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Partyhat-FROM-WCNew Year’s Eve

• 2013-12-31–we were to have dinner at explorer’s cafe, but there’s a snow squall warning.


By Christopher Woo (Flickr) [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia CommonsBy Klearchos Kapoutsis from Paleo Faliro, Greece. (Snowy Tree) [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons [CC-BY-SA-3.0-us (], via Wikimedia CommonsThis file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.This is like the view of the back yard in winter, sort of. Trees, birds, but no birdhouse.


slavestohabit_1280-from-cbc• 2014-01-02–we watched the doczone’s slaves to habit, though we have no bad habits.



RAR_carnival_78_poster-from-steelpulse.comFound this about Steel Pulse: 1978 ‘saw the birth of a campaign–Rock Against Racism (RAR)–aimed at halting the tide of hatred with music…. The campaign involved groups like The Clash, Steel Pulse, Buzzcocks, X-Ray Spex, The Ruts, and others, staging concerts with an anti-racist theme, in order to discourage young people from embracing racist views.’ (thanks to sc at grounded coffee)

Screenshot from James Cameron's 1986 science-fiction action film, Aliens. This screen capture depicts the character Ellen Ripley in a Caterpillar P-5000 Powered Work Loader machine.• 2014-01-03–we were going to watch aliens, but pbs inexplicably showed birdcage instead. we were very disappointed.


By Green Party of Canada (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-2.5 (], via Wikimedia CommonsMay’s highs and lows of 2013 include these lows:

  1. Approval by “unanimous consent” of new national park when I was briefly out of the Commons. Why would I not want to consent to Sable Island National Park? It is the first time industrial activity has been approved in a national park. The Canada-Nova Scotia Offshore Petroleum Board (CNSOPB) will have control of approving seismic testing for oil and gas within the park or directional drilling under the park. CNSOPB only has to inform Parks Canada, not obtain permission or even consult.
  2. Two_bookshelves_full_of_books_belonging_to_Unitedmissionary_(2010)-from-wcDestruction of libraries throughout the federal government.
  3. The treatment of Mi’kmaq non-violent protesters in New Brunswick. I have been shocked that the approval of fracking on unceded territory of the Elsipogtog First Nation has been so ignored nationally. The burning police cars on the front page of newspapers has created the impression the protest was violent, but the opposition to fracking is widespread in NB and the blockade had been peaceful. In fact, the protesters were allowing through vehicles on the blockade.
  4. By Jon Sullivan [Public domain], via Wikimedia CommonsCanada’s unexpected withdrawal from the UN convention on desertification. It was an appalling message to the drought-plagued countries of Africa. For a small sum, less than $300,000 a year (less than the cost of feeding one panda on loan from China), Canada participated in international science and assistance to countries facing the threat of creeping deserts.

And these highs:

  1. By Kevstan (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 ( or GFDL (], via Wikimedia CommonsThe bravery and leadership of the Hupacasath First Nation of Vancouver Island [pictured are Welcome Figures created by Hupacasath carvers]. Thanks to this small First Nation, the Canada-China Investment Treaty is being challenged in the courts.
  2. Shutting down coal fired power plants in Ontario.
  3. Michael Chong’s introduction of a private members bill to limit leaders’ powers. I was very encouraged by Mark Warawa (CPC MP-Langley BC) pushing back when his right to free speech was denied by his party whip. So too do I salute Edmonton MP (now Independent and former Conservative) Brent Rathgeber denouncing the extreme levels of party discipline required by the PMO. This all ties in to Michael Chong’s bill. We must push for MPs to be empowered to do their job–representing their constituents and not their political party spin doctors.’

our-queen-from-tvo• 2014-01-04–we watched coast (guernsey) and our queen. nice hat.



cedarpointsoap01Hand-crafted, all-natural, local Cedar Point soap.

ふぉぐ at ja.wikipedia [GFDL ( or CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia CommonsNew Year’s resolution, from squishyjesus: Take it easy on the acupuncture.

The-Shield_0-from-tvo• 2014-01-05–we watched the shield, about white settlement of the muskokas, 1860-1910


George_Harrison_Chanting_Hare_Krishna-from-wcAll things George. From his first solo album, All Things Must Pass in 1970, until his last, the posthumous Brainwashed in 2002, and even before, in his years as a Beatle, George deserves more attention. All Things Must Pass spawned several hits: My Sweet Lord, What Is Life?, and Isn’t It A Pity.

By PRESSENS BILD ( [Public domain], via Wikimedia CommonsHe brought folk rock and Eastern music to the Beatles, most famously with the sitar in Norwegian Wood but also in songs such as Love You To and Within You, Without You. (He popularized Eastern spirituality too. Do you meditate or do yoga? You might have George to thank.) He composed some of the group’s finest songs, like While My Guitar Gently Weeps, Here Comes The Sun, and Something.

1988 promotional item for the band.He also scored solo hits with Give Me LoveAll Those Years Ago, Got My Mind Set On You, and When We Was Fab, and several with the Traveling Wilburys such as End Of The Line and Handle With Care.

By Apple Records (Billboard, page 13, 7 August 1971) [Public domain], via Wikimedia CommonsHe organized the 1971 Concert for Bangladesh and co-founded HandMade Films, which included Life of Brian. In 1994 George, Paul, and Ringo added to John’s Free As A Bird. In 1996 they released Real Love. After he died, family and friends paid tribute with the 2002 Concert for George.


liszt-medallion-from-yale.eduLiszt’s granddaughter Daniela Thode-von Bülow gave him this medallion…. It eventually came into the possession of his great-granddaughter Friedelind Wagner…. [Friedelind] openly opposed the Nazis, and she eventually left Germany for England…. [However,] British authorities sent her to an internment camp for enemy aliens. Thanks to the assistance of her friend Arturo Toscanini, she was eventually released…. [She gave the] medallion to Toscanini. He, in turn, gave it to his son-in-law, Vladimir Horowitz, who greatly admired Liszt and performed his music often. Like Liszt, Horowitz kept the medallion on his night-stand.’ (thanks to ta)

sallie mcfague-from-soundcloud• 2014-01-06–sallie mcfague wrote, ‘One of the principal insights of both feminism and postmodern science is that while everything is interrelated and interdependent, everything … is different from everything else. Individuality and interrelatedness are features of the universe; hence, no one voice or single species is the only one that counts…. [This] challenges us to move beyond nationalism, militarism, limitless economic growth, consumerism, uncontrollable population growth and ecological deterioration…. Quilt-from-wc We need, in both our personal and professional lives, to work for the well-being of our planet and all its creatures. We need to work in a collegial fashion, realizing that we contribute only a tiny fragment. Feminists have often suggested a “quilt” metaphor as an appropriate methodology’. my mother was a quilter, my brother-in-law too. mcfague ‘attempts to add a small square to the growing planetary quilt.’ i, like mcfague, am a quilter of ideas. quilting runs in the family.

dsmam-from-tvowe watched music and monarchy–re-invention.

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