The Inconvenient Indian

Bill Reid Haida Gail 01 the canadian twenty. sure, plastic has replaced paper. but have you also noticed that the vimy war memorial/destruction myth has replaced bill reid‘s haida canoe/creation myth? a memorial to those killed not just by technology, but also by hubris, conquest of nature, assumption of know-it-all. sometimes the path of descent appears inconvenient, but like a canoe (and unlike a memorial) it affords a journey.


RichardRohrOFM-from-wcRohr writes, ‘The Path of Descent is the theme of themes…. [But] once Christianity became the religion of the Roman Empire … it became all about ascent, not descent.’ Descent is really ascent, and vice versa. Ask the Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change.

burtoncummingsday1_0331040614095_16x9_620x350-from-cbc• 2014-04-01-happy burton cummings day!–guesthouse bod–tipping points (the amazon).


Wednesday quotes Julian of Norwich–‘All will be well, all will be well, and every manner of things will be well’–and adds, ‘Your life is not about you; you are about Life! Life, your life, all life, the one life that we all share, is going somewhere and somewhere good…. We practice for it by being kind to everyone now.’

World-autism-awareness-day-from-wp• 2014-04-02–natural curiositiesworld autism daythe agenda, ‘autism grows up‘.


humpback-from-ifawWorld Court rules against Japanese ‘scientific’ whaling. (thanks to sh)


tiiJoseph Boyden, author of The Orenda, says The Inconvenient Indian by Thomas King is ‘fascinating, often hilarious, always devastatingly truthful.’ Even more than docs. ‘The only problem is that most people, King writes, ‘don’t watch documentaries.’ Well then, you might watch/listen to this short (2min) clip. Or this (5min). Or with this long one (48min).

wild-canada-ice-edge-from-cbc• 2014-04-03–wild canada (ice edge) and doczone (mission asteroid)–some want to use the asteroids to reach the stars, but king advises, ‘keep the department of indian affairs [canadian] and the bureau of indian affairs [american] as far away … as possible’ice edge and mission asteroid present polar opposites, but only the former considers polar consequences.


Laurentius_de_Voltolina_001-scholasticism-from-wpWrites Rohr, ‘Fundamentalists pretend they are giving the text total and literal authority, but then it always ends up looking like what [they] … want to believe anyway.’


tiiStarting in the 1830s many Natives were removed from their lands. ‘I’m reminded of’, writes King, ‘the Borg, whose battle cry, “Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated,” could well have been spoken by … Stephen Harper and George W. Bush.’ Then came the residential schools and the removal of children from their parents. Worse than futile. The Official Apology and the Truth and Reconciliation Commission are just the start.


tiiMore inconvenience: ‘Racism is endemic in North America. And it’s also systemic.’ King details such racism. Earlier, he had offered ‘to stop complaining about the past. Better yet, maybe it’s time to get rid of it all together. How about [everything before] 1985?’ But he finds that ‘the history I offered to forget … turns out to be our present. It may well be our future.’


tiiWhat do Natives want? No, the real question is and has always been, What do Whites want? Land. ‘The Alberta Tar Sands are an excellent example of a non-Native understanding of land.’ What do you want? Want to read more?

fire-from-wp• 2014-04-06–lost maya, tudor harvest, earth&fire.



dead-dog-cafe01-screencap-by-pklRemember The Dead Dog Cafe?


How about Graceland? (thanks to sh)



Maneige-from-wpFrancophone Seventies prog band, Maneige?


Focus_-_TopPop_1974_6-from-wpOr Dutch Focus?


HydrafeaturingAroarAFeistSnowblink-from-mariposafolk.comHYDRA, headlining Saturday, Mariposa [2014-07-05], is a collaboration of Ariel Whiteman of AroarA, Feist (here’s the original), and Daniella Gesundheit of Snowblink. (thanks to sh)

LyleLovett-from-wpLovett’s If I Had A Boat. (thanks to tk)


Featured-7-Juno-win-from-georgeleach.comCan’t emphasize enough how good he is. Listen.



tiiKing repeats some stuff, but there’s new stuff too: King and Leanne Simpson’s interview with Shelagh Rogers. Birders will like King’s story. Here’s a Doczone interview with King. Or Q.

Buried in the omnibus bills,  King warns, is the break up of Native lands. Harper’s former Native advisor, Thomas Flanagan, supports the termination of Native treaties, the assimilation of Natives, and the conversion of treaty land to land that can be sold to developers (‘fee-simple‘ land). Termination failed decades ago in the US, but makes it easier to build pipelines. The Supreme Court repeatedly upholds treaties but can’t enforce them. However, the army and the police usually side with non-Natives. Enter protests, but that’s another post.

King often hears that this all happened in the past and Natives should ‘get over it.’ But the past, he contends, informs our present and possibly our future too. However, King recognizes that people are busy and have little time, so I offer to do the leg-work. All you have to do is click.

Chachapoya ojo puma• 2014-04-07–the agenda asks: is democracy elitist? the lost kingdoms of south america (people of the clouds).

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