‘Divine Dissatisfaction’

Tuesday, 2014 June 17

Brian Cox at Science Foo Campwhile it poured, we sat before the electronic hearth and watched in search of science (method and madness–pictured is the host, brian cox).



Wednesday, 2014 June 18

Enbridge-graphic-thumb-200xauto-5215-from-dsfThe federal government has approved the building of the Northern Gateway Pipeline through BC, which BC citizens, First Nations peoples, and many others oppose. David Suzuki writes that ‘while a decision has been made, the conversation hasn’t ended. We can expect court challenges and actions from those whose concerns have so far been ignored.’ He invites you to ‘let our national government leaders know that you don’t agree with their decision.‘ He reminds us elsewhere that this decision was made undemocratically. And Amnesty International points out that First Nations’ consensus is needed.

Thursday, 2014 June 19

h-d=from-tpfThe poet H.D.’s (1886-1961) ‘particular emphasis grew out of her perspective as a woman regarding the intersections of public events and private lives in the aftermath of World War I and in the increasingly ominous period culminating in the Atomic Age. Love and war, birth and death are the central concerns of her work, in which she reconstituted gender, language, and myth to serve her search for the underlying patterns ordering and uniting consciousness and culture.’

Phil Fontaine

• i watched paikan speak with paul martin about bill c-33 (first nations education) and martin’s continued efforts, then with phil fontaine (pictured) and michael dan about increasing aboriginal health and wealth and building trust and respect, and then with amanda blackhorse about the offensive the washington football team’s name. later, we watched paikan interview comics and others who know that laughing offers the best kind of healing.

Friday, 2014 June 20

Richard Rohr 04Richard Rohr writes that ‘only mutual apology, healing, and forgiveness offer a sustainable future for humanity. Otherwise, we are controlled by the past, individually and corporately. We all need to apologize, and we all need to forgive or this human project will surely self-destruct…. As others have said, “Forgiveness is to let go of our hope for a different or better past.” It is what it is, and such acceptance leads to great freedom, as long as there is also accountability and healing in the process.’

Saturday, 2014 June 21

Martha Graham 1948

Dancer and choreographer Martha Graham once said, ‘There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all time, this expression is unique…. [There is] no satisfaction whatever at any time. There is only a queer, divine dissatisfaction, a blessed unrest that keeps us marching and makes us more alive than the others.’

pink-ribbons-inc-from-nfbwe watched the nfb’s pink ribbons, inc., which ‘examines how the devastating reality of breast cancer has been hijacked by what marketing experts have labeled a “dream cause.” ‘


Sunday, 2014 June 22

Gregory_Corso-from-wpBeat poet Gregory Corso (1930-2001) concludes his poem ‘1959‘:
‘Lies! Lies! Lies! I lie, you lie, we all lie!
There is no us, there is no world, there is no universe,
there is no life, no death, no nothing—all is meaningless,
and this too is a lie—O damned 1959!
Must I dry my inspiration in this sad concept?
Delineate my entire stratagem?
Must I settle into phantomness
and not say I understand things better than God?’

Monday, 2014 June 23

ocaa-logoAngela Bischoff of the Ontario Clean Air Alliance writes, ‘The Ontario Energy Board (OEB) is proposing to dramatically increase the fixed monthly customer charges…. [The proposal] will force small customers to subsidize large ones and reduce all customers’ incentive to conserve electricity – it’s Robin Hood in reverse.’

jackmarksmusic.comJack Marks sings Plant Me A Garden (tx, ta)


RichardParry-November2005(2)Richard Reed Parry, bassist/multi-instrumentalist for Arcade Fire, talks about his new composition, Music For Heart And Breath: ‘I wanted to create a direct line into those omnipresent gentle internal rhythms and signals that we can so easily ignore.’


Coro de la Universidad Málaga01-screencap-by-pklCoro de la Universidad Málaga sing Incipit Lamentatio Jeremiae by de Victoria (tx, ta)

cassavante-organ-from-r2-fbHeard an old chestnut on ‘the brand new Cassavante organ,‘ but not like this, nor like this.


Horace SilverThe Horace Silver Quintet plays Song For My Father. I love the drummer’s face. (tx, ta)

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