Tuesday‘While Earth Day is one day that serves to remind us of our responsibility to the Earth, here at Sea Shepherd, every day is Earth Day! We never stop in our mission to defend the oceans because all life on Earth depends on living and healthy ocean ecosystems.’

Chico Mendes with Sandino Mendes• 2014-04-22–a fierce green fire documents the environmental movement (pictured are chico mendes and sons). simon reeve continued around the indian ocean, from sri lanka to bangladesh.


caffem_logoCafé Feminino Rwandan coffee, at Grounded Coffee.

Reviews: short, medium, long, the source.

By Follix (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons• 2014-04-23--‘co-opetition’–the practice of both competition and cooperation. uniformity is great for organizing, but it doesn’t take much brain–look at termites and ants. another explanation of social behaviour, competition, is only part of the story. recent research reveals cooperation, even with strangers, is an evolutionary boon, but it requires a much larger brain. cooperative behaviour is seen in only a few animals–bonobos, humans, elephants, maybe dolphins.


histarrow-from-context.orgWhat Time Is It? Part 5 explores moving ‘as gracefully as possible into the Planetary Era.’

carter-heyward• 2014-04-24–cb and i discussed vosper. reading about carter heyward (pictured), who coined the term ‘godding’, which sees god less as thing and more as an action. concerning climate change, ersilia serafini promotes actions you can do right now to conserve energy and save money. also reading about ecofeminism, which critiques ‘the dominant stream of modern science as a projection of Western men’s values.

Friday• 2014-04-25–looking at stylish, eco-friendly driveways, which ‘not only save water but also the land we live on and the rivers and oceans that we live near.’



bg-tree-from-mydizolve.comnow for the wet basement. as for the laundry, we use dizolve strips and they work wonders!

Slow Loris Femalewe watched simon reeve complete his journey around the indian ocean, including seeing a rare wild slow loris. he finished in australia, whose pristine areas may one day be ruined forever to extract ‘resources’, reminding us of canada’s tar sands, which we watched on the agenda.


vanier1-by-?-from-van-sunListening ‘is an important gift in community. But if we are able to listen, we must offer security. An assurance of confidentiality is an essential part of being a listener. This means knowing how to respect the wounds and the sufferings of others and not divulging these.’–Vanier

eco-dw04-from-pavingcorporation.comDan Harding writes, ‘One driveway may not seem like it makes much of a difference, but if you’ve ever watched storm water run down your driveway to join the hundreds of gallons running down the street along the curb, you can guess how much [water goes into the sewer]…. If water can get through to the surface beneath your drive, it can reenter the water table’.• 2014-04-26–it’s been 28 years since chernobyl. things have not returned to normal and may never. (thanks sh)


toronto_natural_garden-from-riversides.orgGives a new meaning to infiltration: ‘Help to restore the natural water cycle on your property by using trees, shrubs and other plants to absorb and clean rainfall. Replace hard surfaces with natural groundcovers and porous paving to allow rainfall to soak into the ground…. [These] contribute significantly to stormwater infiltration, storage and purification.’ Also, with no lawn you don’t have to buy gas, or mow, or pollute the air.

italy-unpacked-cook_644x362_1-from-tvo• 2014-04-27–in this first episode of italy unpacked, ‘art critic Andrew Graham-Dixon [left] and chef Giorgio Locatelli [right] journey to Bologna’.


amenIn moving from theism to non-theism, Vosper asks, ‘Can we survive the existential angst that lambastes us as we let go of the supergod?’

. 2011 063 Marcus Miller, Edmar CastanedaEdmar Castaneda and Marcus Miller, live!


bach-quintessence-sax-quintetIt’s still Bach month. Jazz musicians especially find his music appealing.
Esbjoern Svensson TrioThe Esbjörn Svensson Trio.


awake -from-nowensemble.bandcamp.comAwake, ‘from NOW Ensemble, was received to wide acclaim, being profiled on NPR All Things Considered, called ”terrific” by the Washington Post‘.



Eric Bogle 2010Eric Bogle wrote two Waltzing Matilda songs, one about war, the other about change. He also tells a good joke.


Anoushka ShankarAnoushka Shankar (Norah Jones’ half-sister), live at the Festival Les Nuits de Fourviere.



dadrm_2014_block‘Get your friends together for the International Day Against DRM

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