Planting Seeds In Shadows

Tuesday, 2014 June 10

vanier-from-jean-vanier.orgVanier writes that our ‘ “yes” to life, which springs from the deepest part of us, is not a naïve or idealistic “yes”; it is not saying yes to a dream or illusion. It is a “yes” to our deepest self, a “yes” to our past, to our body, to our family, a “yes” to our inner storms, our winters, our pain; a “yes” also to the beauty of life, to sunshine, to fresh air, to running water, to children’s faces, to the song of birds. It is the “yes” to our destiny and our growth. It is the “yes” to our own true beauty, even if, at certain times, we cannot see it.’

Wednesday, 2014 June 11

Ezra Pound 2In poetry, cadence verse resembles music, ‘with a rhythmic curve containing one or more stressed accents and roughly corresponding to [the] necessity of breathing…. The idea that cadence should be substituted for metre was at the heart of the Imagist credo.’ (Pictured is Ezra Pound in 1913.)

the_agenda_logo• on the night before the election, we watched the agenda: first nations, accessibility, and women at queen’s park.

Thursday, 2014 June 12

Deep UndergroundIn a series of tanka, Margaret Chula writes of ‘corpse, groundhog, seeds–all underground. I use the parallel of those seeds “embedded in the paper” [of a sympathy card] and my father enclosed in his casket underground. Planting the seeds “in the shadows” alludes not only to the time of the year (early spring), but also to my grief. Yet, I wanted to end this sequence with hope and regeneration. These seeds from the sympathy card will germinate, grow, and eventually produce flowers.’

Vancouver Rain• rained off and on all day; we watched election results on the agenda.


Friday, 2014 June 13

ginsberg-with-irving-rosenthal-1989-from-allenginsberg.comMichael Schumacher concludes his biography of Allen Ginsberg: ‘But most important — as Ginsberg [pictured, right, with Irving Rosenthal in 1989] would likely have seen it — is the fact that every day, somewhere in the world, perhaps in a farm town in Nebraska, or in a café in Berlin, or in a village in Southeast Asia, some kid is picking up [Ginsberg’s] “Howl and Other Poems” and beginning the next journey down the corridors of imagination from which a more patient and generous world just might evolve.’

West wind trees 02 (3582153432)• rained a bit more, the wind blew all day; the day after, sue and jwb picked up signs; played scrabble


Saturday, 2014 June 14

Buttertarts-noflash• threatened, but no rain; still windy, though; sue hung the laundry on the line, then we went to the buttertart festival–saw fred, scott and nicole, bernie and aaron; in pen, saw wnj and c; played more scrabble.



Sunday, 2014 June 15• had fathers’ day brunch at celtic roots and toured the future wedding site.


Monday, 2014 June 16

Map of the positions of thousands of galaxies in the VIPERS survey• we watched the agenda (decoding the universe, and the science of self) and ancient worlds (return of the king, about alexander the great). between shows, we played scrabble.

king's singers-1984-01-screencap-by-pklFrom Madrigal History Tour, the King’s Singers sing, en français, La Guerre.



La cantant cubana Omara Portuondo (3736772084)Como Fue by Omara Portuondo. Electric bass! Or the acoustic guitar version.


duane andrews and craig andrews01 screencap-by-pkl-from-ytDuane Andrews and Craig Young pick The Supermoon Rag. (tx, tp)


SeujorgeSeu Jorge sings Carolina. (tx, ta)

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