The Week, 2014 May 13-18

bob rae-from-tvoBob Rae has ‘been an MP, an MPP, a federal party leader, and an Ontario premier. His current role sees him representing nine different indigenous bands, as chief negotiator for the Matawa First Nations‘.

james-anaya-un-special-rapporteur-on-the-rights-of-indigenous-people-20131008-from-cbcJames Anaya, the United Nations special envoy on the rights of indigenous people, published his findings on the conditions in Canada’s aboriginal communities; last fall, he urged the federal government to:

defend-our-climateLeadnow reports that ‘Defend Our Climate, Defend Our Communities was beautiful, creative, funny, and, at times, profoundly moving. We’re writing to send you an inspiring wrap-up video.’ That’s part of Sue and her sign on the far right.

urban-gdn-from-dsfDavid Suzuki and Jode Roberts explore urban small-is-beautiful in this wonderful article: ‘Residents can play an active, hands-on role in transforming the places they live, work, play and share.’

Stop-FIPA-actionpage-from-leadnow.caSome in the UK are concerned about ‘the potentially disastrous EU/US Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP).’ This is relevant as Canada pursues similar trade agreements, such as FIPA.

the-neil-younguns-from-theneilyounguns.com• 2014-05-16–we saw the neil young’uns at the mcc

the-watchers-by-from-tiesenhausen.caThe work of Peter von Tiesenhausen is stunning, if at times kinda eerie. Here is The Watchers, installed in Newfoundland. (tx, gv)

last-call-at-the-oasis-screencap-by-pkl• 2014-05-17–watched ‘last call at the oasis’, online at http://www.cbc.ca/passionateeye/episodes/last-call-at-the-oasis (until 2014-06-10): ‘from the producers of ‘an inconvenient truth’, ‘food, inc.’ and ‘waiting for superman’…an inspiring wake-up call for why you should be worried, and why the global water crisis will be the central issue facing our world this century.’ features erin brokovich.

Monday, 2014 May 19


• 2014-05-19–victoria day–sue in the garden, i reading amen by gretta vosper, which leads to comparing the arguments of the moral landscape: how science can determine human values by sam harris and mining the moral landscape: why science does not (and cannot) determine human values by steve isaacson, like kenan malik‘s review, which leads to reading plato’s euthyphro. we are both in our happy place, as are the kids, jumping on the trampoline, and the dog, rooting for grubs in the freshly turned earth. each to her or his own. and the moral of the story is….

drumsaccordions-from-cbcMusical highlights of the 1975 Eaton’s catalogue

tanya-tagaq-and-kronos-quartet-screencap-by-pklContemporary throat-singer Tanya Tagaq is coming to Toronto with Buffy Ste Marie, 2014-06-01. Here, she creates with the Kronos Quartet (amazing!), and the piece they created, ‘Nunavut‘. (tx, lb)

pete-and-peggy-seeger-screencap-by-pklWhat a treat! Pete and Peggy Seeger, shortly before he died.

signal_0304104304940_16x9_620x350-from-cbcCBC Radio 2’s The Signal is on six nights a week, ten to midnight, but you can hear that kind of music any day, any time–here are some links: The Signal stream; Songza ‘Quiet And Crisp‘ stream.

laura-smith-screencap-by-pklLaura Smith, who’s at the MCC next month, sings My Bonny. (tx, d)

Neil Young at Bospop 2008 (a)For those who saw The Neil Young’uns, here’s the real thing.

first-play-neil-young-photo-cover-art-1_0515064646382_16x9_620x350-fromcbcThat’s old stuff. Here’s new stuff. Sort of.

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