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• 2014-04-15–yearsoflivingdangerously01-ford-and-orangutanthe current asks, ‘is fear a useful tool in communicating climate change issues?‘ there are big wins, but is the message getting out? as pointed out, there are other approaches, such as scientific or word-of-mouth, or, as king uses, humour. (thanks sh)

george-leach_0331012555642_16x9_620x350-from-cbcThe Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples (1991-1996) had ‘one over-riding question: What are the foundations of a fair and honourable relationship between the Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people of Canada?‘ The last words of their report bear reading: ‘The relationship [between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people] can most certainly be mended…. Land and economic vitality are essential…. Whole, healthy, hopeful people are more vital still…. Change can begin today, and there are many starting places for it. Indeed, it is already getting started…. Yet change must take place at a pace that allows Aboriginal people and nations to work through the pains of rebirth and in a way that encourages non-Aboriginal people to participate in it. Transition is something we must do together.’

8th-fire-anim-from-cbcSince then, Nunavut was created, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission has travelled across Canada, the CBC has shown The 8th Fire, and Canada Reads 2014 selected The Orenda.

Healing has begun, though there is much left to do.


Mule_Deer_at_Clearwater_Pass_2-from-wp• 2014-04-16–a scientist lived with a herd of mule deer for years, eventually being privileged to learn things no other had, though at great personal cost.

dead-dog-cafe01-screencap-by-pklHow to cook baloney.





Jean Vanier: ‘ We have to learn to draw on our suffering, distress and setbacks…. It is so easy for us to get locked into frustration, anger and depression.’



ci-arrow-clrFrom CI News: ‘What Time Is It? Part 4 … looks towards the future of the Planetary Era as well as the challenges in the remaining Empire-to-Planetary transition.’

the_agenda_logoThe science, politics, and motivations of climate change (online).



wowgIn her book Vosper cites James Fowler’s six stages of spiritual development: the ‘straightforward categories clarify [and] … point toward hope, both for individuals struggling with faith issues and the church as it seeks a credible and responsible future…. Most people make it to the third stage and stay there.’ In the last stage, one seeks spiritual benefit beyond one’s tribe, beyond one’s species even. Spiritual development is about discovering endless connections.

gretta-vosper-from-grettavosper.cai began lent with rohr and finished with vosper. both are leftish. both are ministers–he roman catholic, she united. both are critical of ecclesiastic authority (though rohr does not criticize, as far as I know, his church’s patriarchy). but while rohr is theistic, vosper is atheistic. easter approaches. lent especially is a time for personal reflection.

Fela Kuti playing saxophone in concert• 2014-04-18–scrabble and afrobeat.



Jcs_us_cover• 2014-04-19–listening to vinyl café–stuart mclean speaks of fiddleheads and tells a story of dave and morley’s neighbour’s fig tree, which he buries every fall and resurrects every spring–and jesus christ superstar, which also leads to burial and resurrection.

vosper01-screencap-by-pklScary stuff: zombies and hope.


carter-in-cairofrom-cbcNobel laureates and Jimmy Carter urge Obama in a letter to reject the Keystone XL pipeline: ‘History will reflect on this moment and it will be clear to our children and grandchildren if you made the right choice.’ Quoted by the CBC, it says ‘his decision will either signal a “dangerous commitment” to the status quo, or “bold leadership” that will inspire millions’. (thanks to sh)

cars-from-dsfThe case against cars is massive. What can we do? ‘We can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by cutting back on car use, choosing fuel-efficient vehicles, joining a car pool or sharing program and reducing speed. pv-parking-from-sciencegasmAt the policy level, we need increased investment in public transit and cycling and pedestrian infrastructure, stronger fuel-efficiency standards, reduced speed limits, higher gas taxes and human-centric urban design.’ (thanks sh) Here’s another idea: park cars under photovoltaics. (thanks jwl)

ec-logo• 2014-04-19–explorers and more scrabble (quietly: schnell! raus!).




rick-rants01-screencap-by-pklWe’ve heard it before, but it’s worth repeating. Rick Mercer rants about government ads for non-existing programs.



from kalabrand.comLouie sat in for Steve and played a U-Bass, which reminds me…. (thanks df, who is applying his dentistry skills in the dominican republic this spring)

musical-death_0416103659506_16x9_620x350-from -cbcCue the Exit Music.



esperanza spalding, pt. 1Tiny Desk Concerts: Esperanza Spalding or Edmar Castenada.




VICTOIRE-Nov2013-from-victoiremusic.comVictoire’s Cathedral City (thanks lb), Missy Mazzoli‘s band. ‘The ensemble of Brooklyn-based, classically-trained women has proven to be the perfect vehicle for her distinctive blend of post-rock dreamscapes and quirky minimalism. Deemed “one of the most surprising composers now working in New York” by The New York Times and “Brooklyn’s Post-Millennial Mozart” by Time Out New York, Missy fuses lo-fi electronics, keyboards, strings and winds into works that are extraordinarily complex yet delicately beautiful. ‘

the-dudes01-screencap-by-pklThe Dudes play mostly recyclables. Here are other green music-makers.


everlast-from-wpListen to What It’s Like by Everlast. (thanks sh)

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