Tuesday, 2014 July 8

Johnstown flood debrisThe Johnstown Flood ‘occurred on May 31, 1889. It was the result of the catastrophic failure of the South Fork Dam situated … 14 miles (23 km) upstream of the town of Johnstown, Pennsylvania, USA, made worse by several days of extremely heavy rainfall…. With a volumetric flow rate that temporarily equalled that of the Mississippi River, the flood killed 2,209 people and caused US$17 million of damage’ (about $425M in 2014 dollars–tx, gk&cm).

shark-from-sharkwater.comwe watched art as therapy and green heroes (saving species–with ric o’barry, jane goodall, bill lishman, and rob stewart).



Wednesday, 2014 July 9

brokenground.caThe David Suzuki Foundation writes, ‘Broken Ground is the story of people who are confronting massive oil development while struggling to cope with severe health impacts. The story of people who tried to bring these rights to Canada decades ago but were ahead of their time. And the story of what can happen when a growing movement of Canadians asks leaders to do something simple: live up to Canada’s values and ensure a healthier future for everyone.’

View of the Konza Prairie NARA-557196-mod-1Prairie Pothole Wetlands<==It used to look like this. Or this==>.


Tar Pit #3Now it looks like this. Don’t like the looks?

Flag of Nunavutit’s nunavut day in canada’s north.
their fifteenth one, their july the fourth.
a going forward by going back
to inuit values and getting on track.

Uruguay - Costa Rica FIFA World Cup 2014 (1)

we ate dinner watching fifa. i think we’re hooked. sue went to the gardens after.

Thursday, 2014 July 10

arlo-guthrie-288271Today is Arlo Guthrie’s 67th birthday. Monday is his dad’s (Woody–see below). His mom’s (Marjorie, dancer in the Martha Graham Company) is in October.



Friday, 2014 July 11

Louis Joseph de Bourbon-Condé cartoon 1791

Came across this: pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis, the longest word in English at 45 letters. Ross Eckler notes: ‘the longest words likely to be encountered in general text are deinstitutionalization and counterrevolutionaries‘ (pictured, lampooned), 22 letters, and uncharacteristically, 20 letters. Try those in Scrabble!

CoryTrepanier-DonjekGlacier-1024x616-from-truewild.cadb came by. no green beans for oscar. disappointing. but sue had bought some the other day, so all was not lost. later, we watched the agenda interview (bridging the disconnect–painter/filmmaker cory trépanier–pictured is ‘donjek glacier’) and snapshot (lana slezic).

Saturday, 2014 July 12

Burg_und_Sonne_-_Klee-448-cropped-from-poetryfoundation.orgRobert Pinsky writes in The Pursuit of Form that ‘form should be transformative and original. It can elevate the ordinary, re-sharpen the familiar’.

Sunday, 2014 July 13

Uruguay - Costa Rica FIFA World Cup 2014 (1)

before dinner we watched the fifa final. later we played scrabble and missed fry’s planet word, but it’s online for a month. just as diversity in cities or in species indicates health, linguistic diversity is a healthy sign. but ‘from markets in Kenya, to call centres in Newcastle, Stephen [Fry] charts … the inexorable spread of Globish (global English). As many [as half] of the world’s 6000+ languages are threatened with linguicide’–language death. And with each passing goes too a unique cultural perspective.

Monday, 2014 July 14

Woody Guthrie 2Today is Woody Guthrie’s birthday (1912-1967. See Arlo’s, Thursday above.). He ‘started playing music on a guitar he found in the street. During the Dust Bowl in the mid-1930s, Guthrie followed workers who were moving to California. They taught him traditional folk and blues songs, and Guthrie went on to write thousands of his own, including This Train Is Bound for Glory. In 1940, he wrote the folk classic This Land Is Your Land because he was growing sick of Irving Berlin’s God Bless America.’ This Land Is Your Land was sung even at Obama’s inauguration, by his former travelling companion, Pete Seeger. There’s a Canadian version, too.

This file by Julius Schorzman is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license.My earworm (tx, ta); the video is short and not very good, but you get a taste. This is one of my favourites of hers.


Arlo’s most famous song, forty years later.




hydra-from-listentifeist.comHydra features Snowblink, Feist, and AroarA.


thiele01-screencap-by-pklThiele plays Bach solo (tx, pp) and more stuff with a few others.

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