Song Lines

Tuesday, 2014 June 24

DanaGioiaNEAchairmanFrom Dana Gioia’s essay Can Poetry Matter? (which became a Pulitzer prize-nominated book): ‘No longer part of the mainstream of artistic and intellectual life, it has become the specialized occupation of a relatively small and isolated group. Little of the frenetic activity it generates ever reaches outside that closed group. As a class poets are not without cultural status. Like priests in a town of agnostics, they still command a certain residual prestige. But as individual artists they are almost invisible.’

Wednesday, 2014 June 25

Sea-otter-morro-bay 13The Great Bear Sea, off the coast of BC, is home to hundreds of species, including orcas, humpback whales, sea otters, and seabirds. It is threatened by climate change,  acidification, pollution, harmful fishing practices, and now pipeline proposals. David Suzuki writes that ‘B.C. and 18 First Nations have worked together in an innovative partnership and made plans to protect the Great Bear Sea and the people and economies it supports…. The Great Bear Sea is one of the richest marine ecosystems left on Earth. It is a world treasure on par with the Galapagos Islands and the Amazon Rainforest.’

frogs-from-pbs-nature-via-tumblrreading some not bad poems in good poems. we watched a double dose of david: first, wild mothers and babies; then, life in cold blood, a doc series about cold-blooded animals–this week, amphibians–next week, reptiles.

Thursday, 2014 June 26

nationalcanoeday-from-nationalcanoeday.netIt’s National Canoe Day. Do you know where your paddle is?



Friday, 2014 June 27

roger-william-from-cbcThe Supreme Court clarified ‘aboriginal title’ to include lands outside unresolved treaty claims and said that corporations and governments must have the consent of First Nations before proceeding with projects, not just perform the duty to consult. Mi’kmaq lawyer Pam Palmater said that aboriginal groups have ‘the exclusive authority to decide who uses that land and who benefits from that land and, as a result, provincial laws don’t apply.’ The Tsilhqot’in First Nation (pronounced chiCOten–near Williams Lake in central BC–pictured is their chief, Roger William) has argued this case since the 1980s. The Supreme Court decision gives them title to 4400 km² outside the treaty area and the right to decide how that land is used. (tx, sh)

digging-roots03-screencap-by-pklwe saw digging roots at the mcc. we talked with raven about song lines, which he has seen in cultures around the world but didn’t know of its anishinaabe use until their auntie told them just a few years ago.

Saturday, 2014 June 28

billy-collins-2002-from-loc.govPoetry should be ‘an important part of our daily lives. Poems can inspire and make us think about what it means to be a member of the human race. By just spending a few minutes reading a poem each day,’ writes 2002 US Poet Laureate Billy Collins, ‘new worlds can be revealed.’

gc--coffee01we went to penetang’s farmers’ market, then grounded coffee. later, saw many old friends at db’s reunion.



Sunday, 2014 June 29

Huron-LanghausThis can get confusing. ‘Iroquois’ usually refers to the Iroquois Confederacy (The Six Nations: Oneida, Onandaga, Cayuga, Mohawk, Tuscarora, and Chippewa), who didn’t like the Huron, or Wendat. The Iroquois called themselves the Haudenosaunee (People of the Long House). The Huron (who also were Iroquois and had long houses too, but were not in the Confederacy. See? Confusing.) called themselves the Wendat. The Haudenosaunee decimated the Wendat four hundred years ago in a struggle fuelled by European trade and religion.

Monday, 2014 June 30

Margaret Mitchell NYWTSDiminutive (4’11”), feisty Margaret Mitchell (1900-1949) only published one book, Gone With the Windwhich ‘came out on this day in 1936, and sold a million copies in its first six months, going on to sell more than 30 million copies. Mitchell won the Pulitzer Prize, and three years after its publication, Gone With the Wind (1939) was made into a movie that quickly became the highest-earning film of all time — adjusted for inflation, it may still hold that title. She died in 1949 when she was hit by a car while crossing the street.’

Dizzy Gillespie playing horn 1955The Dizzy Gillespie Quintet plays One Note Samba live, ’65.




BottineSourianteLa Bottine Souriante (1978) Sur La Montagne Du Loup. (tx, ta)


digging-roots01-screencap-by-pklDigging Roots ★ The Song Lines Project (see above).

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