Belonging To The Universe

Tuesday, 2014 May 6

Midwife home appointment

karen and chloe visit. chloe got into midwifery!farley mowat died: ten million books: an introduction to farley mowat (1984) and finding farley (2009–by the woman who made being caribou in 2004). elizabeth may writes, ‘Farley Mowat was a champion for the wild things. He spoke with unflinching courage against humanity’s destruction of each other and of the other species with whom we share this planet.’

Wednesday, 2014 May 7

Local frog and toad species (tx, sh)

Green Frog (10710757803)

green frog

Bullfrog (Rana catesbeiana)


Northern leopard frog (Laird Twp.) 2

leopard frog


pickerel frog

Gray tree frog (5805707019)

gray tree frog

Brown Wood Frog (Hylarana latouchii) 闊褶蛙2

wood frog

Spring peeper Tyson Research Center

spring peeper

Mink Frog

mink frog

Western chorus frog

chorus frog

American Toad, Maryland

American toad

went for a trike ride–first of the year!

Thursday, 2014 May 8

nothing happened.

Friday, 2014 May 9


(tx, sh)

Jean Vanier writes, ‘We all belong to the universe…. The danger for people today is to forget that and to think that they are the centre; that everyone else is there for them.’ Martin Buber called the I‑Thou or I‑You relationship a ‘relationship that stresses the mutual, holistic existence of two beings.’

In contrast, ‘Buber believed that the expansion of a purely analytic, material view of existence was at heart of’ I-It relations, where you treat other beings as things or objects. ‘Buber argued that this paradigm devalued … the meaning of all existence.’ Vanier says, ‘we are called to love people just as they are with their wounds and their gifts, not as we would want them to be.’ Vosper considers the common root of humility, humble, human, and humus. It takes humility to be truly human, grounded like humus, and know at the same time you are also truly part of the universe.

Vanier writes, ‘It is because we belong with others and see them as brothers and sisters in humanity that we learn not only to accept them as they are, with different gifts and capacities, but to see each one as a person with a vulnerable heart. We learn to forgive those who hurt us or reject us; we ask forgiveness of those we have hurt. We learn to accept humbly those who point out our errors and mistakes and who challenge us to grow in truth and love. We support and encourage each other on the journey to inner freedom. We learn how to be close to those who are weaker and more vulnerable, those who may be sick or going through crises or are grieving. As we accept our personal limits and weaknesses, we discover that we need others and we learn to appreciate others and to thank them.’ In dying of the selfish self, the ego, we gain universal life, for we all belong to the universe.

Typical wetland plants wetland floraReviewing wetland restoration literature, a friend writes that Eric Higgs notes in Nature by design that ‘restoration offers an apology to technological excess’. My friend adds that ‘our scientific and technological advances make us more confident at controlling nature for our own benefit. Our ability to restore ecosystems presents a certain cultural attitude about nature: that it can be controlled at will, and that technology can undo environmental harms.’ Her research states that wetlands cannot be fully restored. ‘Therefore, we should prioritize conserving existing wetlands and maintaining their ecological integrity over restoration.’ (tx, jm)

20070818-0001-strolling reindeerspent day the watching being caribou and thinking about it, and mowat, gilman, meadows, and vosper. after making her sign for tomorrow’s climate change protest in orillia, sue and i played scrabble.

Saturday, 2014 May 10

Margie-Gillis-1protested climate change policy. then we joined others to prepare the community gardens for the coming season.

Sunday, 2014 May 11


sue with her boys, me making notes on spring and arnaud for emails to my kids. we watched andrew and georgio travel to piedmont and meet carlo petrini, founder of the slow food movement.

Monday, 2014 May 12

rpr01-screencap-by-pklWhat are Rob Ritchie, Steve Ritchie, and Al Parrish, formerly of Tanglefoot, doing now? They’re making music in a new band called Ritchie-Parrish-Ritchie (RPR, pictured). Meanwhile, former Tanglefooters Terry Young and Sandra Swannell married (each other) and formed My Sweet Patootie. And original Tanglefooter Joe Grant, composer of The Midwife’s Dance and many others, went on to Gopher Baroque. (tx, cm)

Love-marriage-babies--banjos_from-cbcSpeaking of partnered musicians… Béla Fleck and Abigail Washburn, or Derek Trucks and Susan Tedeschi, or Melissa McClelland and Luke Doucet, or Peggy Seeger and Ewan MacColl (he wrote this one for her), or Lark Popov and George Vona.

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