Ontario Election 2014 Special

home2014-bg-election-from-greenprosperity.caTomorrow is Voting Day. Green Prosperity reminds us that ‘there are a number of critical environmental issues facing Ontario, from the increasingly costly impacts of climate change to an alarming loss in pollinators, particularly bees, due to pesticide use.  Meanwhile, myths about costs associated with green energy are overshadowing the real cost concern of rebuilding aging nuclear plants and continuing to operate the province’s oldest plant past its planned operational lifespan.  Of course, the push to develop better transit and plan healthier communities is urgent and needs to quickly move from argument to action.

Carol Schwartz at voting rights rallyMeanwhile, despite a long history of destroying valuable natural services in our rush for resources, we risk doing the same in our globally important Far North boreal forest region.  In Southern Ontario, we now need to turn our attention to restoring the shredded natural fabric of our most heavily populated region and recognize the importance of protecting biodiversity, including endangered species.’

Voting ends - Flickr - Al Jazeera EnglishThese critical environmental issues for all four major parties are compared in this table.


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