Effing The Ineffable


Tuebingen fallow landscapeFallow-time


Butterfly butterfliesButterfly Gardening (tx, sh)


yasunodoYasuní National Park in Ecuador is … known internationally for its high level of biodiversity, [and] it is also home to Indigenous peoples in voluntary isolation…. [In 2007] the Government of Ecuador launched the initiative to leave oil underground in Yasuní National Park….  The initiative to keep 850 million barrels of heavy crude oil underground … suffered a setback in 2013 when President Correa announced he would allow oil exploration to proceed.’ KAIROS and many others think this is a bad idea. If you do too, click here.


amenTheism is more than a belief in God. Theism is a belief in an interventionist God. (Deism is a belief in an non-interventionist God.) Theism, Vosper writes, ‘continues to be a colossal obstacle to human civilization.’ Part of the problem is trying to describe God. Some theologians say the only real description of God is no description, that God is ineffable. She is ‘with Stephen Law when it comes to filling in all the blanks ineffability necessarily leaves in. You can’t do it. When theologians try, Law charges them with “effing the ineffable.” … If it’s ineffable, leave it ineffable. You can’t have it both ways. Don’t eff it.’

The upcoming Ontario election–The Start.

Shawn Atleo resigns.

• 2014-05-02–our first-born is 25.


fishfarm-from-dsfDavid Suzuki with Jay Ritchlin writes, ‘Salmon farming threatens some of the planet’s last remaining viable wild salmon — a keystone species that touches all our coastal ecosystems. The issues in dispute include feed ingredients, disease transmission between farms and wild salmon, bird and marine mammal deaths, pesticide and antibiotic use, and the effects of multiple farms in concentrated areas. The Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch program recently released science-based ranking reports on open net-cage farmed salmon in B.C., Norway, Chile and Scotland. All received a “red” or “avoid buying” designation. Canada’s SeaChoice followed suit.’



My niece is working at Shared Harvest Community Farm and Educational Centre.


LauraMvula croppedLaura Mvula in a Tiny Desk Concert. (tx, lb)

Moxy Früvous sings The Drinking Song. You can sing along. (tx, ta)

May 3 is Pete Seeger‘s birthday, the first without him in 95 years.

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