And what about the “kids”? Singing School makes me feel very optimistic about … poetry pedagogy. His non-academic “school” is perfect for a coming generation of poetry auto-didacts that is ready to exploit rather than to cling to its freedoms—omnivorous readers and writers and sometime course-takers who will cobble together their own paths to mastery in verse composition, or not…. As long as Singing School stays open, the kids will come through fine.’ (image pd)

Sand dunes desertswe watched untamed americas (deserts) and coast.




Sunday, 2014 July 27


Three goddesses from the Parthenon east pediment, possibly Hestia, Dione, and Aphrodite, c. 435 BC (British Museum)

Dione  was an ‘ancient Greek goddess, an oracular Titaness,’ mother ‘of Aphrodite. One source describes her as an ancient wife of Zeus.’

chessd’arcy came for chess and dinner, brought home-grown veggies, and of course beans for oscar.


Monday, 2014 July 28

Yuan genealogyBack at it, trying to interface the very rational world of computers with the very non-rational world of humans: ‘In February 2012 at the RootsTech 2012 conference, FamilySearch outlined a major new project around genealogical standards called GEDCOM X, and invited collaboration. It will include software developed under the Apache open source license.’

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